May 1, 2011

To Serve While Erect

Two Los Angeles Dept. of Transportation traffic enforcement officers have been accused of participating in pornographic films while on duty.

Allegations include: spanking, groping, fondling, wet willies, dry humphreys, moist molestation, slightly damp dandling and autoeroticism while reclining in the front seat of a parked traffic enforcement vehicle.

More charges may be filed when DNA tests are completed and the "Check Oil" light on the dash finally stops blinking excitedly.

City officials are looking into allegations that two traffic cops appeared in a porn video—while on the job and in uniform, reports KNBC-TV. Apparently, their boss found out about it and took no disciplinary action, and now the city transportation department has opened an investigation. "It's absolutely disgusting," says a department official. The officers are on administrative leave pending the investigation, reports the Los Angeles Times.

As for the video: It follows the adventures of a woman who approaches men at work. One of the LA officers allegedly fondles and spanks her. The other gets spanked by her and allows her into his city car, where she does unmentionable things (not involving the officer), explains KNBC. “If there is any criminal aspect to this, there will be action,” says an "appalled and outraged" city councilman.

Apparently both officers have been temporarily transferred to the Adventures in Vehicular Foreplay Division.


WoFat said...

LA. What more needs be said?

LL said...

Could they have been on their negotiated lunch breaks?

It appears that both traffic officers are black, which means that their suspension is based on RACE!

Kid said...

Racism !!! Gaaa !

sig94 said...

WoFat - City of Cesspools

sig94 said...

LL - maybe they thought they were making a recruitment film?

sig94 said...

Kid - nothing worse than racist recruitment pornography

T. F. Stern said...

Doesn't get much more embarrassing for the city administrators than having uniformed employees making a porno flick. Seems like some SWAT officers had a similar time when they had Hooter girls pose with weapons. The public will only accept so much "fun" and then when the line is crossed "look out".

Now these officers will retire (just guessing they have enough time to be vested) and the city will pay them until they die.

sig94 said...

TFS - the public service unions in CA are very powerful. In a year or two these idiots will get a severe Indian wrist burn, maybe, and then everything goes back to S.N.A.F.U..