June 19, 2010

Fathers' Day

Tomorrow is Fathers Day and I will be thinking of my Dad. It's been well over three decades since I embraced him, saw him play with his dog, or sleepily heard him head off to work at 3 A.M.

He was a special guy with a craftsman's soul. He was imperfect, opinionated, and stubborn. Those were three of his gifts to me. But he was also the bravest man I've ever known.

He was a romantic husband and stern father who literally worked himself to death for his family.

Tomorrow, and every other day, he will be in my thoughts.

Happy Fathers' Day to you all.

June 16, 2010

I hope I am not violating any confidences here ...

... by showing Nickie's performance of his all-time favorite Beatles song.

For those who don't know, Nick did a short stint in the Russian navy. Long story.

Just a little levity, folks ... thought we might could use a little relief from Barack Petroleum, et al.

Hope you all are well.

Problem Solved

The big O used his Chicago-style problem-solving skills to end the environmental disaster. He has secured a $20 BILLION escrow account (slush fund) from BP.

Has the oil stopped polluting? Can we begin drilling again?