December 17, 2016

The 2016 Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign Workout

It is exhausting work running for President and no one knows this better than Hillary Clinton. There's all the speeches and fund raising and travel and fund raising and begging for money and raising funds and asking for more money... and don't forget the killing.

Over the course of 30 years there are quite a few bodies strewn around the Clinton landscape. This site has been busy keeping track of the corpses (almost a full time job) and here at It Don't Make Sense we offer just those killed during the final months of the 2016 Presidential Massacre, oops, Election.

Anyone seeking employment opportunities with the Clintons' should be aware of the incredible odds that your death will be classified as a suicide no matter how suspicious or bizarre the circumstances.The following are excerpts from here.
Berta Caceres
Human Rights Activist
Died: March 3, 2016

Killed while sleeping in her home in La Esperanza, Honduras. Berta Caceres had named Hillary Clinton as responsible for the Honduran coup which toppled democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya. Since the coup, Honduras has become one of the most violent places in the world. Growing awareness of Hillary's role in Honduras became a serious liability during Hillary's 2016 campaign.
Note: I was not certain if I should take this one too seriously as Berta's life was allegedly threatened for years by anti-environmentalist (is that a word?) operatives in Honduras. But then there's this:
Hillary must answer for Honduras: Another assassination raises more questions about her involvement in coup: Days after Clinton campaign dismisses calls for accountability, a second activist is killed by unknown assailants
So yeah, if Salon says Hillary's in, I think she's in.

Next, WikiLeaks scourge Julian Assange had a lawyer.
Had is the operative expression, as in "Hillary had a hemorrhoid that was bothering her so she called this guy named Guido in Philly? and he took care of the hemorrhoid for her."

John Jones
Julian Assange's lawyer
Died: April 18, 2016
John Jones, QC, was killed when struck by a commuter train on his way to work. The police immediately declared the death as non-suspicious. The Q.C. initially said it was not suicide. Great Britain has the highest per-capita presence of surveillance cameras of any nation in the world, yet no video has been forthcoming as to just how Jones wound up in front of that train.
John Jones was working to prevent the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States. Assange and WikiLeaks have produced some of the most damaging information about Hillary Clinton's scandals.
There was another Assange lawyer, Michael Ratner, who on May 11, 2016, also ended up on a slab. The suspect in this case is cancer. Coincidence? I think not.

Now this one is truly a mystery. Whoever dreamed up this murder had to have been a fan of Columbo. I think Mr. Ashe was resisting his murderer(s) and they took him out with a blow to the throat.
John Ashe
Former United Nations General Assembly President
Died: June 22, 2016
Initially reported as having died from a heart attack, John's throat had obviously been crushed. At that point the official story changed to him accidentally dropping a barbell on his own throat (the plotline from the episode "An Exercise in Fatality" from the TV series "Columbo.") crushing his larynx.
Ashe was about to begin trial for a bribery charge involving Chinese businessman Ng Lap Seng, who had been implicated but not charged in the 1996 "China-gate" scandal for funneling illegal donations to Bill Clinton's re-election fund through Arkansas restaurant owner Charlie Trie. Ashe was supposed to testify about Hillary's links to Ng Lap Seng later the same day he died.

The TV Guide magazine has this to say:
"An Exercise in Fatality, Part I"
First Aired: September 15, 1974
Part 1 of 2. A fitness expert murders a business associate.
Coincidence? I think not.
This was truly bizarre in that they thought no one would notice. Forty-two years have passed since this episode was aired.

As we continue on the Clinton Cadavers Parade, this one made the news for awhile, but nothing ever came out of the police investigation.
Seth Conrad Rich
DNC Voter Expansion Data Director
Died: July 10, 2016
Seth Conrad Rich was shot several times in the back a block from his home in D.C.'s neighborhood of Bloomingdale. The police declared it a robbery gone bad, but nothing had been taken; Seth still had his wallet, watch, and cell phone. One possible motive for his assassination lies with the WikiLeaks dump of 20,000 DNC emails which proved the DNC was rigging the primaries to favor Hillary Clinton. The scandal forced DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz to resign. Although Hillary's people tried to portray this as a hack by Russia, to cast Hillary as a victim of international intrigue, WikiLeaks, while not identifying the leak, denied it was Russia, and stated it was an "internal" leak.
If Seth (who was in a perfect position to acquire the data) were the leak, that would be ample motive to murder him, as a warning to others inside the DNC not to blow any whistles. Shortly after the killing, Redditors and social media users were pursuing a "lead" saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an "ongoing court case" possibly involving the Clinton family. A reward has been offered for information on this murder.
Snopes tried to minimize Seth's access to data. But from what was apparently a very sloppy security set up, Seth, as a data director, most likely would have the same accesss as any other director in the system. Over the past 36 years I have been the system administrator for several secure law enforcement data systems, I still am. Many systems use  security templates or "profiles" granting common access to people who have similar responsibilities so Snopes is full of shit. Seth most likely had access that could damage the DNC.

