August 8, 2009

A judge telling the truth about immigration? Take him to the cells!

Richard Littlejohn of the MailOnline reports than some small degree of sanity may be seeping into British society.
Warming to his theme, the judge added: "In the past ten years the national debt of this country has risen to extraordinary heights, largely because central government has wasted billions and billions of pounds. Much of that has been wasted on welfare payments."
Sentencing a Jamaican drugs dealer to two years in jail, Judge Ian Trigger told him: 'Your case illustrates all too clearly the completely lax immigration policy that exists in this country.

'People like you - and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people like you - come to these shores from foreign countries to avail themselves of the generous welfare benefits that exist here.'

Lucien McClearley was arrested by police in Liverpool after bags of cannabis were found in a stolen car he was driving. A subsequent search of his house uncovered a further stash worth £7,200, a gram of cocaine and a fake passport.

As the judge correctly observed, 31-year old McClearley's case is a classic example of Britain's chaotic immigration system. It not only illustrates the deliberate dismantling of border controls by Labour, but also the near impossibility of deporting anyone who is in the country illegally.

McClearley came here in 2001 on a tourist visa. He was arrested the following October after his visa ran out.

Following his detention, he then played his Joker - the ubiquitous Get Out Of Jail Free card which has allowed countless foreign nationals with no legitimate claim to be here to live in Britain indefinitely.

He applied for asylum and was immediately released. It took a further two years for a decision on his application, which gives you some idea of how overloaded the system is.

Judge Trigger said: 'The fact that it took nearly two years to process your claim shows how desperate the situation in this country has become.'

Even though his bogus application was rejected in 2004, McClearley was able to stay in Britain. He simply 'disappeared from the radar', Liverpool Crown Court heard. And there appears to have been no serious attempt to track him down.

McClearley was arrested in February only after Merseyside police officers stopped a car he was driving and noticed it stank of dope.

He admitted taking a vehicle without consent, possessing cannabis and cocaine, possessing a class-B drug with intent and two counts of having false identity documents.

Although he has been sentenced to two years, he could be out in months, taking into account time served on remand and deducted for good behaviour. But don't bank on him being deported back to Jamaica on his release from jail.

If he's got any sense, McClearley will claim he's a homosexual and will face persecution if he's sent home.

Don't laugh. It's worked for another Jamaican drugs dealer. She's just won her appeal against deportation on the grounds that she's a lesbian.

I told you about the case a few weeks ago. The woman - who we're not even allowed to identify on human rites grounds - had a string of boyfriends before her conviction in 2005. (More...)

August 7, 2009

Is it possible that these stories are connected somehow??

Private-sector sheds 371,000 jobs in July
Private-sector employment in the United States fell by an estimated 371,000 jobs in the July ADP employment index...

U.S. Food Stamp List Tops 34 Million for First Time
For the first time, more than 34 million Americans received food stamps, which help poor people buy groceries, government figures said on Thursday, a sign of the longest and one of the deepest recessions since the Great Depression.

Illegal aliens will be covered under Obama’s healthcare bill
While Obama has made claims that illegal aliens will not be covered by his plan, the following line can be found among the 1018 page bill: Sec. 59B, Pg. 170, Line 1 - “Any NONRESIDENT alien is exempt from individual taxes.”

Nearly half of U.S. mortgages seen underwater by 2011
An estimated 25 million homeowners, or 48% of those with mortgages, will owe more on the loan than the house is worth by the first quarter of 2011, according to an analysis by Deutsche Bank released this week.

The 'Cap And Tax' Dead End
There is no shortage of threats to our economy. America's unemployment rate recently hit its highest mark in more than 25 years and is expected to continue climbing.

Democratic National Committee Suggests Town Hall Protestors are Fringe Birther Mob
The White House suggestion that some of the anger seen at town hall meetings is "manufactured" apparently wasn't seen as strong enough, so the Democratic National Committee in a new web video is depicting the protesters as irrational birthers who want to "destroy" President Obama.

Government Health Care

August 6, 2009

The Silencing of the People Continues

This is a disturbing video showing the actions of Mobsters and Political Terrorists attempting to make their voices heard.

