September 29, 2016

Fayettevile, NC

We've spent the week house hunting with our daughter in Cumberland and Moore Counties. It's a great way to get lost in a hurry, thank God for GPS. We see some really beautiful homes here as well as some not so nice, but lots and lots of brick which I love.She has about three favorites thus far in her price range. She starts her new job in a few weeks and we're waiting to hear when she starts her  assignment in the Kentucky National Guard.

In our travels we've learned a lot about the area, especially the wear and tear that artillery imposes on a house. Cracks in the walls are very common in homes within a two mile radius of the artillery range at Bragg. It's the sound of freedom ringing throughout the structure.

Our hosts, a retired Army Lt. Colonel and his lovely wife, are simply the most gracious people on the planet. This is the third time we have stayed with them over the past seven years, ever since our daughter was first stationed at Bragg. We met them when the Army sent him to comptroller's school at Syracuse University, they attended our church and my wife taught their young boys in Sunday school. That has to be at least fifteen years ago.

Their twins are now juniors in college, their oldest son just graduated and left a few weeks ago for Ft. Leonard Wood as a brand new 2nd Lt.

The weather has held up nicely, but this morning (it's about 0830) we still have a downpour which has lasted all night so we may have to dampen our efforts to locate a suitable dwelling for our girl. Maybe we'll spend some time in Bragg's excellent PX today. 

I see that all this rain caused an enormous sinkhole to open up on an access road to Fort Bragg.