November 14, 2009

Why does Obama hate America?

The Real Obama

Obama Reduces September 11th Act of War on America to a Law Enforcement Issue

Atlas Shrugs...

In a stunning act of denial and capitulation to Islamic jihad, the Obama administration submits by bringing the masterminds of the shocking invasion of America into a New York courtroom, to try the Muslim masterminds of the most brutal attack on American soil in modern history -- joining "over a millennium of jihad wars, land expropriations, enslavements, and humiliations of the conquered non-Muslim populations on three continents."

Imagine, the enemy is facing a civilian trial in NYC. Devastating. How much intel will be compromised when these jihad barbarians are all lawyered up? Those bastards should be tried as war criminals at GITMO - military court.


It's worth noting that The New York Post has been the single best newspaper on covering the jihad and its war on America. I tell you this because I rarely recommend newspaper reads - but the Post is worth subscribing to. The oped page is spot on.

It is shocking that the media turns to CAIR after a jihad terror attack (ie Fort Hood) and gives them a platform to advance Islam on the blood of great infidel Americans. They would sooner take the gas pipe than have me and/or those who fight this battle on -- so afraid are they of the truth, the root cause.

'Moderate' terror pals NY Post
Media still promoting CAIR

Just as security officials overlooked Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's links to al Qaeda cleric Anwar Aulaqi, who exhorts American Muslims to kill US soldiers, so did our leaders long turn a blind eye to a "mainstream" Muslim group's ties to this same 9/11-tied imam and other Islamic extremists.

For years, our media and government routinely accepted and even promoted the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations as a legitimate voice of Muslim Americans, buying into its claim to be the Muslim ACLU.

In fact, CAIR is a radical Saudi-funded front group founded by leaders of the terror-supporting Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate Washington and defend extremists. More than a dozen of CAIR's leaders have been jailed or otherwise implicated in support of terrorism -- yet its spokesmen until recently were welcomed in the highest corridors of power. They still boast of meeting with then-President George W. Bush after 9/11.

Holder: Speaking at event where FBI-banned group will participate.
Holder: Speaking at event where FBI-banned group will participate.

"From its founding by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists," Assistant US Attorney Gordon Kromberg stated in a recent court filing.

The Justice Department has named CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror-finance case in US history -- the Holy Land Foundation trial, which ended last year with convictions on all 108 counts. And the FBI last year cut off formal ties to CAIR and its national leaders as well as all 30 branch offices across the country.

That the FBI maintained formal relations with CAIR for years is itself a scandal -- but at least the bureau, unlike other federal officials, has seen the light. Sen. Chuck Schumer is demanding the FBI's anti-CAIR ban "be government-wide policy."

But Attorney General Eric Holder hasn't gotten the message. He plans to speak on Nov. 19 to a Detroit coalition of law enforcement and Muslim groups. The event lists the local CAIR chapter as a participant -- which is bizarre, because the chapter head recently rushed to defend a radical CAIR-tied imam killed in a shootout with FBI agents.

Meanwhile, the media's courtship with CAIR continues apace. In the wake of the Fort Hood killings CNN, PBS, Fox, MSNBC and other networks immediately put CAIR's leaders on the air -- where they predictably insisted the attack had nothing to do with Islam and warned that any "Islamophobes" who make that obvious connection are inviting violent "backlash" against Muslims.

Ironically, a top CAIR official was a member of a terror cell linked to Aulaqi, who also counted some of the 9/11 terrorists and Maj. Hasan in his flock. Aulaqi met with members of the Virginia Jihad Network, which trained to kill our soldiers in Afghanistan.

The group's ringleader, Ismail Royer, worked out of CAIR's national headquarters.

The terrorists were later convicted, and one of their confederates, an al Qaeda sleeper, was busted plotting to assassinate President Bush. Royer himself cut a deal, pleading to a lesser, related weapons charge in exchange for his cooperation. But he's not cooperating: Frustrated prosecutors recently branded him an "inveterate liar" in one filing.

Yet CAIR national spokesman Ibrahim Hooper is heading efforts to spring Royer, his protégé, from prison, where he's serving 20 years.

Federal prosecutors now agree that, far from being a benign nonprofit, CAIR is the spearhead of an anti-American conspiracy to support terrorism and institutionalize Saudi-style rule in America. And they warn in court filings that its participation in that conspiracy is "ongoing."

