August 4, 2012

There's A Lot He Hasn't Done

Today is the birthday of Satan's idiot stepchild.

The RNC sent Obama a cake.

Obama hasn't baked anything.
Obama hasn't built anything.

Obama hasn't done anything that bestows additional value to a worthwhile cause.

What he does do is promote himself for his own interests and destroy what others have labored to create.

August 3, 2012

I've Got The Tractor Impound Blues

There's an old saying that goes, "Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel."

To this little slice of outdated wisdom you might want to add, "Or who owns the biggest tractor in town."

From the UK Daily Mail:
A farmer angry over a recent arrest surprised police in Vermont on Thursday by driving his tractor over seven parked police cars before driving away.

Roger Pion, 34, had been arrested last month for resisting arrest and marijuana possession before rolling his farm tractor across their vehicles, demolishing five marked cruisers, one unmarked car and a transport van, police said.

'We had nothing to pursue him with,' said Newport Chief Deputy Philip Brooks, who went outside to see seven of his fleet's 11 vehicles destroyed.

The word is, Orleans County Sheriff deputies are now slimming down through increased assignments to foot patrol.
Nobody was hurt. That's the thing everybody's got to cherish,' said Sheriff Kirk Martin.

Pion is faces seven counts of felony unlawful mischief and one misdemeanor count of unlawful mischief on suspicion of damaging the cars, state police Detective Trooper Lyle Decker told the Free Press.

[...]Martin estimated damage to the vehicles at more than $300,000.
Farmer Pion will also be looking for another occupation as there is no doubt his property will be subject to civil forfeiture to pay for the damage. Either that or he will have to grow an ungodly amount of beans and okra.

According to the Chronicle, Pion has an extensive history of encounters with local law enforcement, apparently over traffic violations.

Garth Brooks' "Friends In Low Places" is one of my favorite songs. I felt the prodding of the Muse.

I got home after dawn
My tractor’s long gone
Seven cop cars are lying in ruins.

I ran ‘em all down
I shocked this small town
And made bail from the crowbar saloon.

I’m not very smart
And real trouble will start
When the corn silk starts turning all brown.

Then I’ll be in deep shit
This farm, I may lose it
My tractor’s still in the impound!

The cops got my tractor locked in the impound!
After I used their lot as a farmer’s playground.
Guess I made my case … when I flattened their place.

Now I don’t mean to be disrespecting
But my crops are ready, now I’m objecting
That the cops got my tractor … locked in the impound!

August 2, 2012

This November, Vote Like Your Life Depended Upon It

Ulsterman's White House Insider wraps up this week's exchange with a further glimpse into the machinations of the criminal Obama administration'
But these Obama people…they are different. A whole other level. Never seen anything like it. There’s stuff I won’t ever tell you. Never. You don’t want that kinda knowledge son. You throw out a question like how many people been killed under Eric Holder? Sh-t…you don’t even know what you’r askin’. You got no f-cking idea how far these people will go to keep pushin’ this agenda of theirs. Everything I told you was coming – now it’s here. The dismantling of the American system. The drones, the race riots, the promises to other countries…the open borders, the destruction of our domestic energy productions, the Obama government at war with the Catholic Church…the massive inflation that is just perched above us waiting to fall down on all our heads…so much sh-t they got ready to fire at us. That second term…that’s their moment. Obamacare, the deficit…cities going under…military cutbacks…I can’t keep track of it all it’s going on so damn fast now. This election coming up – people better know…they ain’t messing around now. This is the real f-cking deal right here. Right now.

[...] You’re askin’ what it will take to defeat Obama? Defeat the ones around him? Jarrett? Holder? All of them? It’s gonna take the American people to wake the f-ck up NOW. It’s getting to be go time here. August is when the real race is run…all the way to end. But Romney…he can’t do it alone. People out there who say they ain’t so sure about Romney…this ain’t the time to be talking that perfection sh-t. This ain’t the time to be talking 3rd party candidate bullsh-t. This ain’t the time to be sittin’ this one out.

