August 12, 2010

Why cut a deal ...

... when a rug works so much better?

Before you go gettin' all judgmental and all, consider, how short and poignant is this dance of penitence. Yes, it might appear that Charlie was making merry at the Giant Fundraiser/B-Day Party/Celebrity Gala last night, but a closer inspection reveals the "tears of a clown."

* Best photo in the history of the world courtesy of the N.Y. Post. God bless 'em.

Nickie Goomba is Hoping for Change

August 11, 2010

Greg Gutfeld for President ...

... for proposing a gay bar for 'closeted Muslim men' next to the proposed NYC mosque at Ground Zero.

Folks, this type of American ingenuity is one more reason why we will dance on the graves of our enemies.

Be of good cheer.

Where we came from...

Sarah Hey at StandFirm aimed me toward this haunting collection of photographs from the Denver Post. Some of these photos send me hurtling into the shadows of my childhood - still distinct and poignant. Others seem as fresh and bold as this morning. Don't miss this snapshot of America.

August 9, 2010

Read all of this. It's creative and laugh-out-loud funny.

WaybackWhen: The Video Game of Better Times and Places
by Red Square

Are you a lover of fantasy fiction feeling trapped in the 21st century with its corporations, consumerism, and other depressing aspects of Western prosperity? Are you a Progressive with a passionate longing for the pre-capitalist Golden Age of non-profit manufacturing, organic farming, and collectivist cultures thriving amidst non-industrial landscapes? Then WaybackWhen™ is for you!

Created for Western audiences by Nostalgia Productions in Taiwan, WaybackWhen™ is a set of escapist video games giving you the ultimate virtual experience of yesteryears no matter your cultural heritage. The scientifically accurate feel of the past is achieved by combining the three features that dominated the pre-industrial era: Poverty, Bad Hygiene, and Invasion.

The set consists of several themes that can be patched together and played in no particular order:



Same old crap... different day, different country.

Better Red than Fed
From Joe at No Pasaran

At the heart of the Bailadila Hills in central India lie 1.1 billion tons of raw ore so pure and plentiful that half a century after miners first hacked at it with pickaxes, it remains the richest, and one of the largest, iron deposits on the planet.
Enter the spoiler.
Yet on this quiet June day, cobwebs hang on rusted pipes in the all-but-abandoned facility, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its September 2010 issue. Caretakers prepare to switch truck-size rock crushers out of their coma, rousing the machines for five minutes a month to ensure they still work.

Maoist rebels from the surrounding Dandakaranya forest armed with guns and explosives -- and some wielding axes and bows and arrows -- attacked the facility four times in little more than a year, officials at the now-mothballed plant say. They burned 54 trucks waiting at factory gates in April 2008 and damaged part of the slurry pipeline, the world’s second longest, in June 2009. Essar idled the plant that month.
One constant of the universe seems to be that Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-whateversseem to enjoy their destructive revolutionary fervor more than their any affection that they have for “the proletariat”. In fact “the good of the people” seems more like a distant, ignorable abstraction to them more than they are to those of any other belief system.
Maoist-related violence killed a record 998 people last year as assaults on economic targets reached an all-time high, according to Ministry of Home Affairs data.

A Mumbai-bound train derailed in May, killing at least 146 people, after what police suspect was sabotage by a Maoist group. More than 200 security officers died in attacks in the first six months of 2010.
More specious still, for them to say that they were “sucked into the conflict” blithely ignores the fact that the Maoists are the ones who created it.

Go ahead, all you Tom Wolfe wannabees... try it!

I write like
Mario Puzo

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

August 8, 2010

A Job Saved: Obama Economic Adviser Back at Berkeley

(2010-06-08) — Christina Romer, head of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, has spent months helping the president to recover the nation from the Bush economic crisis, but today she announced that she’s making the transition from being “an agent of recovery, to a beneficiary of the president’s popular policies.”

Ms. Romer said that in September, she’ll return to her job as economics professor at the University of California, Berkeley — a job saved by Mr. Obama himself.