October 31, 2009

Socialism - More than Meets the Eye

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The Hexagon of Progress

Andrew Marcus at Big Government maps out what's going on in Obama Nation. Please go the the link at the bottom to read the whole article. It explains a lot. Please make sure that this gets to others because it is the Democrat Party's plan for the future.

When a candidate of the Democratic or Republican parties is successfully elected President of the United States, it is widely accepted that by virtue of being the highest elected office holder in the party, they are the “leader” of their respective party.

Why would it be any different when it comes to President Obama’s leadership role in his other political party, the Working Families Party?

If the President and his other party are to be held to the same standard as the Republicans, Greens, and Democrats, etc.. then by all rights he should be considered the leading force or figure within the Working Families Party.

In reality, no matter how one chooses to define the President’s relationship to his other party, the relationship itself demands a close examination of its platform, background, and history, all of which the President would appear to have endorsed by accepting their nomination.

As to their platform, that topic will be covered in greater detail in future posts. This entry is going to focus on the historical roots and background of the Working Families Party.

Very briefly, though, on the platform – you can read it here.

One pervasive theme is an attitude of class warfare. For a specific example, see (1:20) in this video produced by the Working Families Party, where the woman on camera exclaims “Tax The Rich And Give It Back To The Poor”.

Another example can be found here [emphasis in original]:
Over the last 25 years, the wealthiest 1% of New Yorkers have seen their taxes cut in half. When the rich don’t pay their fair share, everyone else has to pick up the tab – often in the form of higher property taxes.
(More important stuff...)

it DOES make sense?

This morning, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that they have made sense of the famous $800 billion stimulus package. (click here for the link)

Effect of the stimulus

* Vice President Joe Biden on Friday: The stimulus "is responsible for over 1 million jobs so far."
* White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett on Oct. 18: The stimulus "really staved off a disaster and we saved millions of jobs around the country."
* White House release June 2: "Just over 100 days in, over 150,000 jobs have been created or saved."
* White House senior advisor David Axelrod on June 7: "The stimulus itself has produced hundreds of thousands of jobs."

Purpose of stimulus

* Vice President Biden on June 2: The stimulus is "an initial big jolt to give the economy a real head start."

* Biden on July 26: The stimulus "was intended to provide steady support for our economy over an extended period -- not a jolt that would last only a few months."

Life span of stimulus

* Obama on Jan. 28, two weeks before passage: "Most of the money we're investing as part of this plan will get out the door immediately and go directly to job creation."

* Obama on July 11: "But as I made clear at the time it was passed, the [stimulus] was not designed to work in four moths -- it was designed to work over two years."

Jobs saved or created by the stimulus

* Christina Romer, Council of Economic Advisers chairwoman, on July 13 when asked if she knew the number of jobs that had been saved or created: "It's very hard to say exactly, because you don't know what the baseline is, because you don't know what the economy would have done without it."

* Romer and vice presidential advisor Jared Bernstein released a report Jan. 10 that included a graph titled, "Unemployment Rate with and without the Recovery Plan." The graph showed that with the stimulus, unemployment would not exceed 8%, and without it, unemployment would reach about 9%. Unemployment is now 9.8%.

* Bernstein on June 8 said of the report: "Looking back, it was clearly too optimistic."

I've been hard on the LA Times recently because it's part of the Mainstream Media - an organ of the Obama Machine. However they finally seem to be getting the picture.

October 30, 2009

On a Cool Autumn Evening ... Mrs. Goomba Fires up the Organ to Play One of the Goombas' Holiday Favorites

Bohemian Bankruptcy

Thank so much to Subrosa for this beauty! Stop by her site for A Dundee Wifey's View of Scottish Politics

Column One: Silencing dissent in America

"While many commentators claim that the situation on college campuses is unique, the fact is that the attempts of leftist activists on campuses to silence non-leftist dissenters regarding Israel and a host of other issues is simply an extreme version of what is increasingly becoming standard operating procedure for leftist activists throughout the US."