I was hoping to find a post to lighten my mood, and yours. I wanted to find a lighthearted or inspirational or informative site to share with all of us who are now under the gaze of Obama and his thought-enforcement militia.

What I came across was a website that I thought would be fun to mock. As I looked through it, I was almost saddened to tears. I realized that so many had failed to grasp even the most basic of the political issues. Tell me if you agree.

Mr. Obama, we are not manufactured. We are your worst nightmare. We are angry Americans.

This is a passionate post by Ken Taylor that originally appeared at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth.

Barack Obama and Democrats are circling the wagons and trying to dismiss the angry protests over government controlled health care as ," manufactured anger," according to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. The Democrat National Committee claims that the protests are a result of paid individuals who are placed in the town hall meetings by powerful lobbies who represent the health insurance industry.

A video that has been seen all over the web that shows Barack Obama in his own words stating that his intended goal through health care legislation is to ,"eliminate," private insurance to be replaced by a government run single payer socialist health care take over. The White House web site began a propaganda campaign to convince Americans that what we have seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears coming out of the mouth of Barack Obama was, "misinformation." HOW STUPID DO THESE IMBECILES THINK WE ARE ?

For the record, we are not manufactured, we are not on any health insurance companies payroll, we are not hired by any lobby, we are angry Americans who are fed up with the direction that Barack Obama and Democrats are taking this Nation and we are NOT going to take it anymore!

If through the arrogance of the Obama administration Mr.Obama thinks he can force disgusting spending, destructive health care and deficits that are bankrupting our country down our throats, then he has another thing coming. We will no longer be dismissed, we will no longer be quiet an we will no longer allow you to destroy our country.

There are not just a few of us, nor are there only hundreds but rather there are MILLIONS of Americans like myself who are angry at what Barack Obama and his liberal cronies are trying to do to our Nation. WE DO NOT WANT your health care Mr. Obama. WE DO NOT WANT your spending Mr. Obama. WE DO NOT WANT your deficits Mr. Obama. WE DO NOT WANT your big government Mr. Obama. WE DO NOT WANT your socialism.

We are not right wing fanatics who are racists or home grown terrorist as many have called us. We are everyday Americans who still believe in the principles and freedoms that were written into our Constitution at the birth of our great Nation. We are not being paid nor organized by corporations to express the anger we have toward what you are doing Mr. Obama.

We are angry Americans whose love for our country and for the traditions, freedoms and liberties that have made our Nation great demand that we take a stand against you and through our collective anger remind you that we are the authority and power in this land and it is your responsibility to adhere to the will of the people and NOT the ideology of socialist government.

We know that what you are doing is NOT what our Founders intended for this Nation. We know that what you are doing will rob us and our children of the freedoms that we have held dear since our Nation was founded. Mr. Obama government was created for the people and it receives its true authority from the people. The people are not slaves of the government as you and your cronies would make us. We will not have it and we will stop you.

Mr. Obama, your numbers are crashing. Your agenda is failing and your health care debacle is not what we want. We will not let it stand and we will not let it pass. Mr. Obama we are not manufactured, we are not paid for our protests. Who are we ? We are your worst nightmare. We are angry Americans and we are also your boss. Look it up in our Nations Constitution and you will see that you work for us.

We are not slaves to a socialist government but free citizens of a free country who are rising by the millions against your agenda, your policy and especially your attempt to take over one fifth of our economy through health care. Your worst nightmare is a reality and the anger of the American people is real and growing. We are taking our country back and we will succeed because we the people and freedom will prevail in this Republic.

IOWAHAWK warns us to "Know Your Town Hall Mob Agitators"

This is hilarious and oh, so accurate. Read it HERE

August 5, 2009

Latest News from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Pyongyang, August 5 (Korean Central News Agency) -- The patriotic spirit of the Korean nation and its peculiar disposition serve as a firm ideological and moral basis for the great unity of the whole nation.

Rodong Sinmun stresses this in a signed article Wednesday.

Patriotism is love of one's country and nation and firm willingness to readily devote one's all to them, the article says, and goes on:

It is the proud tradition and characteristics of the Koreans to love the country and the nation passionately and value their dignity more than anything else.

