February 11, 2017

New Hungarian Equestrian Sport - Refugee Polo

Using motorcycles, horses - Hungarian forces are fighting to turn back the Muslim invasion.

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In The News

Raising hell is lots of fun ... as long as you don't get caught.
Protesters at President Trump’s inauguration became violent, setting fires, vandalizing property, and antagonizing—even injuring—law enforcement officers. The indictments of 146 additional rioters were handed down this week.

The total of those indicted on felony rioting charges is now 209. A total of 230 persons were arrested in conjunction with the rioting, and twelve of those cases have been dismissed.

Is It The Water That Makes Them Stupid Or Bribes That Make Then Corrupt?
There's a special kind of stupid infecting 9th District judges, or is it Soros dollars. Perhaps it is time to investigate these judges and see what causes them to rule as they do.
Since 9/11, 72 individuals from the seven mostly Muslim countries covered by President Trump's "extreme vetting" executive order have been convicted of terrorism, a finding that clashes sharply with claims from an appeals court that there is "no evidence" those countries have produced a terrorist.

According to a report out Saturday, at least 17 claimed to be refugees from those nations, three came in as "students," and 25 eventually became U.S. citizens.

Like Draft Dodgers Or Like Hockey Fanatics? Illegals Flock To Canada
Other countries are condemning the US for imposing a temporary hiatus on admitting refugees, so let them take them in. Prime Minister Trudeau, I bet you have a spare bedroom, no?
It was a record number of arrivals for a single weekend in the small border town of Emerson, and Canadian officials said Thursday they are bracing for more.

US President Donald Trump's controversial ban on refugees and nationals from seven Muslim-majority nations has prompted many who had hoped for a new life in the US to flee north.

While the ban is currently on hold due to two successive defeats in federal court, Trump has warned he is weighing a new immigration order.

Reposted: Why Would We Let People Like This In?

Steve Gern posted a video on his Facebook homepage, since gone viral with over 50 million views, about how unsafe it was for him to go outside in Iraq.

He made more comments on video as he was flown out of danger after receiving many death threats because of his video.

Steve is now out of Iraq and most likely will never be able to return. However, the question remains, why allow these people in America?
Obviously we will not like the answer.


February 10, 2017

Trump: Political Genius?

This comment  is from a post at Powerline:
The whole business of the “banning” order, Judge Robart’s insolent ruling, and the appeal by radio (or telephone) for all the world to hear and for recordings to be easily made and preserved, was exactly what Trump and his people planned when they went into retreat: Issue the order, have some partisan judge stop it, have an appeal to the notorious ninth circuit, have the two most senior and competent lawyers who could argue the case for the state recuse themselves (on however flimsy grounds) so that an ill-prepared junior has to suddenly step in and muck it up and - lo and behold! - Trump has completely immunized himself from any blame when the next Muslim terrorist attack is committed in the US. No wonder some of the brighter pundits on the right are now calling Trump “a political genius”.
Of course this begs two questions:
"What does Trump and his security people know that we don't? and
"Just how far is the left willing to trash Constitutional separation of powers."

Two prior Presidents (Carter and Obama) temporarily suspended immigration from Iran and Iraq due to their hostility towards this country with no interference from the courts. .

He WIll Not Incite Us

Shia LaPoof just had his live stream "He Will Not Divide Us" protest shut down because of violence. Also a factor was the number of idiots that were entering the NYC museum that hosted the camera; it violated the NYC building code that restricted the number of assholes that could enter a not-for-profit premise.
he Museum of the Moving Image in NYC says it turned off the cam mounted on one of its walls because it had become a "flashpoint for violence." Shia was arrested on January 25 when he allegedly got physical with a protester who showed up to oppose the movement.

There had been other physical altercations where no one was arrested -- with and without Shia -- and NYPD started patrolling the spot regularly.
A little more here.

The comments to this TMZ article are more entertaining:

Bummer. I'm going to be in NYC next weekend, and I was going to go kick him in his boygina.

all the violence came from shia and the extreme left, these turds shut down the live cam. the live stream was been taken over by trolls and the far right with the exception of a few lefty's who seem to be homeless/jobless. the head of the museum was kicking people out left and right because of their political views until he found out that it was illegal a few days later. the epic 4 year live stream failed because everyone who supported hillary does not care. shia lebouf, jaden smith and the museum curator are haters and babys who gave up.

The 9th Doubles Up On The Stupid


Perhaps the left wing 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals based in San Francisco may be carved up. Lawmakers are considering a bill to spin off the massive 9th Circuit Court into two smaller, more manageable districts by creating a 12th U.S. Circuit Court.

