April 3, 2010

Will Israel stand strong?

Israel is the heart of our civilization,
not the appendix

April 2010
By Nidra Poller

The airwaves are thick with the sound of raucous voices and clashing swords. O Jerusalem--well, ok, East Jerusalem-- and the thundering hooves will brook no opposition! Get Israel!

At the slightest twinge of international pain they cry out, “Cut it off! Get rid of it, and the worldwide body politic will finally live in peace.” Ahmadinejad has promised hundreds of times to wipe Israel off the map without provoking much of a reaction. His proxies stock arms, poke and prod, without raising international eyebrows. Then Israel approves housing construction in Jerusalem and the sleeping warriors awake. Grrrrrr! The Obama administration bares its fangs and the troops go into action.

General Petraeus warns—then denies he warned-- that the unresolved Israel-Palestine conflict is disturbing Muslim nations, stimulating extremism, and putting our boys in danger. Walt & Mearsheimer point the finger at homegrown Zionists who are twisting the arm of this vast nation, bringing it to its knees, and forcing filthy Israel down our throats. Israel is a pain. Dr. Quack has the solution. Cut out that festering appendix and the ummah will welcome us with open arms.

The “two-state solution that everyone knows will resolve the conflict” is brandished like a scimitar: Israeli withdrawal to the ’67 (’49 armistice) lines, dismantlement of settlements, a mini territorial tradeoff, a “solution” to the refugee problem, and the creation of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital… The “solution” is a lethal narrative, a knife to the heart of Jerusalem that cripples Jewish sovereignty in the homeland.

What makes Jerusalem so precious? The Jews. Mecca was sanctified by Islam, even though the black stone pre-existed the founding gesture, and Jerusalem was sanctified by Judaism. Subsequent religious claims to the city are accretions to the original consecration. Jerusalem is the Christian holy land because Jesus was a Jew. And Islam’s claim is based on a scriptural injunction to supersede Judaism and Christianity.

If Muslim claims to Jerusalem are not religious they are inexplicable. Ramallah would be a more suitable capital of a Palestinian state that truly intended to live peacefully side by side with Israel. Why should the world be dragged into a fierce tug of war when there is enough for everyone… if, in fact, it is a question of legitimate aspirations. The Muslim claim to Jerusalem is staked on the Al Aqsa mosque and the gilded Dome of the Rock that dominate the Temple Mount (the French call it “l’esplanade des mosquées”).

And if it is granted, the heart of our civilization will be broken. The precedent established in Jerusalem will be extended to Paris, New York, London, the Hague, Detroit, Washington D.C… wherever a mosque is built, Islam will extend its political sovereignty. It will be the end of separation of church and state, the end of religious and political freedom. Al Aqsa is built on the ruins of the Jewish Temple. Europeans—so eager to impose the division of Jerusalem-- finally nixed plans for mega- mosques in Rome and London. But their long-delayed awakening is trumped by the anti-Zionism of the American president.

Two weeks ago mosque-goers threw rocks down from the Temple Mount at Jews worshipping at the kotel (Western Wall). Local Islamists regularly stir up the masses with false claims that Israel is violating the sanctity of al Aqsa. Then President Obama worked up a fury against the Israeli government with false claims that housing construction in “East” Jerusalem (as if it were another state, like South Dakota!) jeopardizes the peace process.

Ramat Shlomo is in north Jerusalem but ideology doesn’t have a compass. The restoration of the Har Hova synagogue, “right next to Islam’s holiest sites,” was a further affront to Islam dutifully relayed by the world’s pundits, bereft of the slightest notions of logic and chronology. Barack Hussein Obama dragged Benyamin Netanyahu into the coal shed and bound him hand and foot with ultimatums. Add it all up: in the space of two short weeks the free world has bowed to the will of Temple Mount Islamists!

The faulty religious justification for the division of Israel’s capital is shored up with a secular narrative that starts from a falsified baseline where all of Israel was Palestinian land stolen by Jewish colonizers who created an illegal state which was subsequently extended by military conquests to include “East Jerusalem.” Out of the goodness of their hearts the Palestinians will reluctantly accept the fait accompli for a rump state within the 1949 armistice line. But that’s all! Everything else is illegal and all means of reconquest are justified.

Jerusalem was divided by the sword. The neighborhoods claimed today as exclusively reserved for Arab-Muslims were emptied of their rightful Jewish residents by atrocious massacres. The survivors fled for their lives. When Europe--followed now by the United States--validates that sort of zoning regulation, the rules will apply to their own cities. No need for tanks rumbling down the Champs Elysées or bombs raining down on Coventry. Just increase the pressure on the pesky State of Israel, cut off its blood supply, and discover--too late--that you’ve given yourself a massive heart attack. Hillary Clinton’s “tough love” AIPAC speech concluded with a Passover homily. Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt, preached the Secretary of State, and at every step of liberation and up to the threshold of the Promised Land, there were always hangers-back who said it was “too dangerous, too hard, too risky.” Today, she would have us believe, the Promised Land is a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. Israelis, like their hero Moses, should just do the right thing! Was there a rabbi in the house?

