November 11, 2011

For Our Vets

In these challenging times it is so difficult to put into words the deep appreciation we feel for the service rendered by our volunteer armed forces; those who have served and those who currently are wearing the uniform.

May God bless everyone of you.

November 10, 2011

We know it, they know it

What's more, they know we know that they know we know. That's why everything is in such a hurried mess. Still with me? Good.

The European Union was always meant to be a superstate; the world was always meant to be divided up along geographical lines - the men left standing would be the rulers. It's just a game of chess based on the old colonial patterns: divide and conquer, a bit of subversion here and a little more there with a few sweeties thrown in.

As predicted by many people, ever since the Lisbon Treaty was ratified by the twenty-seven member states of the EU, things have rocketed along; new competences have been claimed and sovereignties seceded.

What's happening in America isn't happening in isolation; Agenda 21 and the climate change ecomentalists don't just lobby in your country - the b@st@rds are everywhere. Our own political class in the UK is riddled with them and since they're in situ for life, our own elected MPs have very little say in policy. They can try to change things but usually meet a brick wall, head-on. It isn't beyond the wit of our Civil Service to engineer the downfall of an MP who goes against the accepted direction. I suspect it's the same for you.

The big problem is that there's a gulf between the electorate and the elected. Once they're in office (though they prefer the term 'power') most of them are absorbed by the unelected Borg, the relentless machine of global governance. If we're serious about changing what currently passes for democracy, we have a big fight on our hands. Not only do we fight between ourselves (left/right; republican/democrat) but our politicians fight against civil servants. We need to choose our ground carefully and not be rail-roaded by the msm or political rhetoric.

It goes against the grain, I know, but I believe that many of those protesters camping out around the world do speak for us: they rail against the banks, the bonuses, the taxpayer-funding, the cuts in services, the homeless, the jobless.  My question is: Who do we fight first? The government, or those with a different opinion to us?  Check out The Frankfurt School if you haven't already done so.  As you complain about Obama appropriating Executive orders to himself so do we in England worry about our 1689 Bill of Rights and our Magna Carta being undermined and re-written surreptitiously.

In the meantime, Italy is following Greece down the pan and unelected europhile technocrats are being parachuted in by the EU to act as Prime Ministers in European countries with a view to overseeing economic competence. A silent coup is taking place but, despite the protests, the people still haven't realised what it really means.

I'm glad that the euro is under a concerted attack by the markets, and I'm not naive - I know that we will all experience a great deal of pain if economies collapse. I don't mind suffering pain for something worthwhile but global governance isn't on my list. It's about time the people saw the rabbit:

My thanks to Sig94 for letting me post this after I've been absent for so long.

November 9, 2011

Peek-A-Boo, The Grand Jury Sees You!

They say you can't see the Obama for the trees.
 I say they're full of crap.

The Affaire Solyndra may just be the final crack in Obama's media armor. Perhaps the stench is getting to them. In any event, this is a good thing.

From the WashTimes:
Solyndra probe sheds light on its relationship with White House
New developments in the congressional probe into failed solar panel maker Solyndra LLC shed light on what Republicans are calling the close relationship between the White House and an Oklahoma billionaire donor whose foundation was deeply invested in the company.

Pressing the White House to release documents in response to a recent congressional subpoena, leaders on the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday questioned the notion that no political influence played a role in more than a half billion dollars in government loans awarded to Solyndra.

The company went bankrupt in September, just two years after winning a $535 million loan guarantee package from the Department of Energy (DOE). Its investors included the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Mr. Kaiser was a big fundraiser for Mr. Obama in 2008.

Among a batch of new records released Wednesday, an email from Ken Levit, executive director of the foundation, to Steve Mitchell, who served on Solyndra’s board, laid bare the extent of the enthusiasm for the project inside the White House.

“They about had an orgasm in Biden’s office when we mentioned Solyndra,” the Feb. 27, 2010, email read.
And that was the last orgasm that Biden enjoyed without the assistance of a 10 year old Haitian girl and an albino donkey named Maurice.

 Now Sixty Minutes is preparing a piece on Polosi's machinations regarding legislation that could have affected her husband's investments.

 We'll see how far this all goes. I suspect a media powder puff attack piece on all of this.

What more can a man do?

November 7, 2011

Just How Far Can We Trust Our Muslim "Allies?"

A decent,competent military commander has been relieved from duty because he contradicted the insane ramblings of a puppet president. From the Telegraph:
President Obama’s policy of appeasing Islamic dictators has resulted in another setback for the United States and its allies. On Friday, on the orders of the US government, Major General Peter Fuller, deputy commander of the NATO mission to train the Afghani forces, was removed from his post. Fuller’s crime: telling the truth about a serious problem for NATO forces in Afghanistan.

In a press interview last week, Fuller responded to Afghan president Hamid Karzai’s recent statement that he would readily join with Pakistan in a war with the United States if he had to choose sides. This is not the first time Karzai has publicly made virulent anti-American statements. On several occasions he has accused the Americans of bombing innocent Afghan civilians – accusations later proven to be completely false.

Hamid Karzai owes his position as president of Afghanistan to the sacrifice of thousands of US lives and billions of US dollars to prop up him and his regime. The UK and NATO allies have also contributed lives and blood in the objective to build a moderate and stable Afghan government. And America has loyally supported Karzai at every step. It refrained from challenging an obviously rigged presidential election and has long looked away from the behavior of Karzai’s incredibly corrupt and incompetent regime.
For someone of Karzai's stature to make a statement like that is beyond the pale. You would think that the hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars that go to subsidize Afghanistan (actually over a trillion now) would give Karzai pause before saying something like this. More than anything else it reveals the mindset of a Muslim leader who is nominally a critical ally but may actually be something quite different. How many more of our Muslim allies are likely to follow in Karzai's shoes when the chips are down.

IMHO - All of them.

Finally, a US general responded with the mild comment that the political leaders in Kabul were “isolated from reality”. This was enough to end the career of a capable officer. However, for those who know Afghanistan, Fuller’s comment highlighted a crucial question: is Hamid Karzai is mentally unstable?

For some time Karzai’s behaviour has provided plenty of evidence that he is thoroughly unhinged. The interpretation that he is simply crazy is the kindest possible one. The other possibility is that he truly despises the people who fight and die for him, and would sell the US, NATO, and many of his own people out for a political settlement with Pakistan and the Taliban that would leave him in power. This a strategic dilemma that cannot be ignored. Firing the messenger is no solution.
Firing the messenger is a solution if your understanding of the problem is based from a vantage point midway up your colon.

November 6, 2011

Because You'd Squeal, Dummies!

U.S. officials are concerned that Israel will not warn them before taking military action against Iran's nuclear facilities, a senior U.S. military official said Friday.

The official, who asked to remain anonymous, told the CNN network that although in the past, U.S. officials thought they would receive warning from Israel if it did take military action against Iran, "now that doesn't seem so ironclad."

Israel shouldn't say a word because the Obama administration can not be trusted to keep their mouths shut. Iran would have the word within five minutes or less. If Israel is smart, she'll give Obama bogus info and use the US to mess with the Iranian's defense plans ... if she hasn't had the sense to be doing that already.

Yeah, right. Mum's the word.