"By our nation itself", clarified in the June 15 joint declaration, is the most steadfast patriotic idea.

The Korean nation remains divided into the north and the south, but any member of it sympathizes with the idea of "By our nation itself".

The slogan of "By our nation itself" can be heard everywhere in the north and the south of Korea and abroad, and any action against it is rejected as treachery swimming against the times and the mindset of the people.

The cause for the great unity of the Korean nation can never advance without the ardent patriotic spirit of its members.

Any Korean who values the destiny of the country and the nation should give full play to patriotism in conformity with the requirements of the times.

The patriotic spirit is, indeed, a powerful ideological and moral weapon as it helps all compatriots at home and abroad achieve the great national unity, irrespective of the differences in ideology and ism, political view and religious belief and class and strata, and consolidate it.

No force on earth can match the strength of the Korean nation advancing toward the great national unity and the reunification of the country under the banner of "By our nation itself" with high pride and honor of being the nation guided by Kim Jong Il, who is clearly indicating the way for the independent reunification and prosperity of the nation with his wise leadership based on love of the country, the nation and the people.

Don't worry. If things get out of hand, we can send the Secretary of State's husband over there to handle it, if he's not too busy opening mayonnaise jars or putting up shelves for the little lady.



An illegal alien in Polk County Florida who got pulled over in a routine traffic stop ended up 'executing' the deputy who stopped him. The deputy was shot eight times, including once behind his right ear at close range. Another deputy was wounded and a police dog killed. A state wide manhunt ensued.

The murderer was found hiding in a wooded area with his gun. After he shot at them, SWAT team officers open fired and hit the guy 68 times.

Now here's the kicker:

Naturally, the liberal media went nuts and asked why they shot the poor undocumented immigrant 68 times.

Sheriff Grady Judd told the Orlando Sentinel: "Because that's all the ammunition we had!"

A big tip of the hat to Ommag

If you get the chance, stop by his site and say hello. He's badly outnumbered as a Conservative in Canada.

August 4, 2009

Call For Informants: If You Oppose Obamacare, Even in ‘Casual Conversation,’ the White House Wants to Know About It


If you see anybody publicly opposing President Obama’s plan to implement a government-centric overhaul of the health care system, the White House wants you to report that person (or persons) ASAP.

From the White House website:

"There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to"

Emphasis added. Of course, as we’ve seen in the health care debate to date, the term “disinformation” is used by the Obama White House as a catchall to describe any opposition to the President’s push for single-payer, government-run health care — meaning the White House wants to be informed of any forwarded emails or blog posts or any “casual conversations” that could be taken as opposition to their health care overhaul plan.

The White House has, as yet, offered no explanation of what it is they plan to do with the tips on policy opposition they hope to receive from citizen informers.

Interestingly, as Jake Tapper pointed out on Twitter this morning, the title of that post on the White House is a quote from John Adams’ 1770 “Argument in Defense of the Soldiers in the Boston Massacre Trials.”

"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."

John Adams, 'Argument in Defense of the Soldiers in the Boston Massacre Trials,' December 1770
US diplomat & politician (1735 - 1826)

(h/t Jon Henke)

MORE from the Underground Conservative's post "The War Against the Internet"

Human Events reports that the attacks on opponents of government-run health care that are showing up at town hall meetings and other public appearances of Congresscritters are part of a planned Democrat Statist strategy.

You can read the memo here.

Here are some of the talking points:

Our message is simple. It is in sync with the White House. And it counters the Republican ‘government takeover’ message. Hold the insurance companies accountable. Remove them from between you and your doctor. No discrimination for pre-existing conditions. No dropping your coverage because you get sick. No more job or life decisions made based on loss of coverage. No need to change doctors or plans. No co-pays for preventive care. No excessive out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, or co-pays. No yearly or lifetime cost caps on what insurance companies cover.

In other words, just keep to the talking points. Stay on message. And when that fails, deny, deny, deny, obfuscate, obfuscate, obfuscate … then attack the messenger in vile personal terms. Call ‘em “Teabaggers” and accuse them of conducting an Astroturf campaign, when it’s the supporters of government-run health care that are the Astroturfers … SEIU, AFSCME, ACORN … all funded by George Soros.