The lesson of pesach (Passover) is that the children of Israel were liberated from slavery in Egypt by the alliance between their own determination and the “outstretched hand.” The Jewish people have remained faithful to this Alliance, which is inseparable from the integrity of Jerusalem. The pesach seder is not the commemoration of a dead past, it is expressly the here and now of liberation. “I was a slave in Egypt…” We do not bow our heads to pharaohs, to presidents, or to international opinion.

The emissaries sent to Canaan to get the lay of the land came back and warned that it would be too hard to redeem the divine promise. “It’s no Paradise. And besides there’s all kinds of tough guys there,” they said, shivering in their boots. Deemed unworthy of the promised homeland, the liberated slaves spent forty years in the wilderness, learning to be free. They gave birth to a new generation that had the courage to build a sovereign Jewish nation with Jerusalem as its capital.

The values they forged are at the heart of our civilization.

April 2, 2010

My new urologist is located in Mount Dora, FL

Check out the sign on the door of Florida urologist Dr. Jack Cassell. Story is here.

So, those needing some work on the pee-pee, prostate, to join the Broken-Arrow Club, etc., I'd like to encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Cassell.

Story via Drudge

P.S. Happy Easter, every one. God is bigger than any government, even though ours is trying to test that theory.

Save The Republic!

I have my doubts about this one, but you decide!

These friggin' ALL-WHITE-MILITIAS scare the hell out of me. Bottom row could be the larvae of Billy Carter and one or two of the Dixie Chicks.

April 1, 2010

Please try to attend your local Tea Party protest on April 15th. If any of y'all are planning to attend the Sacramento event, let me know. I'd like to meet some of you nameless-faceless folks.

CNN says that dozens of rednecks and racists are expected to attend.

Last Tax Day over 10,000 Californians came to the steps of the State Capitol to protest the fiscal irresponsibility of the State and Federal Governments of the United States.

At that time, California politicians were proposing a massive $16 billion tax increase disguised as "budget reform." The Proposition 1A tax hike was defeated following massive opposition from Tea Partiers and others demanding that our government live within its means. Despite being outspent by the forces of confiscatory taxation by over 20 to 1, the grassroots defeated Prop. 1A with nearly 2/3 of the vote.

The California Tea Party Patriots again rallied at the Capitol on August 28th to stand against another form of taxation by misrepresentation. Draconian environmental regulations have devastated the economy of agricultural regions where water pumps have been shut off by a government which values a three inch long fish more than California farmers. That day, we also demanded an end to California's version of cap and trade, AB 32: A law so far reaching that it will tell us what to eat, what to drive and where to live. This law, an ineffective and counterproductive attempt to stop "global warming" will both cost us our freedoms and devastate our economy with crippling new taxes and regulations.

California's Tea Party Patriots, like Tea Partiers across America continue to forcefully demand the defeat of President Obama's cap and trade proposal and his socialized health care scheme that will raise health care costs while lowering its quality. Our politicians are NOT our rulers. They are our REPRESENTATIVES. On Tax Day, we will demand either they start representing us or be voted out of office!

What: Nationwide Tea Party Patriots Anniversary - Sacramento
Where: State Capitol, North Steps
Date: Saturday, February 27, 2010
Time: Noon to 3:00 PM
Contact: Ginny Rapini
(530) 389-2464

I dare you to watch this. I DARE YOU.

How did we lose to these imbeciles?

Here's the breakdown...

  • The U.S. Navy has proposed to relocate 25,000 folks (Navy personnel and their families) to the Island of Guam.
  • Congressman Hank Johnson (DEMOCRAT-Georgia) is concerned that the island may tip over.
  • These people are deciding the economic and political future of this nation.
  • I'll say this until my my last breath: "STUPID SHOULD HURT"
  • Begin gathering pitchforks, tar & feathers.

March 31, 2010

Does a Marxist shit in the woods?

Time to split the sheets

The Ominous ‘S-Word’ – Secession
by Timothy H. Lee at Big GovernmentAfter 230 years, are the American people coursing toward eventual divorce?
Our polarized society increasingly ponders what would happen if American conservatives and liberals simply agreed that their differences had become irreconcilable, and redivided the nation to go their separate ways. Which side would prosper and experience an influx of migration from the other? Conversely, which side would likely become a fiscal and socio-political basket case?

