October 24, 2015

Burglary: Undocumented Entry

 Burglaries are a precursor and indicator of many other crimes. From the Daily Mail:
Burglary victims should expect a ‘slow’ response from police, while those who report a stolen mobile phone may find ‘very little’ action is taken, the new head of one of Britain’s largest forces has said.

Ian Hopkins, who takes over as chief constable of Greater Manchester on Monday, said officers would be dispatched to a break-in if the suspects were still at the scene.

But if someone returns from a weekend away to find their home ransacked, they will not be treated as a priority, he said.

‘If you’re someone like me or yourself who’s perfectly capable of phoning your insurance company, getting the locks sorted or the window boarded up, then I don’t see the necessity for us to turn up at that stage,’ Mr Hopkins told BBC Radio 4’s PM programme. ‘We can investigate that slow time.’
"Slow time" - translation: they take their sweet time or it doesn't get investigated at all. No search for latent fingerprints, no looking for boot tracks; interviewing neighbors/possible witnesses ... nope, we'll have none of that.
It is the latest example of how police forces are downgrading burglaries and comes after the Daily Mail revealed how one police force would investigate burglaries only at properties with an even number.
Officials would rather spend public funds on supporting Muslim criminals illegal immigrants than protecting their own people. The Brits continue to circle the drain.

Wishing And Hoping

October 23, 2015


Chinese Moon Cake

Has anyone eaten a moon cake? What do they taste like? The ChiComs have initiated a pogrom against these pastries. Are they that tasty? Story here.
The Chinese Communist Party has tightened up discipline on its 88 million members by banning several sinful activities, including extravagant eating and drinking, abuse of power, nepotism, adultery, and golf.

The report comes from the state-run Xinhua news agency, as translated by the BBC, which notes that the Communist Party “has in the past warned its officials to refrain from extravagant dinners and purchasing moon cakes using public funds.”

Moon cakes are a Chinese pastry, filled with salted egg yolk and sweet lotus paste, traditionally consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. As the BBC previously reported, the Communist Party believed corrupt officials were using public money to splurge on moon cakes and other entertainments during the festival. The prohibition against excessive drinking and eating is apparently another reaction to the abuse of public funds to pay for such indulgences.
Golf? I could care less. I have two sets of clubs gathering dust in my house and I still smile at the way they scream when I hold one in my hand.

The cultural significance of moon cakes explained here

Now in America, we have moon pies.

Hmmmm, moon pies. I haven't had one of these in about a hundred years.

Dang Me

Oak Or Hickory?

She's like a vampire, you just need to keep pounding those stakes into her heart.
Breitbart lists nine revelations to come out of Hillary's Benghazi testimony.
1. Hillary Clinton told the prime minister of Egypt on Sep. 12, 2012 that a video was not responsible.

2. Ambassador Chris Stevens did not have Clinton’s personal email address, but Sid Blumenthal did.

3. Clinton and the State Department broke the law in failing to sign a waiver for security at Benghazi.

4. Clinton believes that Chris Stevens was joking when he asked about security at the Benghazi compound.
More here.

October 21, 2015

The Girl From Ipanema

Dang, that pretty Brazilian girl is 75 years old now. She was 24 when this song was recorded.

October 19, 2015

Cyber Economics

Chinese Apple iPhone factory

The South Koreans are working on a project to mass produce robots at a price that will make it economically feasible to replace even cheap Chinese workers. A Chinese factory worker's minimum wage can be as low as $200 a month (1250 yuan at $0.16 per yuan).
As of 1 July 2015, the monthly minimum wage in the Pearl River Delta manufacturing centres of Dongguan, Foshan and Zhongshan was 1,510 yuan, while the rate in the sprawling inland metropolis of Chongqing was only 1,250 yuan per month.
I would hate to see what would happen if suddenly millions and millions of Chinese laborers lost their jobs. The government would have to distract their attention by starting a war or some-such.
In the future, we will all be on benefits, while rich people use robots to make even MORE money.

That’s the dark future hinted at by Samsung’s new ‘big project’ – a plan to build robots cheaper even than the miserably underpaid humans who work in Chinese factories.

The project, in collaboration with South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, has been funded to the tune of 6.75 billion won – and aims to create factories which will undercut Chinese ones, according to The Register.

If the plan works, South Korea could pick up lucrative contracts assembling products such as new iPhones – currently made in huge Chinese factories.

If so, it marks a dark day for the future of human employment – as so far, many jobs have been protected simply because humans are cheaper than machines.
About 3 million jobs manufacturing jobs have left the US for China despite the American worker being far more productive. But no matter how productive you are, $2,400 a year is a  hard number to beat.

Story here:

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