May 3, 2011

And So It Begins. Make way for the 'deathers'.

DNA cannot guarantee
US forces got the right man

99.9% Accuracy leaves room for doubt

The Australian

DESPITE statements by US officials they are "99 per cent confident" DNA evidence proves Osama bin Laden is dead, they have released no evidence to support the claim.

Nor have they provided so-called "photometric" evidence showing the body strongly resembles photographs of bin Laden; results of any post-mortem; or documentation of any body parts or blood samples collected from the corpse.

No solid evidence has been released corroborating claims the body was buried at sea.

Alan Cooper, director of Adelaide University's Australian Centre for Ancient DNA and expert in identifying bodies, said yesterday he would wish to see the state of the body for purposes of identification. He pointed out that the bin Laden family was large, which would make it possible for identification to be mistaken.

Despite media speculation, it is also unclear what, if any, DNA analysis has been conducted and, if so, on what.



sig94 said...

Add to the mix that Obumbles knew since last year the approximate location of Osama and that he still wanted to "sleep on it" before turning the SEALs loose.

Word is that he was forced to do it before the WIkiLeaks documents showed what an complete and utter muslim ass he was. Now he brays about his military prowess after using confidential data obtained through Bush's University of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.

The only decision that should be made regarding Osama's death was whether or not I wanted cheese nachos with my root beer while I watched Osama get his brains blown out.

innominatus said...

I saw Bin Laden playing shuffleboard with Tupac, Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa. Just a few hours ago. Seriously...

sig94 said...

Perhaps not surprisingly, Obumbles has not received a bump in the polls since taking the credit for Osama's demise.

Either the voters don't believe Osama is dead or they really believe Obama is a liar.

Kid said...

I believe he's dead, as of last weekend, and I believe the Tuesday rendition of the story released by the White House (obama unarmed and wife charged the SEAL members), and Not the Sunday story released by the White House (obama pointing gun at SEALS with wife as human shield).

How pathetic is it they lie about that?

I believe the report put together by the SEAL team was impeccably accurate.

Plus obama, biden, hilrod, gates and others watched it on High Def in the Sit Room as it was happening via the helmet cams. So obama knew the real story immediately. Jeeesh.

All that aside, I think those intimately involved with those murdered on 9-11 deserve more than what has been offered up in physical evidence. I think they should see the same video that obama saw as it was happening.

I think WE as American's should see this video.

I hope it comes out.

banned said...

UK redrag 'newspaper' The Sun gets the prize for fullpage headline


They Say/We Say said...

This took the Forged Photoshopped Birth Record off the Main Screen.
Looky, looky-Obama got himself a Osama.
Can we say Constitutional Crises?
Natural Born - is there for a reason. So some one obtaining the Office would have some yearning to serve the good for the Country.
Taking out a pawn for Front Page/Main Screen bump; the real BIG crises swept aside for this ShowBoaten.

sig94 said...

banned - heh! Good headline!

Anonymous said...

Bin Bagged?
Shit Canned!

Rhod said...

Once you've manfully produced a common secondary identification document for yourself, the next step is always to order a killing. It's a gateway.

I want to see bin Laden's CLB.