For this next Clinton Corpse, at first I thought that Hillary had former 49er's QB Joe Montana murdered and I was like OMG! You bitch! But then I read it again and I'm okay now. Joe Montano and Shawn Lucas died within three weeks of each other; Joe from a heart attack and Shawn from a drug overdose.
Joe Montano
Chairman DNC (before Debbis Wasserman Shultz) and Regional Director for Tim Kaine
Died: July 25, 2016
Supposedly died of a heart attack right after the WikiLeaks e-mail dump, proving, the DNC had worked to sabotage Bernie Sanders and hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton. Joe was 47, with no history of heart problems.

Shawn Lucas
Died: August 2, 2016
On July 3, 2016, Shawn Lucas and filmmaker Ricardo Villaba served the DNC Services Corp. and Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz at DNC's headquarters in Washington, D.C., in the fraud class action suit against the Democrat Party on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters. This was before Wikileaks released documents proving, the DNC was working against the Sanders campaign during the 2016 primary.
Shawn was found dead by his girlfriend. He had been in perfect health and did not do drugs. The authorities are refusing to disclose the cause of death even after three weeks. Meanwhile, the DNC is trying to delay the lawsuit until after the November election by saying Lucas did not "properly" serve the papers ... with Lucas conveniently unable to testify on his own behalf.

Joe died of a heart attack, so did Breitbart. Shawn suddenly starts using drugs and overdoses on an exotic cocktail of fentanyl, cyclobenzaprine, and mitragynine. Coincidence? I think not.

In truth, the only thing that makes sense, if all these deaths are indeed connected (and there is a chance that they really are), is that someone is trying to send a message. Why kill a process server? It's like killing the waitress because the cook burnt your steak.

December 16, 2016

Borscht v. Burrito

So, what nation had the most influence on our Presidential elections? Russia or Mexico?

The Senate Intelligence Committee demanded that the CIA produce the evidence proving that Russia made deliberate efforts to influence the out come of last November's elections. The CIA has refused.
( - An attempt by Congress to find out more about Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election hit a brick wall last night, when U.S. intelligence agencies refused a request to brief the House intelligence committee today (Thursday) on the cyber-attacks.
Nevertheless, the current administration and the MSM is pursuing this story as if Moses just came down from Mt. Sinai with the evidence engraved in stone.

There are counterclaims, There is evidence suggesting that there was a massive influx of illegal aliens who cast ballots in the election.
Investigators found the voter after examining “jury excusal” forms where a person said they couldn’t serve because they were not U.S. Citizens. They took those names and found dozens of those people in the database of Florida registered voters.

Since investigators only checked a very small sample of jury forms, one can only imagine how many thousands, or tens of thousands of illegals statewide who may have voted since the Motor Voter law was passed in 1993. Non-citizen voting is a Federal felony.
On one hand we have a simple process that can produce the actual numbers of illegal voters from official state databases verifying the claim that illegal immigration has corrupted the political process in America. Unfortunately the political elites and the MSM will not lend credence to these efforts .

On the other hand,we have a claim that a foreign power  has had an even greater influence on the election and the intelligence agencies maintaining this fiction refuse to provide the proof that has been requested by other government officials responsible for ascertaining appropriate government oversight. Yet the political elites and the media have accepted this fiction.

And then again,borscht never gave me the runs.

Russia And China Spank Obama

I just know there's gonna be another line drawn in the Syrian sand for Russia to ignore and a rubber duckie thrown in the water for China to play with. Like I stated in the prior post, the next five weeks will be interesting.

Obama's ass is going to be very sore when he leaves next month.
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is promising that the U.S. will retaliate against Russia for its suspected meddling in America’s election process, an accusation the Kremlin has vehemently denied.
Amid calls on both sides of the political aisle on Capitol Hill for a full-bore congressional investigation, including assertions President Vladimir Putin was personally involved, Obama said in an interview that anytime a foreign government tries to interfere in U.S. elections, the nation must take action — “and we will.”
Neither country is going to listen to Obama. Putin is preparing to kick some Arab ISIS ass with Trump and China ... who knows. Do we have the resources to back up our interests in the area? I don't think so.

