April 18, 2015

Send In The Clowns - Right Now

I doubt they were hitting them with water balloons and squirting flowers.
Clowns brawled with animal rights protesters under a circus big top in San Bernardino Friday night, witnesses say.

Hundreds of spectators watched the fight break out when workers allegedly tried to stop the activists from forcing their way inside after the Ramos Bros. Circus show began.

Two protestors were arrested following the melee, while two circus employees were injured when the fight broke out at 8:08 p.m., according to a San Bernardino Police Department spokesman.
Story here.

In The News

I looked at the UK Daily Mail this morning and gave up on the human race.
Will Smith's son, Jada,  wears a dress and sticks flowers on his screwed up head. He'll be starring on the "America Got Buggered" show soon.

Hollywood beauty Olivia Wilde shows off her prime bewbs by breast feeding her nekked son in a public restaurant/diner/Burger King whatever. Kid looks like he would like a hamburger and then take a dump on his mom's Christian Dior dress.

Crazed ESPN bitch reporter gets snotty when her car gets towed and now blah blah blah bullshit what she says what she does who cares shut up.

Kim Kardashian's ass is everywhere! It was on the side of my box of cereal this morning! I understand it'll soon be replacing Andy Jackson on the US $20 bill.

Waste Of Time

The discussions over how to humanely put a convicted murderer away have gotten out of hand. If you do it quickly enough the condemned feels no pain.

All this drug and gas crap where you have to wait twenty minutes to see if the perp is still breathing... *sigh*.
And if he still is, then what?
Hit him with a shovel?
Suffocate him with an Execution Pillow?
*Medium density filler, do not remove tag under penalty of law unless you are the consumer.*

From the WaPo:
Oklahoma adopted a new backup method of execution Friday, making nitrogen gas the way it will execute inmates if lethal injection cannot be utilized.

Gov. Mary Fallin (R) signed the law Friday, less than two weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear a case challenging the way lethal injections are carried out in Oklahoma.

This change makes Oklahoma the third state over the last year to substantially alter its methods of execution amid an ongoing shortage of lethal injection drugs. However, the two other states to change their execution protocols expanded the use of backup options that were already in place: Utah made firing squads the default alternative last month, while Tennessee did the same thing with the electric chair; both methods had been available for some inmates, depending on when they were sentenced.

As the drug shortage has persisted in recent years, states with capital punishment have considered reviving older methods, but most of these suggestions have gone nowhere. Unlike the laws in Utah and Tennessee, the new Oklahoma law is the first time a state has added a method that was not already on the books.
Here's my suggestion if the execution needs to occur within a correctional facility:
  1. Take a small, secure room (no larger than  10' X 10') with a drain in the center; allow for a quarter bubble slope from the walls to the drain. Drain aperture should allow for passage of hair, small pieces of bone and brain tissue. 
  2. Line the walls with waterproofed sandbags.
  3. Cut a gun port in one of the walls approximately 12" X 12".
  4. Place an execution chair in front of the gun port, facing away, no more than 8" from the port.
  5. Shave the back of the condemned's head, use Magic Marker to make bull's eye just over the brain stem.
  6. Strap the condemned to the chair, close the door.
  7. Sometime during the next half hour an executioner (think state lottery here) walks up to the port and shoots the condemned in the medulla.
  8. Remove the body.
  9. Hose down the walls, let dry.
  10. Plug any holes in the sandbags with Gorilla Tape™.
If state law allows the execution to take place in an outdoor setting (see Utah), ignore steps #1 - #6 and #8 - #10 and increase the state lottery to five winners.

April 17, 2015

Are They Feeling Safe Yet?

It's nice to have lots and lots of cops.

Professional, polite, athletic, well-groomed, well-trained and disciplined - egad - we're a pleasure to have around.

From the UK Guardian:
Oakley, Michigan, is not a hotbed of crime. But if that should change, it seems well placed to cope, because the village is believed to have a police force numbering almost 150 people, or one officer for every two residents.

One, Robert James Ritchie, does not live in Oakley. A Detroit-area native better known as the rapper Kid Rock, he applied to join the village’s small army of reserve police officers, according to an attorney, along with many prominent Michigan professionals and businesspeople and a football player for the Miami Dolphins.

“A small blip on the map, the little village of Oakley, with less than 300 residents, has got dozens and dozens of no-show secret police officers,” said Philip Ellison, a lawyer who is representing the family who own Oakley’s tavern in lawsuits attempting to force transparency from village leaders about the scheme.
HALT! Or I'll bling you!
Ellison said the singer was one of the names on a document released to him which he is not allowed to make public in full.