The Leadership is working in close coordination with the White House and outside groups (including but not limited to HCAN, Families USA, AFSCME, SEIU, AARP, etc.) to ensure complementary efforts during August. The President, Secretary Sebelius and other principals in the reform debate will be working throughout the month to hold events, promote the message in the press and move the reform effort forward. We are also working closely with supportive organizations (read: ACORN) to ensure they are implementing comprehensive plans for August that include grassroots efforts, media strategies and anything else that can add to the momentum.

And the vile personal attacks against the opponents of government-run health continue unabated.

( – Democrats have a warning for Republicans: Angry constituents who berate their congressional representatives at public forums are “dangerous” people.

“These are the sort of excessive displays that breed a backlash,” wrote a blogger on Monday. The national press secretary for the Democratic National Committee linked to the Politico item in a mass email on Tuesday, effectively endorsing the blogger’s message.

“Yes, there is now much energy on the right,” Politico’s Jonathan Martin wrote on Monday afternoon, adding “there is danger in such raw passion.”

Funny, as Malkin reminds us, they didn’t have that opinion with the truly unhinged sufferers of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

The results? The ObamaBot Astroturf Machine is getting creamed in the real world by the grassroots opponents of government-run health care.

Now, the White House is striking back. They want you to report anyone who writes anything, says anything, tweets anything, blogs anything contrary to the party line … to them.

From Red State:

If you see anybody publicly opposing President Obama’s plan to implement a government-centric overhaul of the health care system, the White House wants you to report that person (or persons) ASAP.

From the White House website:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

Wonder what they are going to do to us who are opposing them. It’s clearly an intimidation tactic to get opponents to shut up.

It’s the Chicago Way. But what do you expect from a collection of Chicago street thugs?

In other words, what do you expect from a pig but a grunt?

A Shameful History

Ex-Hollywood Liberal has an informative post on the United States' historical racial conflicts and the Democrats' role in them.
When Republicans won the Civil War in 1865, it didn’t stop there. In spite of the 13th Amendment, Democrats continued to deny blacks their citizenship rights. In 1868, the 14th Amendment was passed, establishing citizenship for all in Federal law.

100% of Republicans voted for it.
100% of Democrats opposed it.

Despite passage of the 14th Amendment, Democrats continued to prevent blacks from voting. To overcome this, Congress passed the 15th Amendment, establishing the right to vote for all people regardless of race,
color, or previous condition of servitude.

100% of Republicans voted for it.
100% of Democrats opposed it.

From 1866–1875, the Republican Congress passed 19 civil rights laws. Democrats oppose them all.

In 1866, Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan with the express purpose of preventing the election of Republicans in the South. In 1872, Democrats admitted during Congressional hearings that the Klan was a Democrat creation intended to restore Democrat control of the South. The Klan carried out this plan with a series of massacres.

In 1876, Democrats took control of the House and no more civil rights legislation was passed until 1964. In 1892, Democrats took control of the White House, the Senate, and the House. They immediately established Jim Crow laws and repealed all civil rights legislation passed by the Republicans. The laws or amendments they could not repeal were skirted by poll taxes and literacy tests.

Until 1935, all blacks elected to Congress were Republicans. In addition to those elected to federal office, hundreds of blacks (all Republican) were elected to state legislatures in the South. In the 1920s, Republicans proposed anti-lynching legislation. The legislation passed the house but was killed by the Democrat-controlled Senate. The legislation finally passed by a slim margin in 1939 despite the passionate opposition speech by Democrat Congressman Lyndon B. Johnson.

Two years after the passage of Brown v. Board of Education (1954), Democrats expressed their opposition to the desegregation decision in the "Southern Manifesto." One hundred members of Congress, all Democrats, signed the manifesto.

In 1957, Republican President Eisenhower authored a Civil Rights Bill, hoping to repair the damage done to blacks and their civil rights by Democrats since 1892. Passage of the bill was blocked by Senate Democrats.

