July 19, 2014

Caution: Ghouls At Work

Russian-backed Separatists Protecting the MH-17 Crash Site

Years ago, Nikita Khrushchev threatened the US  that "We will bury you." But he didn't tell us that they would go through our pockets, grab our wallets and purses and steal our shoe laces before they throw us into the grave. Silly Russkies.
Dutch banks said Saturday they were taking "preventative measures" after reports of credit cards being looted from the Ukrainian crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, where 192 Dutch citizens died.

"International media report that victims' bank cards have been stolen," the Dutch Banking Association said in a statement: "Banks are taking preventative measures as necessary," it said, adding that any losses suffered by relatives of the dead would be paid back.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 came down in rebel-held eastern Ukraine on Thursday with 298 people on board.

The area has been under the control of Russian-backed separatists since the crash, preventing international investigators from gaining access.
Story here.

Forbes Media Is Sold To The Chinese

I but rarely visit the RealClearPolitics website and probably will do so even less after this.
From Breitbart:


A highly visited site, was created in Chicago in the year 2000 by John McIntyre and Tom Bevan and grew at an amazing rate, becoming one of the most trafficked political sites on the web. By 2007 Forbes Media took notice and purchased a 51 percent share in the site.

Upon the purchase, Forbes Media decided to let McIntyre and Bevan continue to run the site as they had always done before.

For the last year or so, Forbes itself has been up for sale, and after eight months on the block, this sale was anything but a sure bet as one company after another bowed out of the running. At last the media company found an investor in China.

This week Forbes Media confirmed that it has sold a controlling interest in the company to Hong Kong-based Integrated Asset Management, founded by Tak Cheung Yam. The price tag reportedly tops $300 million.

The Forbes family will hold a minority stake in the 97-year-old company that bears their name.
Reports are that the editors will remain the same. We'll see.

July 18, 2014

We Might Have A Terrible Tragedy President

 Hold on folks, as almost 300 people have been murdered, this may be a tragedy!

The toll thus far: 9 Britons, 23 Americans, 154 Dutch, 27 Australians, 38 Malaysians - including 15 crew, 11 people from Indonesia, four Germans, four Belgians, three from the Philippines and one Canadian.

Obama commenting on the Malaysia passenger jet terror attack by Russian separatists.
"It looks like it might be a terrible tragedy."
Listen to the clueless asshole here.

The Ukraine government allegedly has intercepted Russian transmissions:
'They shouldn't be f****** flying. There is a war going on': Moment Russian separatists 'realized they had shot down a jetliner' released by Ukrainian government

Ukraine’s security agency, the SBU, has released recordings of intercepted phone calls

Claim they prove Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a group of Russian-backed Cossack militants

Neither recording — which allegedly includes a Russian military intelligence officer — could be independently verified
Hours before the attack, this BUK launcher was photographed in the area.
I assume that there is a mobile radar director that must be used in conjunction with this unit.

In another UK Daily Mail article, the Russian BUK anti-aircraft unit believed to have shot down Flight MH17 has been quietly removed from the scene and returned to Russia. The BUK is normally armed with four missles. The unit spotted was carrying only two, fueling suspicion that it was responsible for this outrage. Based on the above phone intercepts, there is speculation that:
  1. The separatists did not have the expertise to fire these missiles and that Russian army personnel are responsible. 
  2. The Russian officers involved have already been or soon will be executed and the BUK missile launcher will be destroyed as quickly as possible. 
    Putin must be in one awful hurry to make sure his chestnuts do not get thrown into the fire, but not because of Obama.

    July 17, 2014

    In The News

    Holder Got Back
    Congressman believes the DoJ Investigation of ex-CIA Director Gen. Patraeus is just a ruse to shut him up and hide details regarding the events surrounding the Benghazi debacle.
    After sending a letter and questioning Attorney General Eric Holder twice and former FBI Director Robert Mueller once about the probe, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told Holder in a new letter this week, "I find the be increasingly perplexing and suspicious. I urge the Department to move forward with this investigation in an expeditious and prudent manner."

    Chaffetz also told Gretchen Carlson on Fox News’ “The Real Story” Wednesday that the open investigation may have a chilling effect on the probe by the new Benghazi Select Committee.
    So Holder is just chillin' 'cause he got back, Obama's back.

    Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Into The ER
    San Francisco has it's priorities; the legitimation of ramming your johnson into a feces-laden poop tube time after time after time is exactly what our nation's healthcare system needs.
    In 1983, as the AIDS epidemic was raging, gays and bisexual men were banned from donating blood by the FDA. Now San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener has introduced a resolution to end the ban, and the city board is expected to approve it.