The media elite are now expressing shock that the military and government officials turned a blind eye to Hasan and his extremist connections. The real shock is that this elite continues to legitimize a group that has similar ties.

Paul Sperry, a Hoover Institution media fellow, is author of "Infiltration" and the new book, "Muslim Mafia."

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Miranda Rights for Islamic Terrorists??

Multi-million dollar trials, media circus, the works. The Obamadrama unfolds....
Jim Hoft

The War on Terror comes to an end.
khalid sm
The Obama Administration will send 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and four other Gitmo detainees to New York to face trial in a civilian court.
MSNBC reported, via Free Republic:

Self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo Bay detainees will be sent to New York to face trial in a civilian federal court, an Obama administration official said Friday.

The official said Attorney General Eric Holder plans to announce the decision later in the morning.

The official is not authorized to discuss the decision before the announcement, so spoke on condition of anonymity.

Bringing such notorious suspects to U.S. soil to face trial is a key step in President Barack Obama’s plan to close the terror suspect detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Obama initially planned to close the detention center by Jan. 22, but the administration is no longer expected to meet that deadline.

The New York case may also force the court system to confront a host of difficult legal issues surrounding counter-terrorism programs begun after the 2001 attacks, including the harsh interrogation techniques once used on some of the suspects while in CIA custody. The most severe method — waterboarding, or simulated drowning — was used on Mohammed 183 times in 2003, before the practice was banned.

Courtesy of Gateway Pundit

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Please excuse me while I vomit.

November 13, 2009


Is It Constitutional?

A lot of claims have been made, recently, that Obama/PelosiCare is unconstitutional. It's also been a long time since I studied Constitutional Law, so I don't have a firm opinion on the matter - yet. Conservatives should be cautious here. Being wrong is cumulative, especially on the facts.

What I do know, now, is that "constitutionality" depends upon The Court's interpretation of the meaning of the constitutional principle being questioned. While there will certainly be a host of constitutional issues involved in the advancement of nationalized medicine, the first will necessarily be the state's "Police Power", which could underwrite the legality of nationalized medicine.

As I recall, the Federal government's Police Power derives from Article I, Sec. 8 of the Constitution, which states, among other things...

"The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect Taxes,[etc.]...and provide for the common Defense and General Welfare of the United States..."

Promoting the General Welfare has been employed as the underlying constitutional power to practice compulsory sterilization, compulsory vaccination; to enforce Civil Rights legislation under the Commerce Clause, and so much more it makes you dizzy. What IS the General Welfare? That is the first constitutional principle involved in determining the legality of nationalized medicine.

So, no offense meant to anyone, but when I hear conservative talk radio hosts bellowing that nationalized medicine is unconstitutional, I don't hear a word about the constitutional principle that supports that claim. You can be sure that the activist lawyers in pay to our drones in Congress have already prepared a constitutional defense of their new diktat. Right now, an activist Supreme Court would probably find it "constitutional".

PS: Said talk show hosts have demanded that they be shown the words in The Constitution which permit PelosiCare. It's not the text that matters, it's 200 years of judge's opinions and decisions that matter.

November 12, 2009

Hell hath no fury...

Sarah Palin to settle scores in book
By Eric Zimmermann in The Hill

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in a forthcoming book will hit hard at Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) aides she fueded with during the 2008 campaign, Mark Halperin hints:
Nervous and curious McCain-Palin staffers have been buzzing for weeks with speculation about what Sarah Palin has chosen to include in “Going Rogue.”
Books have begun being shipped out in advance of the November 17th release date. Last week, some of Palin's associates received copies.
Based on discussions with various sources who have seen or been briefed on the book's contents, here's what you can expect from “Going Rogue”:

* just five chapters—but they are very, very long.

* some score settling with McCain aides she believes ill-served her (names will be named).

* a hearty bashing of the national media.

* an account of how her upbringing shaped her maverick sensibilities.

* a testimonial to the importance of faith in her life.

* a warm and personal tone, written in Palin's own voice, despite the involvement of a collaborator.

Two things not in the book:

* Don't look for hefty policy prescriptions.