Trump has his work cut out for him. Both Pakistan and the Philippines are moving towards China as economic and strategic partners. Also check out LL's blog here for more on the Pakistan development.

This should not come as a surprise. Obama's weak sister, ass bowing approach to diplomacy does not create good allies.  If a foreign nation is going to cooperate in protecting our interests, they want a partner strong enough to jack up anyone who comes against them. This does not mean war; just make an offer that they can't refuse and do it quietly. Roosevelt's Great White Fleet was a good example of this. A gesture of good  will and strength.

The US is viewed as weak. It will take a little time and competent, consistent diplomacy to change that as well as improvements in our military strength.

Putin understands strength.
China understands strength.
Most of the world's leaders understand strength and how to apply it in international relations.
Obama never had a clue.

Breaking Bad ... Weather

I just love it when we break records here. It's always bad news:
Syracuse, N.Y. -- Syracuse just broke a 99-year record for the coldest Dec. 16.

The temperature at Hancock International Airport, the official weather station for Syracuse, hit 2 below zero over the last hour.

The record for Dec. 16 had been minus 1, set in 1917.

If this makes you feel any warmer, today's record low isn't even close to the coldest December day on record. That belongs to Dec. 20, 1942, when Syracuse hit 26 below zero.
I was shoveling snow at 0930 this morning. Yeah,it was cold.

The sad, sad story here.

Grand Theft Drone

The next five weeks should be very interesting. I have no idea what the Chinese will do once Trump is President and you know they will test him severely. As far as Obama is concerned, the Chinese don't give a rat's ass what he will do. But for now, they will play games with the reset of the One China policy, oh, and here it comes. This is a continuation of clashes between the US and China since Trump took a congratulatory call from the President of Taiwan.
(CNN)A US oceanographic vessel Thursday had its underwater drone stolen by a Chinese warship literally right in front of the eyes of the American crew, a US defense official told CNN Friday.

In the latest encounter in international waters in the South China Sea region, the USNS Bowditch was sailing about 100 miles off the port at Subic Bay when the incident occurred, according to the official.

Bowditch had stopped in the water to pick up two underwater drones. At that point a Chinese naval ship that had been shadowing the Bowditch put a small boat into the water. That small boat came up alongside and the Chinese crew took one of the drones.

Subic Bay is about 60 miles west of Manila right on the coast. If you go 100 miles west of Subic Bay, you are still very, very close to the Philippines and no where near China. You have to admit it, the slanty eyed pricks haven't proved a thing going up against an unarmed research vessel.

USNS Bowditch (T-AGS 62) is a Pathfinder class oceanographic survey ship. She is the third ship in the class. USNS Bowditch is a part of a 29 ship Special Mission Ship program and operates in the South China Sea. She is named after Nathaniel Bowditch. Bowditch was engaged in surveying at Tacloban shortly after typhoon Haiyan in advance of the Navy's Operation Damayan in an area known for its shifting hazards to navigation using its multi-beam contour mapping system.

Adolph Eichenwald

Hurl Alert: Do not listen to this liberal diatribe on a full stomach.

From 1933 to 1945, Joseph Goebbels was the Propaganda Minister for Hitler's Third Reich. Virulently anti-Semitic, Goebbels was once described as having, "a high intellectual varnish covering the emotional world of an adolescent..."

This is a very accurate description for Eichenwald who descends into the same Goebbels-like emotional state of denial and obfuscation.

Eichenwald went on a Twitter rampage after the interview in which he spewed even more venom. He soon deleted them but they are available for viewing here.


Facebook has a news feed (I don't use it)  that will soon filter out or demote all "fake" news that is not approved by the Fakebook Commissariat For Truth. The Fakebook Commissariat will be comprised of fact-checking colossi Snopes *spit* and ABC News *gag*.
Facebook is going to start fact-checking, labeling, and burying fake news and hoaxes in its News Feed, the company said Thursday.

The decision comes after Facebook received heated criticism for its role in spreading a deluge of political misinformation during the US presidential election, like one story that falsely said the Pope had endorsed Donald Trump.

