January 20, 2010

A Glimpse Inside the Leftist Mind

Now the purges; now the recriminations, the villains to be found and the alibis contrived and the scapegoating to launch. Obama warned the Senate not to ram ObamaCare "down [our] throats. Reid said something similar. Barney Frank has emptied his spittle-catcher and he sounds like a moderate now, chiefly because his district went for Brown.

You know that they're happy that they can pose and prance, justifying their temporary abandonment of the disgusting health care boondoggle that they rolled like a ball of excreta and threw at the American public. The obscenity is that they did it in the first place, and that remains. Never forget.

These people are not to be trusted, or even tolerated. The brittle fanatic in the White House and the band of leftist punks and hooligans he's gathered around himself must be defeated, totally and decisively. The Brown victory was a probe, a successful action on the forward berm of their fortifications. That's all; as good as it is, the mission is to crush liberalism everywhere it's found.


Anonymous said...

i'm a new reader here


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy at yesterday's results. Here's the truth the the Left will NEVER admit. The Tea Parties were where all this started.

I'm not rushing back to the Republicans to carry the ball for me. I'll stick with the Tea Parties and I hope they swell in numbers this year.

Anonymous said...

And... As for all the Lib Leaders now claiming to have heard the voice of the Masses, I say "Bosch"!!

Teresa said...

Yes, we must crush liberalism whereever it is found. We have a Class F leftist, radical in the White House with Socialist pigs following him like pigs waiting at the trough and we must stop all of them from pushing Obamascare forward.

Dillinger said...

glimps inside a leftist mind? that's like calling a tricycle a car.

Amusing Bunni said...

It's very true Rhod, they are turning on eachother like rabid wolves, BTW, I go for french impressionism more myself, what GOD awful painting is that?
It looks like a still shot of obama's situation room after hearing the results last nite...ha ha ha.

sig94 said...

I got a call from the Republican National Committee last night during the election. We hung up - no fiery polemics exchanged (as is my usual MO) as the RNC still isn't listening.

I also saw that the disapproval numbers for Chuck Schumer are increasing. From the NY Post: "Insiders say Schumer is watching the national trend for any implications for himself -- and in a clear signal of anxiety, he was one of the first out of the box with a statement after the Massachusetts election acknowledging the anger among voters at the ruling party."

So, maybe there is hope for the wasteland known as the State of NY. Not today, not tomorrow, but soon. But we most be remorseless! Do not let up on these politicians for an instant. Give them no time to seek shadow where they conduct their dark deals. Everything they do must be conducted in the presence of witnesses, everything they say must be recorded in the harsh light of of unforgiving accountability. For too long they have conducted their business like cockroaches. This must end now.

LL said...

When I think of the people currently operating the country from Capitol Hill, I liken them to that same government who told the American Indians that:

1. The Great White Father loves you.

2. The Great White Father wants you to walk 1000 miles to your new home (a wasteland), a land of milk and honey.

3. Trust the Great White Father and just sign the treaty.

4. Here's a chest of glass beads in exchange for your birthright. Enjoy them.

And lo and behold, the American people have been swallowing this codswallup from the Democratic Congress and the Obama Administration. Well, they were swallowing it. Maybe not anymore.

However unless we're RELENTLESS, they'll bribe (with our money), cajole, and will try to sell us Manhattan for that chest of glass beads because they do NOT have our best interests at heart, they are not "good", and their goal is to separate us from the Constitution that many of us have given an oath to protect and defend - - and make us a slave state like so many other failed nations in the world today.

Rhod said...

Bunni, Nickie...cleverly attributed to Hieronymous Bosch, but I don't think so - the artist and title escape's Dutch.I have it in my art favorites,

Rhod said...

PS: I think it's one of many versisons of The Temptation of Saint Anthony...

Rhod said...

Yup, The Temptation of St. Anthony by Matthias Grunewald, painted between 1510 and 1515.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Excellent post! I agree, too, with Nickie that this was a Tea Party victory as much as anything else. I'm also starting to think that it's good that the left underestimates us; there's power in that.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Rhod.

Toaster 802 said...

"They do NOT have our best interests at heart, they are not "good", and their goal is to separate us from the Constitution that many of us have given an oath to protect and defend - - and make us a slave state like so many other failed nations in the world today."

"For too long they have conducted their business like cockroaches. This must end now."

... As well you both know LL and Sig, The crying shame is that it is so HARD to get liberal pinheads to see this malfeasance right in front of their collective, lazy noses. Especially hateful, foaming pinheads like this one.

Anonymous said...

Rhod, yet again I am taken to the woodshed by the master. I am both chastened and impressed.

Doom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Doom said...

You know what is sad, communists/socialists didn't even invent their atrocity addlement. All Marx did was write the history of mob rule and pass it off as academic thought, while Stalin and Hitler borrowed (if too expanded) the play book of Christianity gone terribly astray (Calvinism at it's worst, the first real police state).

The picture sure describes, well, their fervid mind's picture of their travails. What most of them don't seem to understand is, we aren't their tormentors. They create that and invite it in. It is a product of their vices, greed, and avarice. They choose it, keep it close to their hearts, and maybe even think it makes them happy in spite of being miserable.

Of course, it shows how much these people need honest prayer. Since they can't do it, I guess it is our job. I do pray for them. I pray for the return of their sanity here and grace should they not end up choosing it for when they pass. They can do nothing to me worse than what they do to themselves. If too, I am obliged to resist their evils at every level.

Anonymous said...

Doom... keep resisting. It's good for you and all of us.

Rhod said...

Nick, I say "bosch" to that, Master.


Where did you get that painting of Congress?

Anonymous said...

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