Former ambassador to the UN Dore Gold should probably buy himself a flak jacket. Gold is scheduled to debate Richard Goldstone at Brandeis University next Thursday and the anti-Israel forces are organizing quite a reception for him.

Goldstone, who chaired the UN Human Rights Council's commission charged with accusing Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead, has become a darling of the anti-Israel Left in the weeks since his report accusing Israel of committing both war crimes and crimes against humanity was published last month. And anti-Israeli leftists don't like the idea of someone challenging his libelous attacks against Israel in a public debate at a university.

In an e-mail to a campus list-serve, Brandeis student and anti-Israel activist Jonathan Sussman called on his fellow anti-Zionists to disrupt the event that will pit the "neutral" Goldstone against Gold with his "wildly pro-Zionist message." Sussman invited his list-serve members to join him at a meeting to "discuss a possible response."

As the young community organizer sees it, "Possibilities include inviting Palestinian speakers to come participate, seeding the audience with people who can disrupt the Zionist narrative, protest and direct action." He closed his missive with a plaintive call to arms: "F**k the occupation."

Apparently the aspiring political organizer never considered another possibility: listening to what Gold has to say.

It seems rather unfair to pick on a small fry like Sussman. A brief Web search indicates that Gold's would-be silencer divides his time fairly equally between publishing rambling, Communist verses to paramours and calling for the overthrow of the US government.

The problem is that Sussman's planned "direct action" against Gold is not an isolated incident. On college campuses throughout the US, Israelis and supporters of Israel are regularly denied the right to speak by leftist activists claiming to act on behalf of Israel's "victims," or in the cause of "peace." In the name of the Palestinians or peace these radicals seek to coerce their fellow students into following their lead by demonizing and brutally silencing all voices of dissent.

This, by the way is true regardless of where the speaker fits on the pro-Israel spectrum. Earlier this month former prime minister Ehud Olmert - who during his tenure in office offered the Palestinians more than any of his predecessors - could barely get a word in edgewise above the clamor of students at the University of Chicago cursing him as a war criminal.

Mr. Gore, Your Solution to Global Warming Is Wrong

"We could so easily right this wrong. At a cost of less than $400 million a year, we could permanently help almost half the world get stronger and smarter. In monetary terms, for every dollar we spend, we could do more than twenty dollars' worth of good in the world."
By Bjørn Lomborg in Esquire

The plan we are most likely to adopt to address climate change will cost far too much and do next to nothing. The fight over the science of warming is over, yes. But the debate over the solution to global warming hasn't even begun.

I. A False Choice

On a family visit to Kenya long before he became president of the United States, Barack Obama declared that he wanted to go on safari. His Kenyan half sister, Auma, chided him for being a neocolonialist.

"Why should all that land be set aside for tourists," she asked, "when it could be used for farming? These wazungu care more about one dead elephant than they do for a hundred black children." Obama had no answer to her question, he would later write in Dreams from My Father. Why are rich countries more concerned about poor nations' nature reserves than about farms that would ward off starvation?

The safari story calls to mind the current preoccupation with global warming in the Western world. The financial crisis notwithstanding, many people — including President Obama — believe that global warming is among the most urgent issues of our time, and that cutting CO2 emissions is the most virtuous thing we can do about it. In fact, many say that doing so is perhaps the greatest moral obligation of the current inhabitants of planet earth. And they frame any discussion on warming by telling us that if we don't radically alter the way we live, the worst problems of humanity — chiefly disease and hunger — will become devastatingly worse. Before long, they say — perhaps a decade if we do not act immediately — it will be too late for us.

These apocalyptic visions are not at all supported by the available evidence. And to me, the solutions prescribed by those leading the charge are akin to building more safari parks instead of farms to feed the hungry. Campaigners in rich countries are pushing politicians to spend a great fortune on an ineffective solution to climate change instead of tackling the real problems of today — or looking for better responses to warming.

President Obama and other world leaders face a clear choice. They can continue on their current path — what we might call the "Gore solution" to climate change, given that the former vice-president is the fiercest advocate of cutting CO2 emissions, whether through a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade scheme.

