January 19, 2010


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah!!

Anonymous said...

Can you feel the groove, Nick? Hey, btw, fabulous look with the black. You know I am partial to black. Reminds me of the ol' Cutter. The masthead is outstanding.

You are quite a talent, my brother.

FatScribe said...

Nickie G. -- "do you believe in miracles?!" Yes, we on the right tend to believe in higher powers, and as such, those pesky, bothersome miracles. mirabile visu...


Amusing Bunni said...

Cool! Nickie! I am celebrating big time.
Now we are starting the GOOD NEW DAYS!
I’m so happy Scott Brown Won.

Tell all your friends and Readers, to sign
this petition NOW, so they don’t play around with seating him

It takes like 15 seconds. We can’t let Reid and peeLOUSELY pull their dirty tricks.

LL said...

The vibe is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

DC, the change is a temporary homage to the Daisy Cutter Internetal juggernaut.

What ever happened to that chain of donut shops?

Anonymous said...

Nick, I appreciate you asking about Daisy Cutter Donuts ... but it's still a little raw to talk in detail.

Who knew that donuts wouldn't "go like hotcakes" over the internets?

Rhod said...


Coakley lose.

Brown win.