August 26, 2017

Accessorize Your Concealed Carry

Accessories turn a few basic outfits into a smorgasbord of fashion, so why not do the same with your .380?
The National Rifle Association put on a concealed carry fashion show Friday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Models displayed offerings from 30 companies who make purses and gun holsters designed for quick access

In perhaps the most American form of haute couture - the National Rifle Association put on a concealed carry fashion show.

From purses to gun holsters, attendees of the gun ownership and self-defense convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin were treated to what the NRA said was the first-ever show of its kind.
Models displayed offerings from roughly 30 companies on Friday night, such as Femme Fatale and Man-Pack, whose products include corset holders and shoulder bags designed for quick gun access.
Ahead of the event NRA spokesman Jason Brown said: 'It's going to be really, really interesting to see all of these different products up on stage and modeled by people.'

Amanda Suffecool conceptualized the fashion show and the NRA worked with her to host it at the NRA Carry Guard Expo.

This is the first time the NRA had hosted such an event.

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August 24, 2017

75 Years Ago Today

I fear that for many young Americans the word "Guadalcanal" means nothing.
Guadalcanal is an island in the Solomons named after a village in the province of Seville, Spain. The island was named by the Spanish explorer Álvaro de Mendaña in 1568, for the village which was the birthplace for a member of Mendaña's expedition.

In 1942 this island was the scene for the beginning of the end of the Japanese Empire.
At Guadalcanal, the Empire of Japan lost two-thirds of their 31,000-plus army troops committed to the fight. Approximately 1,600 Americans were killed. Warship losses were roughly equal, but the Japanese would never equal American industrial ability to replace them and so felt the loses more significantly. Most devastating to the Japanese was the decimation of their elite naval aviators. From this, they would never recover. The most shocking of American losses was the over 5,000 U.S. sailors and Naval officers killed, a figure that easily surpassed the Navy’s accumulated losses in all her history.
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NOTE: Guadalcanal was a crucial victory as it is only a three hour flight from this island to Brisbane, Australia. Japanese airfields would have made transportation form the US to its ally very difficult.

August 23, 2017

US Navy "Bumper Cars"

Yesterday's remark about our navy playing bumper cars ... Vice Admiral John "Crash" Aucoin is going bye bye.

From Reuters:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Navy plans to remove from duty the commander of the fleet that has suffered four recent collisions in Asia and the deaths of a number of sailors, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, citing U.S. officials.

Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin, the three-star commander of the U.S. Seventh Fleet based in Yokosuka, Japan, will be relieved of command on Wednesday in connection with four collisions since January, including two involving fatalities, two U.S. officials said, according to the Journal. It said Navy officials declined to comment.

August 22, 2017

Okay, I'm Back

It's been almost ten weeks now. Just didn't feel like posting. Really ... I still don't. Too depressing to go into the news. It's like the America Mass Media has dropped it's draws and shown the world its ass. Fox News, go to bed. You throw a babe on the screen with nice teeth and tatas to read your crap and we're supposed to believe them.

 It's One America News from now on.

Idiots running amok in the streets and the police standing around with their thumbs permanently inserted up their - you know. When is the head busting and teeth bashing going to start?

American warships have been turned into bumper cars.

Obama's administration is like a curse that must be exorcised, ObamaCare ain't going away soon it seems despite what the lying RINOs have been promising for seven years..

There haven't been any additions to the US Border Patrol staffing but at least the flood has been diminished.

Europe is falling apart, piss on 'em. They should have known better than to let those savages in.

But I did like Trump's address last night. We are finally on a true war footing. I would like to see how the ROE have changed also. Killing assholes, busting their stuff and preventing resupply/recruitment is great strategery.

I rediscovered Twitter but that's just as goofy as anything else.

So here's what I did.
I am Mom's executor so I am putting together her estate. Fortunately we liquidated almost all of of her assets before she passed so there isn't much to probate. Last month we buried her ashes with Dad in the Calverton National Cemetery on eastern Long Island.

Then the next week the wife and I were up to Raquette Lake in the Adirondacks and I went fishing every day. Didn't catch much but don't care. My daughter and SIL also spent the week at another cabin close by. Our oldest daughter and her kids also dropped by and spent a day and night with us.

I have bought two new fishing rods/reels, some tasty lures and got a new tackle box for Father's Day. The old box  (25+ years old) smelled like nasty feet. I should get my collapsible rod in the mail today. I haven't done much fishing in a long time and got a lot of catching up to do.

I have been taking my 7 yr old grandson fishing. He's turned into a fanatic. I just wish he'd stop talking for ten minutes, but fishing and juice boxes do go well together. I wear my San Angelo TX cowboy hat when I fish.

There are huge carp in Onondaga Lake and I wanna get one. They pulled a 47 pounder out a few years ago. This October there is a carp contest on the lake that draws international attention. I have been thinking of getting a small boat but there's no where to store it on our property. Still, I am cruising Craig'sList and other boat sale sites. Maybe my SIL will let me keep it on the side of his house... End of fishing stuff.

I finally fixed the water damage to our bedroom ceiling. Had to cut out a large section but it looks great. Now to repaint all the bedrooms and install carpeting for our new bedroom set. We're thinking of selling the house and getting something smaller. We have a three story, 4 bedroom house, 3000 square feet heated, located on a steep hill and I'm not getting any younger.

We're not sure about leaving NY. We love our church and all our friends and grandkids are here. Thinking about building an in-law apt or add-on when the middle daughter buys a house, then getting something very small in NC. Decisions, decisions.

Army girl is now in Germany for six weeks. Thank God, we thought she was going to Iraq but her bosses changed her assignment. She loves her work in the KNG but the 8 hour drive to Lexington once a month is hard. Our youngest daughter leaves for Paris in late September to do a jewelery show for her boss. I've warned her to stay with lots of sane people because Paris is full of savages who should have stayed in their third world shitholes.

Just before we left MD in mid June I was going through some of Mom's stuff before it goes to Goodwill and I found my Dad's old wooden shoe shine box. Starting when I was about 10 years old he would have me shine his shoes for work every evening after dinner. That was almost 60 years ago. For some stupid reason I have been thinking about that box for decades, ever since he died in 1990. It still has polish and his brushes in it. Mom kept it with her. I got it now in my bedroom.

That's all for now. Thanks for sticking with me!