January 28, 2012

Obama Wars: The Birthers Revenge

The State of Georgia is examining claims that President Obama is not eligible to occupy the office to which he has been elected.  The National Patriot covers the action:
Promptly at 9am EST, all attorneys involved in the Obama Georgia eligibility case were called to the Judge’s chambers. This was indeed a very interesting beginning to this long awaited and important case.

The case revolved around the Natural Born clause of the Constitution and whether or not Obama qualifies under it to serve. More to the point, if found ineligible, Obama’s name would not appear on the 2012 ballot in Georgia.
Although served with a subpeona, Obama and his attorney never showed up.
Court records of Obama’s mother and father entered into evidence.

Official certificate of nomination of Obama entered into evidence.

RNC certificate of nomination entered into evidence.

DNC language does NOT include language stating Obama is Qualified while the RNC document DOES. This shows a direct difference trying to establish that the DNC MAY possibly have known that Obama was not qualified.
There was evidence submitted to the Court indicating that Obama's 1977 social security number is fraudulent and was actually issued to a person born in 1890. In addition, the system implemented by the US government and used by employers to verify social security numbers indicates that Obama's SSN is fradulent.
And there's a lot more, but of course it is not receiving much attention from the MSM.

Do These Wrist Ties Make My Ass Look Big?

Many of the "reporters" arrested at OWS sites apparently failed to understand the difference between reporting and demonstrating which lead to this. The political fracturing of our society continues in full force with amateurs joining the ranks of the advocacy journalists.

Also, just because you claim to be a reporter or journalist doesn't mean you really are - in the eyes of the police. Unless you got skin in the game it may be wise to steer clear of a furball in the streets.

January 26, 2012

Bang The Sippy Cup Slowly

(Reuters) - Six Americans working for publicly funded U.S. organizations promoting democracy in Egypt have been barred from leaving the country, provoking angry demands in Washington that Cairo's new military rulers stop "endangering American lives".

Among those hit by travel bans - one of those targeted called it "de facto detention" - is a son of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, as well as other foreign staffers of the International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute, officials at the two organizations said on Thursday.
Holding American citizens against their will is not good international form. But with a weak President sitting in the White House you can throw good form out the window as well as international law and anything else you don't care for. The Iranians learned this in 1979 when they received the Wrath of Jimmy Carter. In like fashion President Oboobooo will lower the tray on his high chair and slam his sippy cup.
The United States said Egypt should reverse them: "We are urging the government of Egypt to lift these restrictions immediately and allow these folks to come home as soon as possible," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said.

A month after police raided the Cairo offices of the IRI, NDI and eight other non-governmental organizations, it raises the stakes for Washington, which had already indicated it may review the $1.3 billion it gives the Egyptian military each year if the probe into alleged breaches of local regulations went on.
But don't you worry none. Obooboo has everything under control.

I have failed to make my point clear and for this I apologize to my readers.

There are all kinds of idiots on all sides of the political spectrum that, when they leave our shores, they do stupid things and get their asses in a jam in other countries.

My position is this:

1) I find it neither agreeable nor noble that US government assistance and support is provided only to those Americans whose political or social or religious views agree with any particular persuasion.

2) As a rising river raises all boats, a falling river does the same thing, only in reverse. A President that is internationally recognized to be both weak and ineffective endangers the safety of ALL Americans, both home and abroad.

My daughter was a student at the American University in Cairo in 2007-08 studying Arabic. She is now an Army Sgt. stationed at Fort Bragg; she is a Arab linguist and her MOS is signals intel. Suppose as a student she had done something similar to the kids above to piss off the Egyptians and ended up in the same mess?

Think about it, I have - a lot, she's kinda mouthy.

January 25, 2012

They're Watching You

The recent Supreme Court decision limiting GPS tracking without a search warrant is almost meaningless. With iPhones and Droids and other smart phones, the government does not need to slap a GPS device on your vehicle to figure out where you have been, where you are, where you're going and how long it took you to get there. All it takes is a subpeona to your cell phone service provider.

From the Scientific American:
Mobile phone service providers log the list of cell sites to which our cell phones connect throughout the day. Mobile apps, more than half a billion of which were downloaded in the U.S. during the last week of December alone, gather data on the usage patterns of our wireless devices. In addition, mobile apps often track device location to the accuracy of a specific residence or office building, undermining the oft-cited claim that the data gathered is not "personal." Much of this data is collected and then sold with our consent, in accordance with privacy policies that few of us read before accepting, to a complex ecosystem of mobile application providers and advertisers. License plate cameras record our automobile trips. When we walk into a store, restaurant, office building, or sit in a taxi, images of us are recorded and date-stamped.
I still remember the first 1 GB (gigabyte) drive I ever bought; it cost $197 at the computer show. Storage for digital files is now so cheap that there is almost no end to the information that can be stored and it will only get cheaper as the technology advances.