To combat fake news, Facebook has teamed up with a shortlist of media organizations, including Snopes and ABC News, that are part of an international fact-checking network led by Poynter, a nonprofit school for journalism in St. Petersburg, Florida.
News feed users will be able to label news they feel is false.
We can have some fun with this.

Nonetheless, it behooves all Comrades to faithfully adhere to established Party doctrine and to report any suspicious "facts" released into the internets by suspected conservative sources. These unapproved facts have already deprived Comrade Clinton of her well deserved Presidency and have destroyed Amerika's opportunity to be guided by her wisdom, grace and fundraising.

Story here.

December 14, 2016

The CIA Is An Embarrassment

The CIA has taken the position that the Russian government has interfered in a US Presidential election by hacking into the emails of prominent Democrats and spilling the beans to various sources. They are doing this despite possessing no evidence that this has happened.

Rather, CIA officials cite circumstances that lead them to believe this. One circumstance is that the Republicans were not likewise afflicted by the likes of WikiLeaks, QED, those pesky Rooskies are at it again and wanted Trump to triumph.

Problem is, other highly regarded intelligence sources cite decades of analytical/intelligence experience and think the CIA is full of shit.
[...]We are being misled to believe that there is irrefutable evidence that Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta emails and the basis for this conclusion, we now learn, is that some unnamed analysts THINK that Russia is behind it because the only emails released came from the Democrats and excluded the Republicans.

The stupidity of this is stunning. When I was an analyst my bosses did not care what my opinion about anything was. I was to report the intelligence and comment on what we knew.

But it gets worse. The CIA analysts predicated their goofy analysis on a false premise– they “THINK” Russia breached the RNC. Think? There was a time that the bosses at CIA required evidence or sources. Speculation was unacceptable. But this goes beyond speculation. The CIA is ignoring the proven fact that the RNC Chair Reince Preibus and the RNC Deputy Sean Spicer say there was no breach whatsoever. In fact, they said the FBI came into the RNC, examined the computer systems and then confirmed that they had not been hacked nor breached. The failure to consider all facts is the cardinal sin of an intelligence analyst. On this point the CIA is guilty.
It is the considered opinion of one intelligence expert of note that:
This is more than an embarrassment; it is an indictment of how corrupt and inept the CIA has become over the last 20 years. It has become so thoroughly politicized that it is no more reliable then your mediocre Washington think tank. In my view the CIA should be dismantled. We need to start over. This is not an isolated error. The failures of the CIA over the years are significant. But those did not include meddling in a U.S. Presidential election. This is the ultimate irony. The CIA is accusing Russia of interfering in the Presidential election when in fact it is the CIA itself that is now crossing that line.
Story here, more here on how it appears that this was leaked information from an inside source, not hacked remotely by a foreign agent.

And right on the heels of the above comes this - a disgusted democrat gave up the goodies.
A Wikileaks envoy today claims he personally received Clinton campaign emails in Washington D.C. after they were leaked by 'disgusted' whisteblowers - and not hacked by Russia. 
Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close associate of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, told that he flew to Washington, D.C. for a clandestine hand-off with one of the email sources in September. 
'Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians,' said Murray in an interview with on Tuesday. 'The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks.'

December 13, 2016

Brain Damaged Or Lying? Media Is Forgetful

The media is desperately trying to paint Trump into a corner with his nominations for Cabinet Secretaries. The latest one is is Rex Tillerson.

From the WashTimes:
“Trump’s credibility problem on Russia,” NBC wrote, warning: “Tillerson has ties to Russia and Putin, including being awarded Russia’s ‘Order of the Friendship’ honor in 2013 and opposing the U.S.-led sanctions against Russia for its intervention in Crimea. And already, GOP senators are expressing concern about Tillerson’s Russia ties.”
NBC news has conveniently forgot who licensed American satellite and missile technology to the Chinese, enabling their ballistic missiles to reach our shores. Of course that transaction occurred after political donations were exchanged. That would be Bill Clinton.

NBC also forgot who, just a few short years ago, sold the Russians a large share of America's uranium production. Of course that would be after political donations were exchanged. That would be Hillary Clinton. Do we see a pattern here?

It's not just NBC or the media. It seems a lot of people have a very selective memory nowadays.

December 12, 2016

Is This What It Takes?

For the last thirteen years I have participated in a task force to reduce violent crime in upstate NY.  Right now we are experiencing the most virulent amount of shootings I have ever seen in my almost 45 years in law enforcement.