Or, here's the truth: There are better, more cost-effective ways to fight global warming. And if we want to fight the problems that will be made worse by global warming, the solutions have very little to do with cutting CO2 emissions.


#2 -- The Second Most Odious Word/Phrase of All

Middle class tax cuts (promised by Democrats every presidential election) -- Actual translation: "Are you kidding? All of your taxes are going up, if we have anything to do with it. Remember the balloon boy we thought was flying away? Well, that's your taxes ... but you're in it, too."

Of course, the key to promoting such phantom tax cuts that are really tax hikes is to get Republicans to sign on ... as an act of political courage, of course.

Okay, #1 will be posted tomorrow at midnight ... on Halloween.

If you are up and reading it, well, "Boo!" Dude, you are boring.

Here is the rundown of 2-10:

10. Bipartisanship
9. corporate-speak ... (facilitate your own)
8. the American "people"
7. working families
6. the "Great American Center"
5, political courage
4. the people sent us here to get something done
3. dude*
2. middle class tax cuts ...

Until tomorrow ...

October 29, 2009

OK, I give up!!

There have been rumors about some footage of me on the internet. I've tried my best to keep it under wraps, but perhaps Halloween is the best time to uncover a slightly disconcerting past.

During the 1970's I called England home, and I built a short but somewhat successful career as a club crooner. I operated under a variety of sobriquets including Lank Sterner, Bobby Calais, Boots Puffin, and finally Hurricane Smith. I made one Tonight Show appearance that somehow found an Internet home at YouTube.

Here it is. I no longer have the hair, but the suit is still a staple of my wardrobe. Ask Opie.

All Hallows Eve

This is interesting. It's Autumn and Hallowe'en is a few days away. Up here in the Northeast it's a time of swirling leaves, frosty nights with a bright Autumn moon, and wood smoke.

It's the perfect time to mock and challenge a world we can't see, the one with malevolent spirits, ghouls and ghosts - and then to run back home to a warm well-lit kitchen. They can't get you there.

I hope your memories of this occasion are as good as mine...even if there was the occasional napkin pouch filled with raisins, unshelled peanuts or candy corn.

After The Obamalypse

This is future news. He's exhausted his suppy of rent subsidies, unemployment insurance, welfare, education loans, mortgage assistance, heating fuel subsidy; food stamps.

He's dead so his enrollment in the Public Option is void. He's pawned all his Obama collectibles - the trading cards, the Obama Chia head, the faux-gold Obama image coins, the Obama mood rings, the high- quality synthetic human Obama, his vintage 1978 Pet Rock, the collectible Spenser Gifts catalogue and the grinning Jimmy Carter peanut-head coin bank.

What really stinks about his world is the Woolworth's behind him! Is that the only store left? It probably doesn't even have a soda fountain.

Top 10 Most Odious Phrases in the English Language: #3 Dude*

Number 3 is:

"Dude"* -- We put an asterisk beside this juvenile grunt, for it ascends (or is it descends?) to the odiousness short list when used by any one older than 21 in any of the following three ways:

a) As a filler such as "like" or "um", i.e., "Dude, is the election next Wednesday?";

b) As an exclamation, i.e., "Dude! My unemployment check bounced;" or

c) As a proper noun, say, in lieu of the name given by one's parents: "Congrats on your Ph.D., Dude."

Note, usage of "dude" as a common noun or blogger pseudonym only reached #37 on our list. So, rest easy. And if you are feeling down for your prior and/or repeated, impermissible usage of the term, just relax ... and party on, dude. And if this Wayne's World approach won't cure you, well, try a little "scared straight" action, as I provide as a public service the actual translation of usages a), b), and c) above:

"I am the most stunningly ignorant person you have spoken with in the last 5 minutes (at least since the prior 30- or 40-something said "Dude") ... and worse than than that, I really want to be 19 again, and I want young people to think that I am a with it, cool, hip, swell, ass-crack-tat-sportin', neat-o, veritable George McFly. I wish young people liked me, so much so that I don't notice that educated adults shun me like Larry 'Wide Stance' Craig in an airport bathroom."