In 1959, Republican President Eisenhower authored a Voting Rights Bill in an effort to undo the disenfranchisement of blacks by Democrats through poll taxes, literacy tests, and threats of violence by the KKK. Once again, passage of the bill was blocked by Senate Democrats.
As the daughter of Harvard Professor Henry “Bunifah Latifah” Gates, Elizabeth’s vapid blog about the “Beer Summit” devolved from pageant queen oratory into the swamp of revisionist history. Her final comments not only corroborate her father’s uninspired performance as an educator and parent, but also identifies herself among America's next generation of race-baiters... (Read the rest of this great post here)

August 3, 2009

The Media, The Left and GOP Elitists vs. Sarah Palin: A Lesson on How to Destroy a Leader

Bill Whittle hits one out of the park with this one.
"She brought just about every vote that the Republicans got."
[If you would rather hear and see this (and it's better with some vocal steam and supporting pictures), you can view the Afterburner version for free, here.]

Well, Sarah Palin has stepped down as Governor of Alaska. Fighting a seemingly endless string of harassment lawsuits has taken pretty much all of her time and $500,000 of her money. That’s real money to the Palins. That’s real money to me, and probably to you too.

At least fifteen ethics complaints had been leveled against Governor Palin, and all of them have been dismissed as baseless. But that’s beside the point, isn’t it? Decent people, like most of you out there, probably don’t appreciate just how easy it is to destroy someone of integrity if you have no integrity of your own.

Here’s how it works. Fifteen assorted bloggers and miscreants of various stripes launch unsubstantiated ethics complaints against the Governor of Alaska, who, because of Alaska state law, is not immune from having to fight them. Fifteen charges of corruption – no matter whether they are true or not – means that the public hears nothing but the words “Palin” and “Corruption” being solemnly reported by the press. Even the phrase “cleared of corruption charges” makes that subconscious connection.

And that’s all it takes: false accusations. (More...)

Local grannies push for new ‘peace pole'

This is happening here in my home town. We are a hotbed of old hippies and white-flight poets fleeing from the chaos of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. They are sure they can "fix" the corrupt Capitalist leanings of our community.
“We're trying to find all kinds of different ways to bring peace in the people's consciousness,” said Shirley McDonald, a member of Grandmothers for Peace International, an Elk Grove-based organization founded in 1982.
A group of peace-loving grandmothers will soon go before the Nevada City Planning Commission with plans to erect a “peace pole” in town.

The idea for such an obelisk was supported by the Nevada City Council, which directed Grandmothers for Peace to bring the issue up with the commission.

The pole, with messages of peace planned in English, Spanish, Chinese and Maidu, would bear resemblance to a similar pole near the United Methodist Church in Grass Valley, raised last year.

The women are also raising money for the proposed new pole in Nevada City and have begun promoting peace messages on the back of Gold Country Stage buses. (More...)

You Know B. Hussein Is In Trouble When…

Posters like this start blooming in Los Angeles. This shot is from a Los Angeles freeway on-ramp. The ObamaJoker poster has also been seen in Hollywood.

Tip o' the cap to Tammy Bruce

August 2, 2009

Russia, China, Norway, Spain, India, and Brazil will begin oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Who is missing from this list?

David Goodhue of the Keys Reporter reports an interesting development in this era of Worldwide Greening!
"The argument about continuing the moratorium [of drilling off of much of Florida's coast] takes a different turn if everyone else is drilling all around us."
While the debate about drilling off the coast of Florida continues in Washington and the state Legislature, several international companies are getting started on projects that could bring oil rigs within 60 miles of the Keys by year's end.

Companies from nations like Norway, Spain, India, China, Russia and Brazil have signed exploration agreements with Cuba and the Bahamas that could mean drilling south of Key West this year, and 120 miles east of the Keys in the Cay Sal area of the Bahamas in fewer than two years.

This week, Cuba's communist newspaper Granma reported that the country's state oil company Cubapetroleo, or CUPET, inked a deal Tuesday with Russian company Zarubzhnieft to begin exploring for oil in four of the 59 blocks the island nation divvied up off its coast in the Gulf of Mexico. (More...)