September 3, 2010

DC's 2010 Music Festival

GNN - Here's a photo I took at DC's 2009 Music Festival. Don't worry, the luncheon meat isn't pure bred and is suprisingly low in carbs and fat. I don't want to hear any whining from you bleeding hearts. At least we didn't steam them like clams, or plunge them into boiling water like lobsters. Clams....lobsters....Yum.

2010 Election Theme: "Jailbreak"

Welcome to DC's 2010 Weekend Music Festival. Tonight, we consider why the Lord failed to consider the Scots when the prophet Isaiah wrote of "beating swords into plowshares." For indeed, the Scots could pretty much beat everything -- including guitars -- into weapons.

They are madmen, I tell you, ruled by the "law of the feud." Having known a few, including mine own kinsmen, I can attest to this brutal truth. But let us experience and live -- rather than simply ruminate and allow our teeth to rot further, as the English are want to do -- those verities that make the world go 'round.

And one of such truth is this: You can take the damn Scots out of Scotland, but you cannot take Scotland out of the damn Scots. Need you any further evidence than the boys of AC/DC? Yes, this rock band/small unit hails from Australia, but the guitar players who formed the band -- Malcolm and Angus (Angus-for-crying-out-loud) Young -- were Scots and indeed were born there. Indeed, they joined up with Bon Scott, who was also a Scot (Of course, he was with a name like that. Plus, he had a chipped tooth to prove it). Then, the band took off.

They wrote the following song in 1976, at the dawn of Carter's malaise. Men with any, shall we say, fortitude, found themselves frustrated in those days. I say we go with the song for our election theme, except let's have the ending work out better.

When you consider the overall message, it is this ... the effort of the jailbreak itself ... "all in the name of liberty" ... the struggle to survive and dream about a better day ... was worth it, regardless of the end result. I like it, and here it is ... arguably the best song by one of the greatest rock bands of all time:

And now that we've whet your appetite, it's time for a "twin spin," as the band breaks out the 'pipes and reminds us that for anything worth having -- it's a tough go with a steep price to pay on the long way to the top. This is one goes out to those cranky but beloved patriots left behind in the Northeast who came down from Nova Scotia because it was so damn cold but stopped along the way in New England because they were pissed off at every one who made the trip with them:

Folks, we will see you again next weekend as we dig deeper into DC's diverse music vault.

September 2, 2010

Caption Contest ...

Note: All entries that contain the phrase "Goomba terd" will be disqualified.

September 1, 2010

Let's revisit this post...

My apologies for my prolonged absence. The whale shooting excursion with Vlad Putin ran a bit long, and for the past week we've been stripping shirtless and wrestling oiled boars. I'm looking forward to my return home. Anything good on the Discovery Channel?

This is a little creation from last year. Click on the image to enjoy it, relish it, and live it. November is almost here.



August 31, 2010

Playing Offense

So, my cabbie Enrique picks me up in downtown San Antonio yesterday for the quick ride to the airport. He is a chatty one, and ... vaguely remembering some saying about bringing knives to gunfights ... he flings open the saloon doors: "So, what do you think about that (Republican) governor of ours?"

I chuckled. Oh, Enrique, I thought. And then I said, "I'll tell you what. As much as an abject disaster of a government we have in Washington, D.C., I think that all other politicians are great by comparison and get a pass. This is the worst government I have seen in my life. For crying out loud, even Jimmy Carter looks good by comparison."

"You talking about Obama?," Enrique perceptively asked. I told him that indeed I was. Enrique reached for the playbook and told me that, yes, Obama had inherited a mess. Then I told him that, sure, there were challenges but that everything Obama had done made things much worse. Now, they are talking about letting the Bush tax cuts expire.

"Guess what is going to happen, Enrique, when they raise my taxes ... people like me will probably come to S.A. less and also will spend less money. That will mean less money for you and your family."

"Yes," he nodded gravely. "How is your business? I bet it's been tough," I said. "It's been really slow. I don't even work Wednesdays much any more," Enrique offered.

"Well, hold on. Obama and his buddies in Washington are doing things that will make it worse. Much worse."

Enrique is a good guy. He served in Viet Nam in 1967. He loves his country. Like many others, though, he hears crap on the news and goes with it. Not much offense played out here.

But we became fast friends. He gave me his card for when I come back.

In the short time we were together, he even confided in me his deepest, darkest secret ...

He voted for McCain.

August 30, 2010

Chief, if you'd do with that what you did with Health Care Reform -- just jam it through -- it'd work a lot better

As noted by Instapundit and Tammy Bruce (from whence the pic comes), we are in deep trouble ... or, as my old man would have said, we are in deep "cada." The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is not the sharpest tool in the shed, as he demonstrated yesterday in Louisiana.

Do you think with his holding the Ombrella at that angle that a drop or two landed on Michelle Antoinette's backside?


Advice for Barack. Do what those famous fraudsters from the late 80's-early 90's did:

August 29, 2010

Little Bobby Herbert

I don't listen to or watch Glen Beck. And with all the opinion-mongering about yesterday's Washington, DC rally, you don't need mine. What do you think of THIS?

Shame on you Herbert. Is it really worth it?

That Lucky Old Sun King....

...Got nuffin' to do, 'cept roll around Martha's Vineyard all day...He'll blame Bush for THIS.