House Healthcare Bill

Click here to read it. Brace yourself.

Hoffman for Congress

Okay, it's time to put up or shut up. Quit your whining, complaining, and looking for pieces of the sky that you swear hit you on the head. Time to support Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in the NY-23 special election race against a Democrat (Bill Owens) and a liberal Republican (Dede Scozzafava).

Hoffman is a conservative, and this is a district that has been held by Republicans for some time. Obama nominated the RINO who held that seat before to some post (a strategic play, perhaps), and now there is a fight to keep the district from going to the Democrats.

Scozzafava supports the stimulus, supports gay marriage and abortion rights, supports card check, supported the bank bailout, supports Cash for Clunkers ... etc. She also has a record of huge spending in NY, apparently. I mean, she spends a lot, even for NY. She voted to force NY state employees to pay union dues. She won't pledge to vote against increased taxes.

What's the point of labeling herself a Republican? She is basically a Democrat.

Normally, I would advocate fixing Republican Party ills via the primary process. Here, though, as Fred Thompson has ably pointed out, there have to be limits as to what qualifies as a Republican. Plus, Hoffman has a real chance to win this race. This is not like, say, voting for Nickie Goomba or Rhod for the seat (which is just as useful as voting for libertarian and Constitution Party types).

My bottom line: Hoffman can win, and he is the far superior candidate for conservatives.

I donated at the National Republican Trust Site. This is a great outfit that does the heavy conservative lifting that RINO's (i.e., the McCain campaign) often will not do. They've got an ad they are running in NY-23 for Hoffman.

You can also donate here at Doug Hoffman's website.

Okay, get to it.

October 28, 2009

Hmmm ... could you come up with a caption for this?

Most Odious Words/Phrases in the English Language: #4

Number 4 is a dastardly phrase often used by politicians before plunging into some crazy act of "political courage". Look upon it ... lo, it is difficult, yea, but this knowledge may save your hide:

"The people sent us here to get something done" -- When a legislator says this (Note: When they use "American People" in the phrase, it's a Daily Double), here is what he is really saying: "Please, please give me a break. After all, what about 'Bipartisanship'? Don't you understand these relentless Democrats are pressuring me and I am having a hard time saying 'no.' Plus, isn't doing something better than nothing? I am not sure, for I am but a cowardly RINO. I think you need to hit me. Please do."

Let me tell you something. The thought of this Congress doing absolutely nothing sounds great right about now.

And ... notice that Obama and Co. aren't about to argue that they were elected to get something done in Afghanistan. Plenty of time and no need to rush and just do something. Only time to rush and/or "just do it" is if the "it" is advancement of the Left's agenda.

October 27, 2009

Obama to the business sector: Those bailouts we imposed on American taxpayers were so unpopular, next time we´re just gonna seize control.

Forget about 'Miss American Pie,' Bye-Bye America.
A senior administration official said on Sunday that after extensive consultations with Treasury Department officials, Representative Barney Frank, the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, would introduce legislation as early as this week. The measure would make it easier for the government to seize control of troubled financial institutions, throw out management, wipe out the shareholders and change the terms of existing loans held by the institution. ... “These changes will impose market discipline on the largest and most interconnected companies,” said Michael S. Barr, assistant Treasury secretary for financial institutions. One of the biggest changes the plan would make, he said, is that instead of being controlled by creditors, the process is controlled by the government.

This was originally posted by Mike over at Once Upon A Time In The Webs. Go visit the guy and give him a slap on the back.

Barney Frank: "We Are Trying On Every Front To Increase The Role Of Government..."

Modern America - Example #478

FRESNO, CA - Last month two men and their teenage sons tackled one of the world's most unforgiving summertime hikes: the Grand Canyon's parched and searing Royal Arch Loop. Along with bedrolls and freeze-dried food, the inexperienced backpackers carried a personal locator beacon -- just in case.

In the span of three days, the group pushed the panic button three times, mobilizing helicopters for dangerous, lifesaving rescues inside the steep canyon walls.

What was that emergency? The water they had found to quench their thirst ''tasted salty.''