* Once source who has seen “Going Rogue” says it does not include an index. That would give Palin a subtle revenge on the party's Washington establishment, whose members tend to flip to the back pages and scan for their own names. If they want to know what Sarah Palin has to say about them, they will have to buy the book—and read the whole thing."
Names will be named," he says, citing sources close to Palin.

The former Alaska governor will also deliver a "hearty bashing of the national media" but will forgo any policy perscriptions. In sum, it looks to be more a personal memoir than a boilerplate pre-campaign tome laying out a vague 2012 platform.

So who's in for the biggest bashing?

Likely Steve Schmidt, who reportedly ordered aides to turn off the lights on Palin at the campaign's election-night party, fearing that Palin was planning to deliver her own speech.

Palin and Schmidt also butted heads over reports of Todd Palin's membership in the Alaskan Independence Party, whose platform advocated secession. Palin wanted the campaign to address the reports head on; Schmidt thought they had a weak case and preferred to ignore the story.

Since the campaign ended, Schmidt has said a 2012 Palin candidacy would be "catastrophic" for the GOP.

Thank you, again, for electing Obama and Big Demo Majorities in Congress

Let's see if I have this right ... We are going to jail for not purchasing health insurance. But wait, isn't that debtor's prison? Unfair to the little guy, etc.?

But we don't even investigate jihadis in the Army who are emailing Al Qaeda, giving speeches about how infidels should be killed, arguing against American policies, etc. But wait, isn't that suicide?

Thanks again, you ignorant putzes.

November 11, 2009

Go ahead.... Keep a dry eye during this one! Just try.

Happy Veteran's Day

To those who served with honor ... and continue to serve in their various civilian spheres of influence, I salute you today. If you know a vet who is down and discouraged, remind him today that he made a difference. I encouraged Cutter Son #2 to say thanks to his history teacher today (a Viet Nam vet). Don't know if he followed through or not, but let's hope so. If not, perhaps that seed will sprout in his own heart some day.

We need to be aware of what it takes to remain free. It starts with a willingness to walk the walk by suiting up and being willing to do what is necessary to fight tyrants' law of inertia -- people unwilling to defend their nation tend to stay enslaved or lose their freedom.

You know, yesterday at my office not one person remembered that it was the USMC Birthday. I am not pouting, mind you. I am simply noting that it is surprising that this nation that has been at war since 9/11 doesn't have more appreciation of its military.

The same thing is going on today. Ho hum, another day (Bummer, no mail service ...) No, it's not just another day. Not for me. The Cutter Clan will remember. Always.

Anything worth having is worth defending.

America is worth it. Thanks to you all who remember.

November 10, 2009

Win A Case of Rice-a-Roni!

Which doesn't belong and why?

(Bonus Points: What is he thinking?)

(Bonus Points: What crime (beside asymetry) did he commit?)

(Bonus Points: Who's THIS pencil-neck buffoon? No, he's not the real-life model for Beaker)

10 November 2009

Born in a bar in Philly even before the nation was officially declared independent. Yes, it's true. The U.S. Marine Corps is 234 years young today.

I celebrated my first Marine Corps birthday on active duty before I was even commissioned. I remember one of my OCS sergeant-instructors making sure that I knew that the USMC was older the nation itself. Then, he went on to lecture me about how "stin'g lawyers and politicans were threatening to ruin the stin'g country." He was right ... and this was 20 years ago.

Marines possess uncommon valor, but also uncommon, common sense. Sgt. Carrasco gave me a hard time from the get-go, because I was the only lawyer in my platoon. In fact, when our platoon staff was huddling just prior to introducing themselves to us, the first words we overheard them say were, "Get me the name of my lawyer." All of my new buddies looked at me and said, basically, "Whoa." Then they looked at me like a dead man. I am sure they all thought ... Note to self: Stay away from the guy with leprosy.

But I survived and became a Marine 20 years ago next month. On a professional level, it's by far the best decision I ever made. I am not sure what is second. It doesn't matter.

I have never been shot at. I am no hero, but I have many brothers who are. And I will forever be grateful for their allowing "Stin'g Matlock" (as Sgt. Carrasco called me) to join the Marine family.

Say a prayer tonight for young Marines in Afghanistan who will take a little time out from patrolling to reflect and celebrate. If you ever get down about the state of the nation, spend a few minutes with them on a "great, Marine Corps day". It's almost mystical and magical how the nation produces them and then they become the next generation in the Marine Corps' storied tradition. I love them so much my heart hurts.

