January 21, 2010

You can't be surprised when weasels smell like weasels

The Democrats Start to Fracture

J. Robert Smith at The American Thinker
In the coming weeks and months, the best political spectator sport around might not be Democrats versus Republicans or conservatives versus liberals, but Democrats of all stripes turning on one another.
Other than demagoguery, what Democrats are most accomplished at is fratricide (think back to the '60s and '70s). In the wake of Scott Brown's hosing of Martha Coakley, the Democrats are about to have a good old-fashioned civil war. Pity for them; bully for America.

The Democrats are dividing roughly along these lines: left ideologues against pols, the latter being those congressional Democrats who like their jobs and don't intend to wrap themselves in the European Union flag and jump off a craggy cliff into the Potomac.

It's Pelosi and Frank and their ilk versus Heath Shuler and his ilk. But given Tuesday night's win for Scott Brown in deep blue Massachusetts, it may be more than self-styled Democratic moderates who choose to defect. A few liberals may join in, too.

President Obama is showing every sign of being a cliff-jumper. Word out of the White House is that he plans to go on a populist offensive. In other words, he aims to demagogue anyone and anything in an attempt to divert voters' attention from his utterly woeful, ideologically blind performance to date. And did I mention that under the cover of a hate, resentment, and envy campaign, Mr. Obama and his chief congressional lieutenants, the envenomed Nancy Pelosi and the passive-aggressive Harry Reid, will still scheme to foist statism on America?

While the President's bravado may warm the hearts of Huffington Post and Daily Kos denizens, and while he may win plaudits from the Davids (Broder, Gergen, and Brooks) and the New York Times (among other liberal mouthpieces) for his supposed shrewdness, plenty of work-a-day congressional Democrats aren't going to enlist in a lemmings' march into the sea.

Self-preservation is a powerful instinct. The Coakley upending is the fork in the road for Democrats who are more enamored of themselves than stinky left-wing orthodoxy. The marker at the road's fork points right, toward the middle ground. It's where these Democrats know they must go if they are to stand a prayer of retaining their seats in November.



Anonymous said...

I disagree because I think some of them are 100% into the orthodoxy.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I tend to agree with you, but the love of money and power will often leave any principled or nefarious stand looking more like a squat.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who in this group of endangered democrats would show his stripes by jumping the liberal ship to save his or her seat? Surely that would be a red flag to a voter? "Hey, last week you were just another knee-jerk liberal. Now you're telling me that you're *really* a centrist?" That's gotta be a hard sell.

Doom said...

Right-Wing Libertarian,

I am not so sure about that. Democrat voters have a very short attention span. And, they forgive the Devil himself, with no personal need for a request, promise to change, or contrition. I guess they don't mind as long as they are lied to with a straight face. Does that characterize how they live their personal lives? Anyway, I don't think flip-flopping will affect much of that vote, if it might tend to weaken turnout instead.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Nickie, it looks huge !

Anonymous said...

RWL... These guys have no respect for the public and believe we have the memory of a toothbrush and the reasoning skills of a sparrow.

LL said...

The blush is off the rose.

When it comes down to it, Americans are not Marxists -- no matter how much Dear Leader pines for them to be. Barack Hussein Obama (utopian socialist that he is) will try to re-frame his efforts to "remake America" as a socialist nation but I don't think that it will play in Peoria any better than it plays in Boston.

Anonymous said...

Doom, I agree. The Dems will forgive and forget any Lib naughtiness.

Anonymous said...

LL, the stink is ON the rose.

Anonymous said...

That's what she said, Odie.

T. F. Stern said...

The standard for Dems is to attack and destroy those who stand in the way, why would O be any different now than he has been in the past?

This was the same practice used by the Clintons and, interestingly, not used against Obama to the same degree; perhaps the "race card" had something to do with that, ya think?

Spinsterpov said...

The insistance that the people are just still upset with the course the country took under Bush and are lashing out against the party in power is a sure sign that they aren't going to change course. They believe we'll all come around once they get their agenda through and we can see their brilliance for what it really is.

Barking Spider said...

If they are anything like our nasty Lefties, Nickie, they will be like headless chickens at the moment and that will get worse as November approaches and descend into full-blown in-fighting and backstabbing after they are dealt a crushing blow at the mid-terms.

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