Justice delayed is justice denied. The 9th has an average turnover time of 15 months for a decision.
WASHINGTON -- How big is the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals? The San-Francisco-based circuit is so big that it represents nine states, including Nevada, 20 percent of the U.S. population and 40 percent of the nation's land mass. It's so big that Congress has looked at bills to split the circuit since 1941, and it's so big that none of those measures have succeeded.
The 9th is the most reversed appellate court in the land. No other court has had so many of its decisions reversed by the US Supreme Court and no other court has had their decisions reversed where there was no minority opinion by the Supremes; where all nine Justices agreed that the 9th was full of crap.
Scholars have different views over which city should serve as a 12th Circuit headquarters. Some mention Seattle, others Phoenix.

Hellman recalls a late law professor who argued in favor of Las Vegas, with its central location and good airline service. More to the point, because the 9th Circuit has so many judges, which makes it harder to predict outcomes, the scholar joked, the circuit's headquarters should be in Las Vegas because it's such a gamble.

Story here.
The so-called justices of the 9th Circuit have  upheld the lower court's staay of Trump's immigration restrictions:
Three federal appeals judges unanimously upheld a decision that slammed the brakes on President Trump’s refugee and immigration ban — and he furiously fired back on Twitter that he would continue the fight in court.

The ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco means the temporary travel ban — which caused chaos and massive protests at airports across the US — cannot go into effect without further litigation.
Looks like the 9th will once again reinforce their reputation as the mos reversed Court in the land. Way to go.

Story here.

February 9, 2017

McMartin's - Over Half A Billion Swiped

A NASA contractor, Harold Martin III, has been indicted for stealing over a half billion - that's right billion - pages of classified documents over a twenty year period. That's 25 million pages a year. 

Sandy Berger would be proud...

From the WashTimes:
A former National Security Agency contractor has been indicted on 20 criminal counts involving the theft of highly classified information from the federal government during more than two decades of employment, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Harold T. Martin III of Glen Burnie, Maryland, is accused of stealing more than a half-billion pages of top-secret documents and records from the U.S. government from 1996 to 2016.

The indictment against Mr. Martin indicates that the classified documents found at his home and in his car included information from the NSA, the U.S. Cyber Command, the National Reconnaissance Office and the CIA.
They didn't have 64 GB memory sticks in 1996. Martin had to look like the Michelin Man stuffed with paper as he walked out of the building. There literally had to be clouds of classified documents flying in the wind behind his car as he drove home from work every evening.

Higher Minimum Wage Equals Lower Number Of Jobs

A candy bar sells for about a buck. Double the price of a candy bar and you won't sell as many. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that as you increase the price of a service or product  without a concomitant increase in the value of that service, the demand for that service will decrease. And that is what is happening with the drive to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The number of entry level jobs will decrease.

From Investors Business Daily:
One of the most vexing economic issues today is the minimum wage. For many, the failure to raise the minimum wage to $15 or higher is a sign of our nation's stinginess and an essential part of the fight for income equality. However, the truth, sad to say, is quite different, as a new study shows.

The study by the American Action Forum, a nonpartisan think tank led by former Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin, looked at minimum-wage hikes scheduled to take effect in the coming years in 14 states and the nation's capital and found they will "cost millions of jobs across the country and each lost job only leads to total wage earnings rising by a few thousand dollars."

The reason is simple: When you raise the minimum wage of low-skilled, low-productivity labor — a group that disproportionately includes young minority males — you inevitably destroy jobs. No business will hire someone and pay him more than he's worth.
And thus it always is with liberals trying to curry favor with voters. They ignore basic truths to remake the economic universe in their image. Of course the consequences of their ignorance is always blamed on someone else. They'll scream that jobs for young minority males are disappearing because business owners are greedy white men who exult in their white privilege and ability to oppress yada yada yada....

How Come Hillary Didn't Sue?

Melania Trump just got a public apology and an undisclosed amount of cash from some leftist idiot who libeled her on his web site. He couldn't prove a thing he wrote and now has to pay for his actions.
From the NY Post:
Melania Trump has won a “substantial” amount of money in a settlement with Maryland blogger who wrote about claims that she had once worked as a prostitute.

“The First Lady of the United States has settled her lawsuit against Webster Griffin Tarpley of Maryland,” said Matthew Blackett, one of Mrs. Trump’s attorneys.

“Mr. Tarpley has issued the attached retraction and apology to Mrs. Trump and her family, and agreed to pay her a substantial sum as a settlement,” Blackett said in a statement.
Of course this begs the question, why hasn't Hillary Clinton sued the crap out of everyone who bad mouthed her during the election? She was torn to pieces by the right leaning blogosphere - perhaps what they wrote was all true?