I think it's important to point out, too, that today is really a day for all who love America's Marines to celebrate. Many share the Marines' spirit and love of country. I appreciate you all more than words can say.

Because you know, many nations have marines. But there is only one U.S. Marine Corps.

It's the nation that both celebrates and makes its Marine Corps.

Semper Fidelis

November 9, 2009

Or you can just call me Babs!!

Fiorina trying to give Sen. Boxer a new name

Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina is trying to literally take Sen. Barbara Boxer's title from her.

Fiorina has launched a new Web site,, to attack her opponent and create a future where people call the senator by her first name, rather than using her title and her last name.

"Call me Barbara is an effort to ensure that nobody ever has to call Barbara Boxer 'Senator' ever again," the site reads.

The site's name is in response to a situation earlier this year when Sen. Boxer asked Brigadier General Michael Walsh to call her "senator" instead of "ma'am" during a Senate hearing.

"It's just a thing. I worked so hard to get this title," she said. "So I would appreciate it. Thank you."

Though a Fiorina statement on the new Web site promises information on Boxer's record and effectiveness, so far the site only has the video of Boxer making the title request.

Pasadena Star News

And, here's Nickie Goomba's All-Time Favorite Barbara Boxer video...

The Man

Why Obama is Blind to Terror... & Freedom

Kevin McCullough -

In the hours following the shooting at Ft. Hood, President Obama demonstrated resolute apathy to the greatest issue of our time. His callous and apathetic beliefs caused some rather unbecoming behavior for a United States President. And worse yet the American people are the one's who will suffer... And they noticed.

Roughly two and a half hours after the shooting that took the lives of American service personnel, on American soil, President Obama was scheduled to deliver a speech to a Tribal Nations Conference being sponsored by the U.S. Government. Once the President was told of the Ft. Hood shooting, the White House team made the decision to go forward with the conference and that the President would deliver his previously prepared remarks.

Once the President was given the stage, the news networks of the world zoomed in on the otherwise little-noticed conference. The President spent several minutes at the beginning of his time giving introductory remarks. He gave "shout-outs" to his "homies" in the crowd. He also apparently attributed a Congressional Medal of Honor to someone in the room. The only problem being that the man in question had not in fact ever received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Eventually he turned his remarks to the violence of the afternoon and laid some less than "Obama-esque" sentiment on the gathered crowd and the watching networks.

But the rank and sophomoric way he began the speech was off-putting. Commentators for NBC even wrote in shock at the President's lack of protocol, sensitivity, or even awareness of the pain the nation was feeling at that moment roughly two hours after the drama began.

But if all that was merely an innocent mistake by an increasingly wet-behind-the-ears rookie some nine months after taking office, what was to be revealed within the hour would be stomach churning.

In his remarks President Obama called for everyone to remain calm and to not jump to conclusions about the cause, rationale, and motivation behind the shooting incident.

Evidently what President Obama meant was for the average American to disengage their mind from the truth his lying eyes and ears easily showed them.

Within the hour Stephen Hayes reported on "the panel" on Fox News' Special Report that sources inside the Obama administration's FBI leadership had confirmed that the investigation was not to be giving any discussion to the possible merits of connecting the shooting at Ft. Hood to terrorism.


A man yells, "Allah Akbar" before unloading his weapon, after posting repeatedly on pro-terrorist web-sites for months, and had been ranting about not being forced to serve in Iraq nor Afghanistan because he objected to the purposes of the U.S. Military in those regions, but his connections to terrorism were not to be "considered."


Be brave, it will only hurt Forever!

November 8, 2009

Who Is Number One?

We know that Pelosi is Number Two, Reid is too stupid and Obama is too weak to be Number One. Soros? Axelrod? Scunnert?

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to wear low-quarter white sneakers and a sport coat with white piping on the lapels. Double knits give you a rash, but ObamaCare will treat it for "free".

Art Appreciation

The engraving is entitled "The Exuberant Executioner". Sanson, the executioner at the guillotine set upon the site of a statue to Louis XV, displays the head of Louis XVI to the crowd.

The Capitol in the background is not Blunder Dome in Washington, DC, as much as we might want it to be.