Any reasonable person already knows the likely answer. One need only compare the smoldering wreckage wrought by liberal governance in such states as California or Michigan with the comparative prosperity created by conservative governance in such states as Texas or Utah. We can also examine the past 400 years, during which immigrants abandoned Europe for an America founded upon the fundamental principles of limited government and individual freedom.

Regardless, the above hypothetical has become increasingly frequent among both conservatives and liberals in recent years.

Following the 2004 election that they confidently expected would vindicate their 2000 rage and send President Bush back to Texas, liberals only half-jestfully proposed that “blue” states secede and join a new “United States of Canada.” Conservatives replied with a collective, “don’t let the screen door hit you in the [posterior] on your way out.”

Now, with this week’s passage of ObamaCare despite ferocious and widespread public opposition, the faint reverberations from that restive elephant in the room became even more pronounced. Consider the words of Dennis Prager, an intellectual whom no serious observer would label a bomb-thrower:
We are in a non-violent civil war. I write the words ‘civil war’ with an ache in my heart. But we are in one. Thank God this civil war is non-violent. But the fact is that the left and the rest of the country share almost no values. The American value system and the leftist value system are irreconcilable. If the left wins, America’s values lose. If American values prevail, the left loses. After Sunday’s vote, for the first time in American history, one could no longer confidently believe that the American system will prevail. And if we don’t fight for it, we don’t deserve it.
Or consider the commentary of Reason’s Tim Cavanaugh, who references the “s-word” in his article “The Rise of Decline:”
The recession has not just hustled the U.S. economy back to a late-20th-century state of nature that resists all efforts at reinflation, stimulus, and outcome management. It has created a conviction that American society itself, rather than just its institutions of government and public/private rent-seeking, is in collapse… We tend to miss something obvious: The problem isn’t that things are collapsing. It’s that not enough things are collapsing.
Even the mainstream Wall Street Journal ran a June 2009 weekend commentary on secessionist backlash entitled “Divided We Stand.”

For her part, Shikha Dalmia writes in her commentary “Resisting ObamaCare, Gandhi Style” that Obama “might have set the stage for the largest civil disobedience movement since the civil rights era.” She notes that, “even if a few million Americans simultaneously refuse to abide by it or pay the fine, they could easily overwhelm the system.”

Whatever one’s views toward such sentiment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deny the irreconcilable ideals of “red” and “blue” Americans despite efforts to reestablish unity. After all, George W. Bush won the presidency in 2000 on a record of bipartisanship following eight years of extreme acrimony during the Clinton era. Eight years later, the acrimony had only increased and Barack Obama disingenuously campaigned as a moderate promising a “post-partisan” administration.

Just one year into his tenure, however, America has become more resentfully divided than any time in generations. Conservative “Scoop Jackson” Democrats have become nearly non-existent, as have liberal “Rockefeller” Republicans.

How will this resolve? Will we collectively weather this protracted turbulence, or will the centrifugal forces only accelerate? Dissolution obviously remains highly unlikely, but Yale University’s Bruce Judson notes in his book It Could Happen Here: America on the Brink that:
The United States is not the Soviet Union. Our economy is not as terrible. Our government is not as despised. But nobody thought the U.S.S.R. could collapse. Could everyone be wrong again?
Thomas Jefferson wrote in our Declaration of Independence that irreconcilable values sometimes make it “necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another.” Jefferson further recognized the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, stating that “whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles.”

Those on the left, ephemerally content because they possess temporary political control, mock such wisdom as anachronistic. They would be prudent to recall, however, that they said the same thing about CNBC’s Rick Santelli just one year ago when he launched the Tea Party movement that now threatens to hurl their political control into the sea.

We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately can hang out over at my place.

March 29, 2010

Liberals Learn To Love Iranian Nukes

GNN - You know how many words one picture is worth. Netanyahu take notice. Obama is not your friend....

March 28, 2010

I Been Thinkin'...

There's a lot of sadness out there, and some despair at the antics of our ruling class. Breaking through to the other side of midnight always takes a steady hand and some rationalizations. Hey, rationalizations are "rational". You don't want your platoon leader to tell you that today is the day you die. You want him to say, "not today, not here". Some of this is pertinent, some not.

Unknowns Will Govern Our Future

This is important. The guaranteed fuc*-up of liberalism is due to at least three interlocking processes. [A] Political Liberalism is positivistic, based on ignorant and juvenile conclusions about cause and effect (their assumptions are based upon "knowledge" of people like themselves) [B] Rational actors, unlike liberals, always avoid or minimize the outcomes of Political Liberalism on themselves, and [C] Those who can't avoid the horrible outcomes of liberalism grow in number; to help them liberals start over at [A]. The cycle repeats and disaster ensues. It's the unknowns that matter most; to call this the doctrine of unintended consequences is wrong. It assumes that liberals understand what "unintended" means. They don't. This requres self-awareness as well as logic.

