July 1, 2010

"Get off of me, you big lummox!!"

Is this a) the message from Gore masseuse to the inventor of the internets and all-around loverboy; b) exclamation of Goomba's Twister partner; c) American voters message to their government this November; or d) all of the above?

German technology may have finally come up with a "Green" vehicle to tempt Nickie Goomba

June 30, 2010

Democrat Fortney Stark belittles and insults his constituents. Remember this in November.

More Anecdotal Evidence of the Existence of God

Last Friday, we went out for a partner's birthday lunch ... at a little Texas BBQ joint. Good stuff. You come down here, and we'll go (on Goomba's card). Anyhoo, it seems that the proprietor of this little establishment, like most businesspeople here, likes Fox News. They had it on in our little dining room.

The Lord, ever mindful of showing His most wonderful sense of humor, sat the liberal women on the side of the table facing Fox News. Megyn Kendall was on ... ah, I heard her voice, and knowing that it irritated the liberal females ... all of whom are neither as pretty nor as smart ... it made me smile.

Then, they get mad at me for watching Fox. Funny.

Don't get mad at me that God exists.

June 28, 2010

Take some time, make a sandwich, pour a cold brew and learn how history repeats itself.

I've watched this and it has raised my spirits.

Go ahead. Give yourself a treat.

And thank God such men (and women) come along when they are needed.