January 19, 2010

Coakley Campaign To Sound Alarm On Reported Ballots Pre-Marked For Scott Brown

Coakley hires Al Franken's recount guru

The Martha Coakley campaign just sent out a media advisory, announcing a press conference at 5:30 p.m. ET, alleging irregularities in the special Senate election.

The press conference will involve reports of voters who received ballots that were already marked for Republican candidate Scott Brown.

It should be noted that the Coakley campaign will have on hand as an attorney one Marc Elias, who was previously the head recount lawyer for Al Franken in Minnesota, a legal drama that lasted for eight months after election day 2008. Elias also worked on another high-profile recount before that, the Washington state gubernatorial race in 2004. So clearly, the Coakley campaign was fully prepared for a super-close election by having Elias already on hand in Boston.



sig94 said...

This reminds me of my first colonoscopy. *gah* Please just give me the needle and put me to sleep.

Anonymous said...

You got a needle?? Cadillac health plan, huh?

USA_Admiral said...

Into the mucky murkiness again. I do not think it will even be close enough for need of a recount. Then gain, these guys did keep Dead Kennedy in his seat for 46 years.

Barking Spider said...

There is always a stink around vote fixing where lefties are concerned - they are the ones doing the fixing and then they start bleating when it doesn't work! I loathe them!

sig94 said...

Coakley gets elected - if you hold my butt to your ear you can hear the sound of my co-pays rushing into ObamaCare.

George J said...

I think it was Rush did a thing where he (actually his staff) looked up the number of Democratic Senators who were actually elected to the office!

There are no where near 60 "elected" democrat Senators!


Anonymous said...

Admiral, I hope you're right about it not being close.

Anonymous said...

Barky, they're not just thugs. They're graceless thugs.

Anonymous said...

sig, I can't imagine ever finding myself in that position, Lord be praised.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Are you surprised?

Anonymous said...

Odie, does the Pope poop in the woods?

Anonymous said...

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