May 4, 2011

Not to be a buzzkill, but...

Excuse me for asking:

Now that it's been revealed that no DNA test had been done before President Obama declared the death of Osama bin Laden, was the identity only verified by mobile facial recognition (supposed 99.9% accuracy)? We are now told the identification was made on facial recognition technology, using a photograph "wired back" to Washington from Abbottabad. Was that before or after his face was blown away with two head shots? Wikipedia says:
"Other conditions where face recognition does not work well include poor lighting, sunglasses, long hair, or other objects partially covering the subject's face, and low resolution images. Another serious disadvantage is that many systems are less effective if facial expressions vary. Even a big smile can render the system less effective."
I'm just asking.

The DNA test was done using a control sample from Bin Laden's sister. Would that be, as the Obama administration has claimed, 99.9% accurate? ? I'm just asking.

Well, at least if there are any doubts, the authorities still have custody of the body, so they can repeat the tests. Oh, crap! The Obama administration used the Chicago-style "cement shoes" technique of quickly getting rid of any evidence. Why? I'm just asking.

I want to celebrate the death of that tyrant as much as any other American citizen wants to do, but two plus years of this administration has taught me this:
Remember this one? Obama's father was 10 years old when World War II ended.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Spot on. And that's the danger and consequence of being a big fat fatty fat fat liar. No one believes you, even if you are telling the truth. BO will never recover from his many many lies, and the doubts about the bin Laden thing just seal, reveal, and reinforce that.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Fuzzy. I believe nothing he or the democrats say.

Anonymous said...

And the Republicans are not much better.

Anonymous said...

Something about this whole "mission" doesn't pass the smell test.

BO is BS said...

Hey Gooma,
So it's being said that BO made a Gutsy call?

He showed so true courage, determination, and reall American spirit, is what I've been hearing and reading on these utterly foolish and stupid blogs.
Lest say that he didn't make that gutsy call?
What would the wole world be saing about him knowing that he knew where OBL was and didn't do anything about it.
He's be run out of this country on a rail let along not even be considered for reelection. So I think that this call was a no brainer.
And nothing more than that. So lets not put this dumbass on a pedestal.
Obama is taking credit for doing only what he only could have done.

The Navy Seals and intelligence are owed a great deal of credit for a job well done in killing Osama Bin Laden. But Barack Obama is so full of himself he will get the credit.

Anonymous said...

"But Barack Obama is so full of himself he will get the credit."

Not at my house.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Nickie, I have all the same doubts especially after the MSM and the White House dropped the,,ahem,, "long form birth certificate" like a hot potato after it was revealed as a fraud and then this.

Can anyone say "wag the dog"?

Anonymous said...

Some thing is rotten in Denmark for sure.Why the quick body dump?

sig94 said...

I would imagine that there are others means of target acquisition and verification that are yet suppressed in order to protect sources and intelligence gathering technologies. I have heard from reliable sources that cellphone intercepts were also useful.

As far as the disposal of the body ... Obumbles is a pussy. He wanted it done as quickly as possible in order to adhere to Islamic law and before the GI's had a chance to play with it or grab souvenirs.

Can you imagine how much Osama's ears, tongue, fingers, toes or *ahem* would bring on the open market? Some enterprising sailors on the Carl Vinson were already sharpening their pruning shears I betcha.

banned said...

"others means of target acquisition and verification that are yet suppressed in order to protect sources and intelligence gathering technologies" Nothing that has not been aired on 24, Spooks or the Bourne Supremacy series.

In any case DNA is going to be very problematical given the level of inbreeding within the bin Laden clan which is a familiar difficulty for British Police dealing with Pakistani criminals.

Kid said...

I did another post, I couldn't stand it.

I basically don't believe anything he says.

I think the dem politicians are by and large pathological liars. Meaning they wouldn't tell the truth even if it was to their benefit to do so.