July 16, 2016

Ass, Flashlight, Hot Poker ... Assembly required

The FBI has become so politicized it can't find its own ass in the dark with a flashlight and a hot poker.

They're still trying to find another motive for the Orlando Pulse slaughter.
The autopsy of the gunman who massacred 49 people in a Florida nightclub attack last month revealed he was HIV-negative and likely a long-term user of steroids, two U.S. law enforcement officials said.

The revelation comes as FBI agents continue to scour the background of Omar Mateen for clues as to why he launched his June 12 rampage at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

The 29-year-old had became radicalized in recent years, FBI officials have said, and pledged allegiance to Islamic State militants during his attack.

Federal investigators are not sure if steroids played a role in the shooting. A medical examiner found evidence of physical changes to Mateen’s body that were consistent with long-term steroid use, the officials said, and is seeking to confirm that assessment through further testing.
Sounds like the FBI is trying to hang the Schwarzenegger defense on Omar. They might be creating a public service advertisement warning people that, "This is your brain, this is your brain on steroids murdering scores of people and screaming Allah Akbar."

Allah forbid that the Religion of Piece be found at fault. The FBI investigated this mook for nearly a year and diddin doo nuffin.
In interviews with The Times, senior FBI officials provided new details of their early focus on Mateen and some of the lessons they have drawn as the FBI assesses and tracks more than 1,000 suspected extremists across the country.

The 10-month probe remains one of the enduring and frustrating mysteries of Mateen’s deadly rampage at the Pulse nightclub.

The day after the attack, FBI Director James B. Comey broadly outlined the 2013-2014 investigation to reporters. He staunchly defended the bureau, saying he didn’t “see anything in reviewing our work that our agents should have done differently.” [emphasis mine~sig94]

[...]The senior FBI official said agents could have been more aggressive in accessing Mateen’s social media accounts, including Facebook. But the official noted that in 2013 such checks of online posts were not yet routine or “part of our investigative DNA.”
Someone better send Comey a map so he can find his ass.

July 15, 2016

One In A Billion

In an armed robbery attempt, Jahlil Meshesha was pointing his gun at off-duty Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Jose Ramon Marquez. 

Deputy Ramon fired his .45 and put the bullet right down the barrel of Meshesha's pistol, jamming it.

What are the odds? I think 1,000,00000 to 1 are too low.

Story here.

France Under Attack ... Again

It is very difficult to fault the citizens of an ally when their country is run by fools. The citizens of France deserve better. Their leaders permitted them to be overrun by brutish 7th century animals and now that the savage Muslim population has reached the tipping point, France is paying the price. 

Of course it is Jean-Paul six pack who is suffering the consequences and not the political elites who are protected by armed security. 

For the life of me I cannot understand the false reasoning that would allow an entire continent to commit suicide. As in America's border crisis, this must be fueled by financial considerations. I see how American businesses are using the massive influx of unskilled workers to reduce wages (of course they get tax breaks while the tax payers foot the bill for illegal aliens welfare benefits), but how are Europe's elites profiting from this invasion?

And off I go into another rabbit hole...

Replace the German "Die Wacht am Rhein"  from Casa Blanca with  the Muslim call for prayer.

Perhaps France is prepping for another bloody revolution, and speaking of bloody revolutions, France is not unacquainted with the notion:
La Marseillaise” was written and composed by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle, captain in the Engineering corps garrisoned in Strasbourg during the night of 24 to 25 April 1792 at the behest of the city’s mayor, Baron de Dietrich. The song, originally entitled Hymne de Guerre Dédié au Maréchal de Luckner, became known as Chant de Guerre pour l’Armée du Rhin when it was adopted as the marching song of the National Guard of Marseille. The Marseille troops were singing it as they entered Paris on 30 July 1792, and the Parisians dubbed it the Marseillaise. The anthem is probably the first example of the “European march” style of anthem.
Islam's imposition of a tax on infidels ( jiya) on subject populations is already showing up in British prisons. Parisians may be singing "La Marseillaise" pretty soon in response to Islam's enslavement of unbelievers.

La Marseillaise's English translation.
Let's go children of the fatherland,
The day of glory has arrived!
Against us tyranny's
Bloody flag is raised! (repeat)
In the countryside, do you hear
The roaring of these fierce soldiers?
They come right to our arms
To slit the throats of our sons, our friends!

Grab your weapons, citizens!
Form your batallions!
Let us march! Let us march!
May impure blood
Water our fields!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This horde of slaves, traitors, plotting kings,
What do they want?
For whom these vile shackles,
These long-prepared irons? (repeat)
Frenchmen, for us, oh! what an insult!
What emotions that must excite!
It is us that they dare to consider
Returning to ancient slavery!

What! These foreign troops
Would make laws in our home!
What! These mercenary phalanxes
Would bring down our proud warriors! (repeat)
Good Lord! By chained hands
Our brows would bend beneath the yoke!
Vile despots would become
The masters of our fate!

Tremble, tyrants! and you, traitors,
The disgrace of all groups,
Tremble! Your parricidal plans
Will finally pay the price! (repeat)
Everyone is a soldier to fight you,
If they fall, our young heros,
France will make more,
Ready to battle you!

Frenchmen, as magnanimous warriors,
Bear or hold back your blows!
Spare these sad victims,
Regretfully arming against us. (repeat)
But not these bloodthirsty despots,
But not these accomplices of Bouillé,
All of these animals who, without pity,
Tear their mother's breast to pieces!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sacred love of France,
Lead, support our avenging arms!
Liberty, beloved Liberty,
Fight with your defenders! (repeat)
Under our flags, let victory
Hasten to your manly tones!
May your dying enemies
See your triumph and our glory!


We will enter the pit
When our elders are no longer there;
There, we will find their dust
And the traces of their virtues. (repeat)
Much less eager to outlive them
Than to share their casket,
We will have the sublime pride
Of avenging them or following them!

July 10, 2016

I Like Thiis General As VP

From the NY Post:
Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who is reportedly being vetted by Donald Trump as a potential running mate, was fired as head of the ­Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in the winter of 2014 after three decades in the military. Here he tells the real story of his departure from his post and why America is not getting any closer to winning the war on terror.
He was fired because he wants to defeat the forces of radical Islam and he doesn't beat about the bush concerning the danger these murderous radicals present.

This is an excellent read and I hope Trump is serious about considering him for the VP slot.