Muslims Working For Congress Are A Threat To National Security

The trouble with Islam is not that it's a religion, it's a theocracy, a form of government that is inimical to the Constitution of the United States. The democrats just don't get it. But then again, our former *spit* President at one time stated that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

From the Frontpage Magazine:
Last year, eight members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence issued a demand that their staffers be granted access to top secret classified information.

The signatories to the letter were Andre Carson, Luis Guiterez, Jim Himes, Terri Sewell, Jackie Speier, Mike Quigley, Eric Swalwell and Patrick Murphy. All the signatories were Democrats. Some had a history of attempting to undermine national security.

Two of them have been linked to an emerging security breach.

The office of Andre Carson, the second Muslim in Congress, had employed Imran Awan. As did the offices of Jackie Speier and Debbie Wasserman Schultz; to whom the letter had been addressed.

Imran Awan and his two brothers, Jamal and Abid, are at the center of an investigation that deals with, among other things, allegations of illegal access. They have been barred from the House of Representatives network.
There is more. These guys are all under investigation regarding an illegal server that they may have hooked up to Congressional networks. Makes you think they were working for Hillary as the Daily Caller tells us that...
Four people who worked for the House of Representatives have a history of massive debts and bankruptcy, a fondness for fast cars and real estate, and unusually complicated webs of intertwined finances.

The three brothers and a wife of one of them are under criminal investigation into sensitive congressional information security.

Chiefs of staff for dozens of Democratic lawmakers who employed the four were informed last week that a criminal probe was underway into their use of congressional information technology systems, including the existence of an external server to which House data was being funneled, and into the theft of and overbilling for computer equipment.
Now is the time to impose Sharia Law, but just on them. Then cut their heads off.

February 8, 2017

Leopards, Spots... Obama Doesn't Get It

Barely out of prison long enough to get a sun burn, this clown is caught with massive felony weight narcotics and is on his way back to an 8X8 cell.
A Texas felon who was pardoned by Obama is back behind bars after he was caught 'fleeing police with two pounds of cocaine worth $26,000'.

Robert M. Gill is getting reacquainted with his jail cell after he crashed into another vehicle when fleeing from police following an alleged drug deal in San Antonio on Thursday.

The 68-year-old's original life sentence was pardoned by President Obama but now he could face up to 40 years in prison for possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine, according to Bexar County police.

Story here:

Of course a former Navy enlisted man who took a souvenir picture of the inside of a submarine didn't get a pardon because #drugdealersmatter. I hope a shark takes a liking to the former First Idiot.

February 6, 2017


New England Patriots Break LIberals Hearts

I am really savoring the liberal angst caused by the Patriots victory last night. As the Giants weren't playing I didn't have a dog in this Superbowl fight, but as Brady and his team came under fire because Trump favored him, well, that's the dog I picked.

What a fantastic comeback. By the end of the third quarter I truly thought that the Pats were toast. How wrong I was.

It's amazing how a football game can wreak havoc on weak liberal minds, so I decided to write a little ditty.

My Apologies To Dusty Springfield

Pissing and moaning and crying and scheming,
Ranting and weeping in a liberal tailspin
Over a last minute Patriots win.
So if you're looking to find hope in your despair
All you gotta do is grow up, forget it, get over it
Because no one really cares!

No one really cares how you feel!
By next week you'll be all healed!
Take your heart off your sleeve, 'cause
You won't change things,
Pissin' and a-moanin'', cryin' and a-schemin'

'Cause pissing and moaning and crying and scheming,
Ranting and weeping didn't make Trump go away!
In the White House is where he will stay!
So if you're looking to find hope in your despair
All you gotta do is grow up, forget it, get over it,
Yeah just do it and after you do
Go get a job!

February 5, 2017

US Military Not Reporting Air Strikes

From the Military Times:
The American military has failed to publicly disclose potentially thousands of lethal airstrikes conducted over several years in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, a Military Times investigation has revealed. The enormous data gap raises serious doubts about transparency in reported progress against the Islamic State, al-Qaida and the Taliban, and calls into question the accuracy of other Defense Department disclosures documenting everything from costs to casualty counts.

In 2016 alone, U.S. combat aircraft conducted at least 456 airstrikes in Afghanistan that were not recorded as part of an open-source database maintained by the U.S. Air Force, information relied on by Congress, American allies, military analysts, academic researchers, the media and independent watchdog groups to assess each war's expense, manpower requirements and human toll.