Somewhere, liberalism contracted the mechanistic germs of Marxism/socialism; Hegelian crap which poses that things can reliably be caused to happen, or will happen on their own if efficient or necessary cause is provided. Complex human organizations seldom respond in this way. Strangely enough, liberal thinking of the deep kind rejects the possibility of non-contextual understanding of anything, but that only applies to matters important to conservatives. At any rate, when you combine liberalism's retreat from the real world, with something like the next topic, the trouble starts...

ObamaCare Is In The Future

I'm hopeful. ObamaCare will die on the vine or become another burning plank on the barricades built to resist the lunatic forces of liberalism. I know that the flinty parts of ObamaCare grind immediately and the "benefits" commence in 2014, but that won't kill it in the public mind. The effect of rejection won't derive from the cause of tax pain or liberty-fear either, because the legacy media and the other propaganda arms of government, will santize their pile. They always do, but something else will happen. What? I don't know.

Remember this. The historical riddle we face is that, as the world has grown more complex, dangerous and broke, our ruling classes have become more stupid, insular, incompetent and fossilized in their mania to return to the past. This state of affairs always precedes a calamity.

Our movement through time is always governed by dramatic unknown-unknowns, good and bad - the arrival of the personal computer, the hot pants of Monica Lewinsky, The Twin Towers, the end of the Soviet Union, Barack Obama himself, or the appalling idea that James Taylor has talent.

History as conceived by historians like Doris Kearns Goodwin is bullshit. Their approach to history is the fictionalization of personality; the retrospective explanation of the obvious and magnification of the irrelevant. Prepare for chaos. You'll never go wrong if it's less. But, the bigger the government deed, the bigger the disaster, the more grandiose the personalities in charge are, the bigger the mass delusion, and the more impossible the promise, the more lurid the lie. Just don't despair. Some related thoughts...

The Opinion-Making Print Media Is Dead And Smelly

..And the influence of the syndicated columnists they employ. Even the known names in the syndicated liberalism of the "large" newspapers are the ring around the greasy old tub of oracular journalism - the place where a concerned citizen could go to feel smart, and where nobody of real intelligence or broad perspective can be found today. It's all reprints or recapped ideas from 1974 or earlier.

My old local newspaper is lighter than GI toilet paper. Where you used to find Reston or the Alsop brothers, or Buckley or Rowan you now find a keening local bureaucrat writing an unpaid-for summary of his memoirs at town hall, some small-town mayor promising Xanadu in the old downtown, or a school superintendent shilling for the latest money-cadging scheme from the NEA. The filler is library-purchases, what-happened-on-this-date, a novella obituary for Aunt Edna, an obituary/temple inscription for Grampa Marvin and the satirical Letters To The Editor. Today the Internet is the Agora. Newspapers are candle-lit celebrations of banality or gossip centers for liberals.

Revenge Fantasies For MSNBC Are Wasted

Forget them...Someone smart (I forget who) observed that Hell is not fire and pitchforks, it's watching yourself doing your despicable deeds for Eternity - like pulling the wings off flies, stabbing frogs with pins, cheating on your spouse, drunkenly importuning a mackerel or praising John Kerry in The Boston Globe, which is the worst of all. Imagine being Matthews or Olberman, or even Bill Maher, the three scumoisie of commentators. Those eye-rolling, slobbering fits of insane rage, that thundering, stinking, brown-water cataract of stupidity and hatred. The MSNBC Hellroom is down the hall from the James Carville wing. And though this seems to have little to do with the above...

Don Imus's Show Is A Cultural Graveyard

Why does Imus matter? Because if Imus devotes time to it, it's about to flat-line, zombiefy and eat your brain. I figured out his appeal to liberals in 1972. He's stupid, but that's just the first reason. More than that, his humor is based on the belittlement of the helpless, scorn for the culturally uncomplicated, and brutality for those with too much charity in their souls to fight back. This has been progressivism's battle plan against the liberty and dignity of ordinary people since the early 20th-century, and explains much about their literature and movie-making.

Objectification of a person, of a people, precedes all the enormities practiced by mankind, from spousal and child abuse, on up to genocide. It's also why the liberal mind can't comprehend the motive of a Tea Partier without framing it as some kind of evil.

Imus is also a phony and pantywaist. His bold, cowboy proletarianism melts to goo when he fondles the sloppy parts of Frank Rich, Mike Lupaca, John Kerry, Chris Dodd or John McCain. If his guest is liberal, Imus "loves" the guest completely. If the guest is conservative, Imus "loves" the guest but the guest is "insane". Why Sean Hannity, who I don't like, or Mark Levin go on Imus's show is a mystery to me. The rest, I can understand.

That's all.