“None of the reservists, with the exception of one, live within an hour and a half of the village of Oakley,” said Ellison. He and others say the police force is in effect running a “pay to play” scheme with parallels to the controversy in Tulsa, Oklahoma that erupted after a wealthy white 73-year-old reserve deputy with close links to the sheriff shot dead a black man during a botched sting operation after apparently mistaking his gun for his Taser.
This mindset is alien to me. This village participates in some kind of egotistical, role playing, masturbatory exercise. Wearing a badge and gun is no way to get your jollies.

After 24 years as a cop I couldn't wait to get out. I was sick of the petty politics (external and internal) and the number of mindless Satan's minions that clog our courts and prisons. Add to that the lawsuit happy attorneys desperate to second guess every decision you make and the liberal media hoping, praying that you screw up. And even if you did the right thing, they're more than happy to scream to the heavens that you didn't.

Having said that, it is a honorable profession that needs honorable people. Pinning a badge to your chest does not make you honorable. That happens prior to taking the oath and should be a primary concern when selecting potential recruits. Matters of sex and race, political affiliation, ethnic background - none of it should enter into the equation.

IMHO, the first recorded crime was homicide, not prostitution: we are the oldest profession.

Events In Ukraine Continue

Just because it has calmed down somewhat in Ukraine doesn't mean that we can now ignore the chance of more mayhem. Things are still brewing. From the UK Telegraph:

A former Ukraine deputy was shot dead in Kiev on Wednesday, the fourth ally of ousted pro-Moscow ex-president Viktor Yanukovych to die in suspicious circumstances in the past two months.

The body of Oleg Kalashnikov was found at his home on Wednesday evening, the interior ministry said in a statement.
More fighting:
Dutch-led investigators hope to retrieve the remains of the final two victims of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 disaster, after the frontline finally moved away from a battlefield where part of the airliner crashed nine months ago.

The announcement comes amid the most serious upsurge of fighting in the Ukraine conflict since a shaky ceasefire came into force in February.

At least two Ukrainian servicemen were wounded and one killed in fighting in the past 24 hours, a government spokesman said on Wednesday.

Both sides have accused one another of stepping up attacks at key flash points in the past week.
The latest violence comes after an OSCE monitoring mission and several journalists were caught up in fighting in the frontline village of Shirokino on Tuesday.
The Forecast: Even more fighting?
The US fears that Moscow and pro-Russian separatists will reignite the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine following a February ceasefire that has largely held, a US diplomat warned on Wednesday. 
"Russia can reignite the conflict at any time of its choosing," the senior State Department official told journalists.

[..]"Obviously there has been a dramatic decline in the level of violence," the diplomat said, but added that "there has not been a shift in Russia's strategic direction. Russia continues to send equipment across the border."

"We now know that the ceasefire after the first Minsk agreement (in September) was used by the Russians to run a very large 'train and equip' program," the diplomat said.

Sounds Good To Me, Ma'am

I do the same thing when I sit down for breakfast - I eat fast before I forget what I'm eating..

And One Party To Rule Them All

I was raised on Long Island, NY, and have plenty of great memories of Merrick, East Meadow and Smithtown. My mom still lives in Suffolk County. My dad was a rock rib Republican so I was a little dismayed, but not surprised, when I read that the feds are investigating just about every state politician who is a Republican on the Island.

Of course the facts that there are Democrats in the White House and the Governor's Office and the feds are leading the charge doesn't mean a thing *cough*.
Nassau County’s highest-ranking official and nearly all of Long Island’s state senators have been subpoenaed as part of a federal grand-jury probe targeting state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and his son, sources told The Post on Thursday.

County Executive Ed Mangano, a fellow Republican, appeared before the secret panel last week and was asked about various contracts signed by the county, said a government source briefed on the case.
Eight of Long Island’s nine state senators — all Republicans — also were issued subpoenas directing them to cough up documents, NY1 reported. Skelos, the ninth senator, has yet to be subpoenaed, sources said.

Skelos is under investigation in connection with a $12 million deal for a stormwater-treatment system that Nassau’s Department of Public Works inked in 2013 with a money-losing Arizona company, despite having received a lower bid from a rival firm, according to The New York Times.
Not that the Republicans aren't dirty - after all it is Nassau County we're talking about - but when only one political party is targeted, my bullshit detector gets all jiggy.

Story here.

April 15, 2015

Locusts To The Rescue

From the Office of Naval Research:
NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — A new era in autonomy and unmanned systems for naval operations is on the horizon, as officials at the Office of Naval Research (ONR) announced today recent technology demonstrations of swarming unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — part of the Low-Cost UAV Swarming Technology (LOCUST) program.

LOCUST can launch swarming UAVs to autonomously overwhelm an adversary. The deployment of UAV swarms will provide Sailors and Marines a decisive tactical advantage.

“The recent demonstrations are an important step on the way to the 2016 ship-based demonstration of 30 rapidly launched autonomous, swarming UAVs,” said ONR program manager Lee Mastroianni.