    Weiner told KTVU in San Francisco that the city has to make a statement to the FDA that times and technology are changing. He charged, “It’s discriminatory, it has no basis in public health. All donated blood is heavily tested, and it’s depriving our country of a lot of blood that could be donated to help save peoples’ lives.”
    It just takes one pervert working in the blood lab to falsify reports and there's another epidemic of AIDS thank you very much. After all, it's all about raising awareness, no?

    There Will Be No Pigs In Space
    Where are we going? Mars! When will we get there? Kill the Jews!!
    Having scaled the heights of Earth with the world's tallest tower, the United Arab Emirates is now aiming for the stars with an ambitions trip to Mars.

    The UAE said that its unmanned probe will take nine months to travel more than 37 million miles to Mars, making the emirates one of only nine countries with space programs to try and explore the red planet.

    A UAE Cabinet statement said the project aims to advance human knowledge and develop Emirati human capital and economy, but did not list specific scientific goals for the probe.
    Their five-year mission: to boldly go and kill Jooos where no Jooos have been killed before.
    Dah daaah daaaaah
    Dah dahdahdah daaaaah

    Democrats Continue GWOTU (Global War On The Unborn)
    Making America safe one dead baby at a time.
    Senate Democrats held a hearing today on a bill that wipes out virtually every pro-life law across the country, including state laws that came into play in Pennsylvania that held late-term abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell accountable for killing babies who were born alive and killed during a gruesome late-term abortion procedure.

    S.1696 is deceptively titled the “Women’s Health Protection Act” even though it revokes protections for women and their unborn children. Instead, the bill would be far-reaching in how it would topple virtually every pro-life law passed in states across the country.
    Pro-choice democrats are hailing this law as a panacea that would not only address woman's health issues but also stimulate the economy. It would allow live birth fetuses to be used as salad toppings, traffic cones, pull chain ornaments, floor wax applicators and for sharpening chain saws.

    These people have no souls.

    Thanks, But No Thanks

    SecState Lurch was politely, but firmly and repeatedly, advised that his presence at any peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel was not needed.
    Secretary of State John Kerry offered numerous times to fly to Cairo or Jerusalem to assist in cease-fire negotiations but was told that the sides “didn’t need American mediation,” according to an account of events by Haaretz.

    Senior Israeli officials told Haaretz that Kerry offered to come to directly join the talks in each and every call during the attempted brokering of a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas on Monday, but was “politely rejected” by all sides.
    Story here and here.

    July 15, 2014

    Wherefore Art Thou Chick-fil-A?

    I can't believe it. There is only one Chick-fil-A restaurant in the entire state of New York? But that's what the Chick-fil-A locator states. The closest one for me is in Scranton, two hours away. Other than that, New York City has one.

    I really wanted to try their sandwiches ever since the queers and the First Lady have disparaged them.

    From Townhall:
    The First Lady of these United States has declared war on Chick-fil-A.

    It seems the home of plump juicy breasts and hot buttered buns has run afoul of the new Smart Snacks in School program.
    Okay. Hold it right there. Just the mention of "plump juicy breasts" and "hot buttered buns" is going to set Moochelle's teeth on edge. Put breasts and buns in conjunction with a school lunch program and it's going to get ugly early. You might even get the DoJ involved.
    The program is a component of Mrs. Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

    The new government regulations require snack items served in public schools to have less than two hundred calories.
    I don't remember Congress voting on this; anyone else? The Snack Act?
    That includes vending machines, lunch rooms and other campus food venues.

    And that’s really bad news for kids at South Carolina’s Socastee High School. They’ve just learned they will no longer be allowed to buy Chick-fil-A sandwiches at school.

    “They don’t meet the standards,” Principal Paul Browning told the Myrtle Beach Sun News. “We’re struggling with it.”
    The standards are this: let the kids eat playground grass. It's low in calories and you get oodles of carbon credits since you don't have to run the lawn mowers.
    Hunger pains aside, there’s another consequence to the Chick-fil-A ban – all the profits funded field trips for the school’s special education students. 
    “The Chick-fil-A profits went directly to the field trips,” the principal told the newspaper. “We’ve got to raise some money, but we will figure something out.” 
    Maybe they could get the math students to figure out how many carrot sticks they’ll have to sell to send the youngsters to Six Flags.
    Obviously the only solution is for these kids to declare themselves illegal aliens. The sky's the limit then.

    UPDATE: Gallows Bait

    There can be only only one sentence for this man that can be called justice.
    A rookie Jersey City cop was ambushed and executed by a murder suspect who moments earlier boasted, “Watch the TV news later — I’m going to be famous,” authorities said Sunday.

