January 19, 2010

Surprise Endorsement

John Kerry Supports Scott Brown GNN - Worcester, Mass - Senator John Kerry, seen here on one of the Charles River Bridges, dressed in his favorite color, yellow, has campaigned for Martha Coakley across the state. In the photo above Kerry had just left a charity auction in Cambridge featuring his excess IQ points.

Kerry's endorsement of Coakley is seen as another of the Senator's clever, almost traditional practice of favoring issues and policies that will almost immediately be rejected by the American public. Coakley, once described as "John Kerry without the charm", uncharacteristically, had no comment.


Amusing Bunni said...

He looks like a big weeny pansy, no wonder he and obummer get along. He is Yellow all right.
Today is the day we stop obummer! Yipee

Opus #6 said...

This is great news for Scott Brown.

LL said...

Kerry looks great in yellow.

And whatever else you say about Mr. Kerry, he is an effective gold-digger, having married a widow worth $3 billion +

Anonymous said...

I agree with LL.

You know, Mass. has some terrible politician historically, some of our worst ... Frank, Kennedy (Ted), Kerry, et al..

The national Republicans to come out of there are pretty good (i.e., Romney and Brown). But what do they have, something like15% Republican registration? Incredible.

If Brown does pull this off ... wow.

Anonymous said...

"big weeny pansy"?

Bunni, wasn't that a Joni Mitchell song?

Anonymous said...

LL, you'd think he'd sport more of a mustard yellow.

Anonymous said...

Opie, yet another signal that all is going well, but I can't/won't celebrate until evey fake absentee ballot is counted.

Anonymous said...

DC, you failed to mention the disgraced Massachusetts Governor Tony Conigliaro.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Senator Kerry! Why the long face?

Bungalow Bill said...

Thank God John Kerry doesn't disgrace Campagnolo with those legs. I see he rides Shimano.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I believe his first marriage was to a Shimano.

Helen said...

... it should be an interesting day in your part of the world!

sig94 said...

Martha Coakley was also once described as "Teresa Kerry without the Johnny Walker."

Rhod said...

Bill, he borrowed that bike. He rides Suntour 5-speed.

Anonymous said...

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