The LOCUST program includes a tube-based launcher that can send UAVs into the air in rapid succession. The breakthrough technology then utilizes information-sharing between the UAVs, enabling autonomous collaborative behavior in either defensive or offensive missions.

Since the launcher and the UAVs themselves have a small footprint, the technology enables swarms of compact UAVs to take off from ships, tactical vehicles, aircraft or other unmanned platforms.

Herr Hillary

We must stop thinking of America's slide into socialism as inevitable. Society's needs are determined by individuals, not the other way around.

April 14, 2015

Feel Good Video Of The Day

An ISIS suicide bomber gets blown up by a roadside IED while driving his explosives-laden vehicle against a Kurdish site.  Then while in the air from the first explosion, his vehicle detonates resulting in an extraordinarily satisfying viewing experience.

The video is here.

Ba da bing...

Ba da boom...

I laughed.
I cried.

It became a part of me.

April 13, 2015

Spending Like A Drunken Liberal - Other People's Money

Once again the thug stuck his paws into the cookie jar. Did I say thug? Pardon me, I meant incompetent thug.

NY Gov. Andrew "Bite Me" Cuomo just pissed away tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to create less than 80 jobs.
You’ve seen Andrew Cuomo’s TV commercials, the ones that say, “The new New York is open. Open to innovation. Open to ambition. Open to bold ideas.” The spot is promoting the Start-Up NY program.

Now the results are starting to come in: 76 jobs so far.

In the entire state. From a program that has spent $28 million advertising its own existence.

That’s $368,000 per job.

Start-Up NY sounds great on its face. It’s a tax cut. Who could argue with that? The problem is that it’s a very, very narrow tax cut. It’s only for certain kinds of businesses that do certain kinds of things in certain areas of the state. Surprise: It’s had very narrow effects.
We'll need to get a list of Cuomo's friends who have benefited from this. 
The program is little more than a gimmick which seeks to mask New York’s status as one of the worst business environments and high tax quagmires in the nation. In order to make things look a bit less horrible than they are, the program offers a discount tax rate to new businesses and a variety of other investment incentives. The main problem with this scheme is that these benefits are very much temporary, and assuming your business does manage to somehow survive for a few years you are lumped right back in with everyone else after that and pay the crippling state rate. Further, the smaller communities which “benefit” from these programs see only a handful of jobs out of it (as noted above) while having to make up the shortfall in their local budgets by taxing the residents all the harder.

April 12, 2015

This Is What Hillary Did To Ambassador Stevens


CLEVELAND (AP) -- Zoo officials in Cleveland say a woman was dangling her 2-year-old son over a railing when he fell about 10 feet into a cheetah exhibit.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo says the toddler's parents jumped in and pulled him to safety Saturday afternoon.

The zoo's executive director says the cheetahs didn't go toward the boy or his parents and that several eyewitnesses saw the woman holding the child over the railing.

Zoo officials say the boy hurt his leg in the fall. Cleveland Fire Department spokesman Larry Gray says the toddler was treated for bumps and bruises at a hospital.
What's the difference between dangling a child over a pit full of wild animal predators at the Cleveland Zoo and dangling a queer over a pit full of wild radical Muslims at the  Benghazi Zoo?

Can somebody tell me? Anybody?

Once Again The Media Hyperventilates

Q: Why is the cop's pant leg rolled up?
A: Because because the idiot perp shot him with the officer's Taser.

There's a lot more to the shooting of Walter Scott but you wouldn't know that from the limited information the media supplies.

From The Conservative Treehouse:
On the first day we saw the North Charleston, South Carolina, shooting video of Walter Scott by Officer Michael Slager we were as shocked as everyone. However, as research now indicates there is much more to the story.
As we have heard, "In war the first victim is truth." The liberal media is at war with conservatives and has been for decades.

There is no lie too small that they will not hysterically bleat to the world, nor any truth so large that they will not bury it.
The South Carolina Walter Scott shooting -by Police Officer Michael Slager- is absolutely filled with intentionally missing elements in an effort by ALL INTERESTED PARTIES to sell a narrative useful for their purposes.

What does that mean? It means this is not just a legal issue; it means the shooting is being manipulated for a political benefit; it means the substance in the media reports are there to sell a purposeful narrative from one singular perspective.

EXAMPLE: All of the police officers initial incident reports have been released, except Officer Slager.

Why omit Officer Slager’s statement?

Perhaps missing because that only way the narrative sellers can claim discrepancies, ie. “lies” in the Slager report. That’s how you embed a belief in the public when the truth is divergent. Promote the lie, hide the inconvenient truth. Then, eventually, when the truth comes out, the lie has already embedded – “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”…

And, yes, the victim was administered first aid at the scene, just as the police said.