May 9, 2014

The Abomination And The Beast

Some interesting ideas on who the Beast, the Anti-Christ, will be and how Solomon's Temple will be rebuilt.

Pray God you're no longer here when this hits the fan.

May 4, 2014

Cassette Resurrection

They're coming back. 
Back with a vengeance.
185 terabytes of vengeance.

Way down deep in your hearts, you always knew they would...

From Gizmodo:
Sony's technique, which will be discussed at today's International Magnetics Conference in Dresden, uses a vacuum-forming technique called sputter deposition to create a layer of magnetic crystals by shooting argon ions at a polymer film substrate. The crystals, measuring just 7.7 nanometers on average, pack together more densely than any other previous method.

The result: three Blu-Rays' worth of data can fit on one square inch of Sony's new wonder-tape.

Naturally, that kind of memory isn't going to go in the cassette deck on your ancient boom box any time soon. Sony developed the technology for long-term, industrial-sized data backup, a field where tape's slow write times and the time it takes to scroll through yards and yards of tape to find a single file aren't crippling problems.

It's Time For Impeachment

Hell, impeach them all, every lying, grandstanding, treasonous SOB.

Where are the survivors? What do they say about this?

Nevermind, I'll just bring the rope; there are trees aplenty in DC.