Nothing is working; all our focused deterrence, AKA lever pulling strategies that we implemented (as espoused by by Dr. Kennedy and demonstrated in the Boston Cease Fire model) seem to have had no effect. One particularly violent area of the city has already had a 170% increase in shootings since another OJJDP (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention) model anti-violence program started two years ago.

But what seems to work is this:
Shootings down by half during snowy weekend in Chicago

Fifteen people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, less than half of last weekend’s toll and the fewest in the city in months.

Still, Chicago is on pace this year for the most homicides since at least 1998, when the police department said there were 704 homicides.

The number of people shot is also the most in decades: At least 4,170 people so far this year. With less than three weeks left in the year, that marks a 40 percent increase over the total number of shootings in 2015, according to Tribune data.
Forget the social workers, violence intervention specialists and all that other liberal crap. Seed the clouds, and bring the cold. Let them fear the Grim Ice Maker. Unleash the fury of Lake Michigan. Let's see if they can still kill one another through ski-bys.

I'm going to retire in a few months. I won't miss this at all. The nuclear black family has been all but destroyed in our inner cities. Black children have expressed strong identification with gangs as early as the second grade, more so than with members of their own families.

This will not get better by throwing money at it. We need parents who love their children more than themselves.

December 11, 2016

California Dreamin'

Looks like the insane libs in California are trying to finish what the San Andreas Fault hasn't been able to do yet.

If California secedes the financial consequences are:
  • California received the most in federal spending of any state; $344 billion in 2013.
  • California contributed the most in federal tax revenue of any state; $334 billion in 2013.
  • We'll saving $10 billion in federal spending every year.
  • We'll be able to charge 35% excise tax on everything California sells to the US, an estimated $5 billion can be collected in excise taxes.
  • When Nancy Pelosi and all those other liberals retire we won't  pay them one red cent in retirement benefits. Let California pick it up.
  • All those Hispanics in Federal prisons now become all those Hispanics in California prisons.

If California secedes the political consequences are:
    • California has the largest population, over 22 million.
    • California has the most electoral votes.
    • If California secedes we'll be electing Republicans to federal offices forever (although not always a good thing).
    • All those Hollywood libs would have to get passports to come here ... which we will deny.
    Good luck California and don't let the Sierra Madres hit you on the ass on your way out.

    Yes I know that all the military bases would be subject to a lot of agreements, leases, contracts, stipulations, etc. It probably would be like negotiating with the Philippines.

    Remember, the post says it's just California dreaming.

    H/T 90 Miles From Tyranny

    A Hollow Military

    Obama hates America. There are few areas where this is more apparent than in the condition of our nation's armed forces.
    Forget about the longtime standard of a military capable of fighting two major wars simultaneously, which the United States abandoned four years ago. The current military would have trouble fighting one major conflict.

    That is the assessment of some prominent defense experts, who contend the military has degraded to dangerous levels after eight years under President Obama.

    “We have lost our edge,” said Daniel Goure, senior vice president of the Lexington Institute. “We are no longer technologically superior in a whole list of areas … This is a military that is on the brink of collapse.”
    For years liberals have argued that America cannot be the world's policeman. But most other nations do not operate under the same guiding principles of freedom and personal liberty that America possesses. It is foolish to assume otherwise.

    Throughout recorded history we are  reminded that powerful nations will extend their sphere of influence and crush those that oppose them. The only way that this oppression can be resisted is through the application of military power.

    If and when our political leaders determine that we are not capable of resisting foreign influence, they will surrender our interests to please other nations. Under whose sphere of influence do you wish to live your life? China? Russia? Iran?

    Our overwhelming superior military strength is what has kept us free. That freedom could be lost if our military becomes weak and ineffective, which is exactly what Obama's agenda is trying to accomplish.
    “We are actually below peacetime levels,” said John Venable, a retired Air Force colonel who serves as a senior research fellow with The Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense. “But we’re actually fighting a war.”
    This is the change that Obama promised.
    • The Army needs 25 brigades to fight one major conflict. It has 31, but Venable said only 10 are “mission ready.” 
    • The Navy had 272 ships, below its 308-ship goal, and Venable said only about a third of the vessels are ready for combat. 
    • The Air Force needs 600 planes to fight one major conflict. Although the service currently has 1,159, Venable said less than half are ready for combat. 
    • The Marine Cops has 23 battalions, more than the 13 needed to fight one major conflict, but the Heritage report estimates only half are ready.
    Story here and more here.