September 1, 2016

Pray For Trump

Okay, I'm a pessimist. I admit it.

I don't think the oligarchy that rules America will allow Trump to live if he is elected President.

They're fighting like hell to keep him out of the White House and with only 68 days before the election they're getting desperate. If Trump holds true to his election promises, he will start to tear down some of the supporting structures that keep America's elites in their positions of power.

What in the world inspired them to nominate a dead horse like Hillary? Did they really think that they could force feed this harpy on the American people? Are they that arrogant? If they are, it's because after eight years of Obama they feel their position is unassailable, nothing can touch them. They own the networks, through grants and entitlement programs they have established an army of syncopates and Congress is nothing but a greedy, grasping fraternity of old white men and bitter blacks.

Of course Obama was not the architect. He  lacks the intelligence, creativity and work ethic to see it through. He simply took orders. This work has been in progress for decades and now the oligarchy senses that the socialist machinery they have constructed is about to have a Trump wrench thrown into the gears, the gears that depend upon dependable, reliable election results...

The UK Daily Mail listed Trump's plans on how he intends to address illegal (criminal) immigration.
  1. Trump's signature issue: 'We will build a great wall along the southern border. And Mexico will pay for the wall.'
  2. A pledge to begin deporting more border-crossers instead of engaging them in long, drawn-out legal proceedings: 'We're going to end catch-and-release.'
  3. 'Zero tolerance for criminal aliens,' and a promise to deport 'illegal immigrants who are arrested for any crime whatsoever.'
  4. Trump would 'block funding for sanctuary cities' that refuse to turn over criminal aliens to the federal government for deportation.
  5. 'Cancel unconstitutional executive orders' – a code for President Obama's 'deferred action' orders that protect an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants and their family members from deportation.
  6. Trump would 'suspend the issuance of visas' to people from countries 'where adequate screening cannot occur,' including 'places like Syria and Libya.'
  7. Unspecified action against the 23 countries that refuse to accept their own citizens after the U.S. deports them.
  8. A 'biometric entry-exit visa tracking system' like one that Congress has demanded, a system that would help authorities identify and remove the half-million visa holders who stay longer than allowed each year.
  9. A strict use of the 'e-verify' employment system in order to 'turn off the jobs and benefits magnet' that lures foreigners into the U.S.
  10. The formation of an 'immigration commission' that would change the criteria for entering the U.S., selecting immigrants 'based on their likelihood of success in U.S. society, and their ability to be financially self-sufficient.'
The current immigration crisis is the pièce de résistance of the oligarchy's efforts to control elections and ensure the continuance of compliant puppetry in the government. In order to do this they have destroyed America's educational system (no critical thinking allowed), constructed a permanent, dependent underclass and nurtured the growth of a corrupt, mega-corporate culture - both of which rely on a steady stream of tax payer largesse.

I pray that Trump wins the election and survives the aftermath.


Doom said...

I think the real risk, if an assassination is to take place, is before the election. Either one of them, hillarity or him, if they are shot zero might try to keep the presidency. Oh, there would be a rash down the pipe, but look what he has gotten away with so far. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if he offs the cow to stay in. More likely mike, his wife, would do it. She is the one with the balls in the family.

If he makes it to office, killing him would... be a huge mistake. What he would be replaced with would... be really harsh. Yeah, the only way is if either of them are murdered before the election. Then all bets about almost anything are off. Might just skip to civil war. I think they know that and are really counting beans to see if it is worth it.

sig94 said...

Doom - Interesting time = Chinese curse.
Make that a Clinton curse.

deb harvey said...

i also think that trump is taking his life in his hands.