February 13, 2018

Grateful That It Wasn't Worse

We got home from the hospital this afternoon... exhausted. Yesterday (Monday) I had to undergo a hastily scheduled surgery on my replacement shoulder after my surgeon thought there could be an infection. And there was.

The original 8" incision had to be cut open again and the infected tissue removed. By the grace of God the infection did not get into the metal joint as it would have necessitated the complete removal of the new joint, the insertion of a "spacer"and a six week regime of IV administered antibiotics. My wife, bless her, stayed with me through a sleepless night. There were some other complications but things got sorted out and I was finally able to be discharged with prescriptions for oral antibiotics and painkillers.

So I am back in a sling and unable to drive again for about 10 days but I am very happy with that given the alternatives.

Still, all in all, it's been a rough four months...