In the past it would have been impractical to archive all of this information. Not anymore. Retail hard drive costs are over one million times cheaper today than in the mid-1980's, and currently stand at roughly 5 cents per gigabyte. About $50 worth of storage can hold the information identifying the location of each of one million people to 4.5-meter accuracy at five-minute intervals, 24 hours a day for a full year. Data from video surveillance cameras is more voluminous, but storage cost trends are making it easier to archive that information as well.
In short, the government can track you and hang on to that information as long as it wants.

January 23, 2012

Low Hanging Fruit

The real reason why you shouldn't text while driving in Meriden, Connecticut:
In Meriden recently, police say officers received a text from an unknown sender, offering black market sale of Percoset tablets, the prescription combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. He notified the drug unit, continued communication with the texter, and set up a “buy.”

Police say the two people who showed up to sell the drugs grew suspicious, separated and tried to run, but police were able to take both into custody and seized 100 Percoset tablets.

I'll Have A Shot Of Hormuz, Strait Up

Escorted by US, Royal Navy and French warships, the USS Abraham Lincoln sailed through the Strait of Hormuz yesterday. Iran's threats to the contrary, there were no incidents.
Britain, America and France delivered a pointed signal to Iran, sending six warships led by a 100,000 ton aircraft carrier through the highly sensitive waters of the Strait of Hormuz.

This deployment defied explicit Iranian threats to close the waterway. It coincided with an escalation in the West's confrontation with Iran over the country's nuclear ambitions.

European Union foreign ministers are today expected to announce an embargo on Iranian oil exports, amounting to the most significant package of sanctions yet agreed. They are also likely to impose a partial freeze on assets held by the Iranian Central Bank in the EU.

This is not he first time Abe has been used to send a message.

Tehran has threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz in retaliation. Tankers carrying 17 million barrels of oil pass through this waterway every day, accounting for 35 per cent of the world's seaborne crude shipments. At its narrowest point, located between Iran and Oman, the Strait is only 21 miles wide.

Last month, Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, commander of the Iranian navy, claimed that closing the Strait would be "easy," adding: "As Iranians say, it will be easier than drinking a glass of water."

But USS Abraham Lincoln, a nuclear-powered carrier capable of embarking 90 aircraft, passed through this channel and entered the Gulf without incident yesterday. HMS Argyll, a Type 23 frigate from the Royal Navy, was one of the escort vessels making up the carrier battle-group. A guided missile cruiser and two destroyers from the US Navy completed the flotilla, along with one warship from the French navy.
I don't think the lesson of messin' with the US has been lost in that area of the world. We may be down to 250 or so ships, but the capabilities of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier are nothing to snear at.
[...]Another carrier, USS Carl Vinson, has been in the Gulf and the surrounding region for several months. Abraham Lincoln's arrival means a return to the two-carrier deployment that America has retained in the area for many years.

Each of these Nimitz class vessels carries a complement of fighter aircraft with more striking power than the entire Iranian air force. Their presence widens the options open to Western governments should Tehran attempt to retaliate for tighter sanctions by harassing international shipping lanes.
One would expect a certain amount of rational decision-making even from the likes of Iran's leadership.  Particularly when you stand to have a lot of your country's nice things all busted up if either skipper gets the notion to do so.

January 22, 2012

It's The Giants And The Pats

It's a rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl XLII, Brady v.Manning!


Got Brass?

The American Thinker has a Billy Kristol article on Newt Gingrich's reaction to the first question of last week's Presidential debate in South Carolina.
To that end the media has distorted the public's view in every way possible. My first experience of this was the treatment afforded Adlai Stevenson and Dwight Eisenhower, If you are old enough to remember -- or well read enough to have learned -- the American press pictured Adlai Stevenson as a brilliant man and Dwight Eisenhower, the head of the European Theater of Command, an historic and monumental achievement, as a bumbling idiot. It was only well after the election that we learned that Stevenson had flunked out of his first year at Harvard Law School and the school's Dean had locked those records of that fact away. This press generated dichotomy -- of Democrats smart, Republicans stupid -- continues to this day.

[...]Nevertheless the opening question by John King at the CNN sponsored Republican debate was an attempted "gotcha" on this interview.

This time, Newt fired back to repeated standing ovations by the audience and the admiration of those of us who have grown both tired and infuriated by the obvious media bias.
Newt has demonstrated that he will not be intimidated by the media and he will not accept their typical tar-and-feather treatment of anyone but an accepted liberal candidate. Newt showed that his set are made of brass.

And as for the cheap media whore, CNN's John King, wipe that nasty crap drooling out of your mouth and go get your $20 from the DNC.