    Officer Melvin Santiago, 23, was fatally shot in the head as he and other cops responded to a report of an armed robbery at a 24-hour Walgreens drugstore shortly after 4 a.m.
    Santiago, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, was just getting out of the passenger seat of his patrol car when fugitive Lawrence Campbell came up and opened fire twice through the open door with a semiautomatic 9mm pistol, officials said.

    [...]Campbell had been on the lam since a slaying last week involving two other accomplices.
    Officer Santiago only graduated from the police academy last December. He always wanted to be a police officer - just like his uncle, a retired Jersey City detective.

    More here.

    Lawrence "Watch the TV" Campbell died from his wounds after killing Officer Santiago. His widow, Angelique Campbell, graciously deigned to share her feelings regarding these events.

    The NY Post reports:
    The widow of the thug who executed a Jersey City cop over the weekend said Monday that her husband should have killed even more officers — as her neighbors set up a sickening memorial to her fame-seeking spouse.  
    “He should’ve taken more [officers] with him,” Angelique Campbell said of husband Lawrence, who killed rookie Officer Melvin Santiago in an ambush early Sunday, before being killed by police.

    “Sorry for the officer’s family. That’s, you know, whatever. But, at the end of the day, [Lawrence] got a family, too. All they care about is the officer,” Campbell added in an interview with News 12 New Jersey.
    So much for her condolences - "whatever" - to the family of the officer her husbanded murdered. Later she emitted a half-assed apology for her spiteful, hate riddled rant stating that she was very angry. Whatever.

    Then a miracle happened: a half-assed ghetto memorial sprung into being to commemorate the passing of POS cop killer Lawrence Campbell.

    Festooned with empty liquor bottles, rat feces, deflated balloons, dollar store candles, scrawled t-shirts (“REAL N—-Z DONT DIE,” “Forever a ‘G’ ” and “SEE U ON THE OTHER SIDE.” among the offerings), a little hand lotion, a few used condoms, and some spilled Tidy Bowl, this memorial pretty much captures the essence of Campbell's existence on this earthly plane.

    We can pretty well rest assured that Lawrence is not resting in peace.

    A Public Service Announcement

    I avoid reading liberal rags and blogs because I fear that Teh Stoopid dripping from their literary offerings are contagious and life threatening. But this article from Rolling Stone is gut wrenchingly stupid. It is a Singularity of Stupid.

    The article entitled, "The Five Most Dangerous Guns" does not list the make, model or caliber of the firearms most used in the commission of crime. No indeed; it lists five general categories which include every type of gun imaginable, with the exception of fully automatic weapons and field artillery. So the five most dangerous guns are all guns. What a concept.

    And the author can't even list the general categories correctly. She includes derringers as a firearms category; this is wrong. A derringer is a pistol as the barrel and firing chamber are integral.

    Just like a warning sign posted to alert the danger of  a nearby minefield, this piece truly deserves special notice. As an intellectual safety measure, I will not reproduce any of the article here.

    So here's a little ditty for the author, Kristen Gwynne, who brings to mind every blonde joke ever written:

    I'm too stupid for my shirt
    Too stupid for my skirt
    So stupid it hurts.

    Stultus Quoque

    July 14, 2014

    Black, Blacker, Blackest

    From CNET
    Just when you thought black couldn't get any darker, scientists from Surrey Nanosystems in the UK have announced the creation of a super black material.

    The breakthrough isn't geared toward fashion, however. It was developed for use in electro-optical imaging and target-acquisition systems in order to improve those devices' sensitivity. One example of a use for the material is in telescopes to increase the instruments' ability to see very faint stars.

    Called Vantablack, Surrey says the new material "is revolutionary in its ability to be applied to lightweight, temperature-sensitive structures such as aluminium whilst absorbing 99.96 percent of incident radiation, believed to be the highest-ever recorded."

    Vantablack is created through a low-temperature carbon nanotube growth process. It took two years of development and testing to achieve success in applying the material onto aluminum structures and pyroelectric sensors, readying it for use in actual imaging systems. It can be used to coat components like optical sensors, baffles, and apertures.
    More here.

    Extreme Makeover: Israeli Style

    The IDF is remodeling Gaza, one terrorist stinkhole at a time.



    Needless to say the occupants were amazed at the difference, at how the open, airy aspect of these apartments were greatly enhanced. The IDF selected the latest radical chic le anéantissement genre for this particular makeover. Simply stunning....

    As a bonus, even the landscaping was thrown in at no extra charge.

    Fine Israeli craftsmanship and attention to detail is shown in the following video.

    Story here.

    July 13, 2014

    Laptops Of The Gods

    Bas relief in marble depicting the Greek goddess Hera logging into her Facebook account

    This was actually crafted circa 100 BC.
    Story here.

    H/T DRB.