If they had not been toting the device that works like Onstar for hikers, ''we would have never attempted this hike,'' one of them said after the third rescue crew forced them to board their chopper. It's a growing problem facing the men and women who risk their lives when they believe others are in danger of losing theirs.

Technology has made calling for help instantaneous even in the most remote places. Because would-be adventurers can send GPS coordinates to rescuers with the touch of a button, some are exploring terrain they do not have the experience, knowledge or endurance to tackle.

Rescue officials are deciding whether to start keeping statistics on the problem, but the incidents have become so frequent that the head of California's Search and Rescue operation has a name for the devices: Yuppie 911.


Top 10 Most Odious Phrases in the English Language: #5

As the heat from MSM outlets everywhere increases on Republicans to cave on health care and cap-and-trade, be on the lookout for the fifth nastiest phrase in the Queen's English:

"Political Courage" -- The character quality that causes a politician to do some wild-ass liberal thing that will make newsrooms across America spontaneously erupt in cheers and applause. Accordingly, such acts of political courage are objectively praised by MSM outlets everywhere. The Great American Center, though they are not liberal, of course -- approves and is heartened that there is hope for our political system and Bipartisanship.

Hey, this reminds me. Remember Dan Rather's sign off ... courage? Now you know what he meant.

October 26, 2009

Welcome to Socialist Britain

I stole this from that Internet Mad Man BARKING SPIDER.


KABUL (AP) - Helicopter crashes killed 14 Americans on Monday—11 troops and three drug agents—in the deadliest day for the U.S. mission in Afghanistan in more than four years. The deaths came as President Barack Obama prepared to meet his national security team for a sixth full-scale conference on the future of the troubled war.

For weeks, President Obama has been indecisively dithering about whether to send more troops to Afghanistan to fight what he correctly calls a "war of necessity." General Stanley A. McChrystal’s report, in which he requests more troops, was issued at the end of August .The Commander in Chief, taking political heat for not having enough women in his inner circle, found golf a more important political expediency than finally making the Afghan decision. -

Top 10 Most Odious Phrases/Words in the Entire English Language: #6

Numero Seis (taking a break from all this English) is ...

"The Great American Center" -- These are the extraordinarily gullible doofuses -- just monstrously ignorant people devoid of both an ideological compass and any common sense whatsoever -- who still fall for media tricks, lies and other acts of omission every stinking election cycle. To be fair, the GAC saw through insidious attempt to link Obama with communist and anti-American associates before the election and have also heard no media reports since the election to substantiate the pre-election reports.

Our House Intellectual

Newt Gingrich has endorsed the liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava in her three way-race for the House of Representatives in New York's 23rd District.

Scozzafava is probably more liberal than her Democrat opponent Bill Owens, and Sarah Palin has endorsed Scozzafava's Conservative Party opponent, Doug Hoffman.

Gingrich said his reasons, among others, were to promote party "unity". Personally, I don't care what the ideologically gelatinous Gingrich does or says, because when he decided to be a political gadfly, he surrendered his sword as a Conservative thinker.

Party unity is the interest of a man mired in some lost Politburo of the mind, a man for whom process is more important than ideas. Pile the heads of Trent Lott, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and Newt Gingrich atop one another and you have a totem pole for the Honorable Republican Cult of Perpetual Losers.

October 25, 2009

Most Odious Words/Phrases in the English Language: #7

The hits just keep coming ...

Here is your Num-ber Sev-ennnn:

"Working families" -- Democrats who shack up, don't work, and don't pay taxes.

That's short, sweet, and to the point, no? Remember this the next time that some suck-up politician is talking about who he is all about representing. You know, it's not a 1:1 relationship, but a lot of working families get into higher tax brackets because they work, turn a profit, provide a valuable service, please customers, etc.. It could happen, any way.

So, call 'em on it. It's simple. Just ask: "What the hell does that mean? Are you saying I don't work because my income is too high? Are you saying that some families are more valuable than others in your worldview?" Things will get real quiet and/or polite real quick. Take it to 'em.