This IS the time to pay attention…tell everyone you know…everyone you care about…vote out Obama. Vote the son-of-a-bitch out. We got one last chance here to make it right. That’s what I’m doin’ this for. I gotta try and make it right – 2008 was…I can’t leave it like this. I can’t have that be it for me. Just can’t do it. So 2012…hell it’s just a few months away now…we gotta do this together. All of us. Every last one of us. I need your readers help. I need them to speak out to everyone they know. Every last person they know. For the love of God get people motivated to do what’s right this election. None of us can afford to sit this one out. None of us.

Chick-Fil-A ... A Harbinger?

August 1, 2012

A Peek Behind The Curtain

The Ulsterman Report has a great two part story on how Romney suckered the Obama campaign. Here's just a little bit of it -
WHI: It gets so much better…we are getting to the point where I really gotta tip my hat to Romney on this. Like I said…reminds me a lot of the Reagan team. Somethin’ they would have done.

…So we got Jarrett going crazy. We got Obama digesting what she is screaming at him. We got campaign staff overhearing all that. We got Plouffe scrambling to initiate his own internal in that state to corroborate the numbers that they THINK they stole from Romney. We got Axelrod playing dumb…the whole operation is getting’ its ass kicked by that polling data from that one swing state.

But all of this gets better…the real payoff is coming. You see, this all goes down early July…just after the holiday, right? That’s the timeline of all of this. Hits the fan over the course of about a week…week and a half.

And then what?

UM: You’re asking me?

WHI: Yeah – and then what? What happens to the Obama campaign right after? Think about it…a couple weeks after the 4th of July holiday…what does Obama say?

UM: …Bloody hell.
Obama pulls the "You didn't build it..." line out of his ass.


July 31, 2012

Intimidation R' Us


Today a federal judge ruled that Obama's political appointments high ranking thugs interfered with a DOJ investigation of New Black Panther voter intimidation.

Lies, lies and more lies from the Prevaricator-in-Chief.
If this administration was anymore transparent it would be a concrete storm window.

I would invest big time in Staples and OfficeMax, 'cause when Obama gets thrown out on his ass next November, you won't be able to find a paper shredder anywhere within 200 miles of DC. If Romney has any balls at all he will seal every office in the DOJ until the search warrants are executed. And I'd take a #9 iron to those poll clowns above.

 From Human Events:

Increasing attention is being paid to irregularities at the polls, and the legitimacy of efforts to minimize them. A federal judge just issued a ruling that will become part of this debate. As reported by Conn Carroll of the Washington Examiner, U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton “held today that political appointees appointed by President Obama did interfere with the Department of Justice’s prosecution of the New Black Panther Party.”

This concerns the infamous appearance of two New Black Panthers outside a Philadelphia polling place, dressed in paramilitary outfits and brandishing a nightstick to intimidate poll watchers and voters. It was an open-and-shut case of voter intimidation, confirmed by multiple eyewitnesses, but the Obama Justice Department inexplicably dropped the charges.

Watchdog group Judicial Watch followed the normal course of action for asking tough questions of Obama’s wonderfully “transparent” administration, suing the Justice Department to enforce a Freedom of Information Act request for documents concerning the New Black Panthers case. Judicial Watch won, and then sued for attorney’s fees. The Justice Department defended itself by insisting the documents procured by Judicial Watch didn’t prove there was any political interference in the NBPP case, so they shouldn’t be liable for the plaintiff’s legal fees.

Judge Walton’s ruling disagreed with the DOJ defense, saying, “The documents reveal that political appointees within DOJ were conferring about the status and resolution of the New Black Panther Party case in the days preceding the DOJ’s dismissal of claims in that case, which would appear to contradict Assistant Attorney General Perez’s testimony that political leadership was not involved in that decision.”