February 20, 2016

He Is Risen Indeed

Easter comes early this year; it falls on March 27. It's got nothing to do with candy, bunnies or baskets filled with fake grass. It is, or should be, about the proof that God the Father gave the world regarding the identity of an obscure Jew named Jesus (Joshua).

As a retired LEO I sympathize with the Roman soldiers (the police of that age) who were tasked with protecting Jesus' tomb. The Roman army looked with great disfavor on soldiers who did not perform their duty; they were killed outright. If the entire unit performed poorly, the Roman disciplinary practice of decimation - every tenth man was executed- was put into play.

Failure was not a Roman option.

So, when the supervisor of the Roman grave protection detail reported back that the body of Christ was missing, gone bye bye ...

What do you tell your commander?
That his troops assigned to the execution detail three days ago killed God?
That a two ton sealed stone rolled away by itself  and some dead guy walked out?
That you witnessed the resurrection of a Supreme Deity and crapped in your armor?
That you abandoned your post because you were relieved by an angel?
Just... just kill me now Commander, I can't take anymore.

I can't wait to see the movie that gives us an idea of what those soldiers went through.

The Mighty M1911: Legendary .45 Pistol

Wow, during World War II, a USAAF bomber is shot down by Japanese fighters over Burma. Several crew members are killed while parachuting to safety .... except for one.
On March 31, 1943, when they were stationed in British India, Baggett’s squadron was ordered to destroy a bridge at Pyinmana, Burma. But before reaching their target, the B-24 bombers were intercepted by Japanese fighter planes. Baggett’s plane was badly hit, and the crew were ordered to bail out. The Japanese pilots then attacked U.S. airmen as they parachuted to earth.

Two of Baggett’s crew members were killed, and Baggett, though wounded, played dead, hoping the Japanese would ignore him. One Zero approaching within several feet of Baggett, then nose-up and in an almost-stall, the pilot opened his canopy. Baggett shot at the pilot with his .45 calibre pistol. The plane stalled and plunged to the earth, with Baggett becoming legendary as the only person to down a Japanese airplane with a M1911 pistol.
The co-pilot of that B-24, Owen John Baggett (August 29, 1920 – July 27, 2006), was a second lieutenant in the United States 7th Bomb Group based at Pandaveswar, in India, during the Second World War.

More about this amazing story here, here and here:

February 19, 2016

Cap'n's Gotta Teach Stuff!

A no nonsense message from a no nonsense guy.

From the Daily Mail:
A Louisiana police captain has sent out a blunt message for members of a local street gang.

'You will be hunted. You will be tracked. And if you raise your weapon to a man like me, we'll return fire with superior power,' said Captain Clay Higgins in a video message, as he stood flanked by officers from more than a dozen Louisiana law enforcement agencies.

Higgins said a gang known as the Gremlins had been terrorizing the local community around St. Landry Parish, where the captain is based.

Somebody best be listening.

Actually this Capt. seems to be a bit of a prima donna. He has his own merchandise outlet url. True, I have my own theme song but I don't offer a line of men's fashion accessories and cooking utensils.

Australia Buried Its F-111's

From this-

To this-

Kinda sad, no? Makes me think that as the plane knelt down someone put a bullet behind its cockpit.

From Urban Ghosts:
November 2011 was a rough month for aviation enthusiasts in Australia. Over the course of four days from the 21st to the 24th, the Royal Australian Air Force elected to bury 23 of its retired F-111 strike jets that hadn’t been selected for preservation. This article details their final mission – via low loader to the Swanbank landfill outside Ipswich, Queensland.

Creation Vs Evolution

Dr. Guillen is right, it takes more blind faith to accept the unseen, unproven elements of atheism. 

God proves Himself to us through the magnificence of His boundless Creation. From the subatomic level up through intergalactic, it is all His. And it appears to be limitless on both ends! Scientists have shown that the Universe (space/time continuum) is not only expanding, but the rate at which it expands is accelerating. And then on the subatomic level, things keep on getting smaller and smaller.

More here.

February 18, 2016

When Colts Made The Jump

I have several black powder pistols, a Remington New Army in 44 cal. and a Colt model 1851 Navy in .36 cal.; these are replicas. I like history, especially American history and the Civil War. Firing these weapons (I also have a Springfield model 1861 rifle) gives me an appreciation for the types of action experienced during this War. I can't imagine standing there with your mates and reloading one shot at a time while hell is erupting all around you. It staggers the mind.

Every now and then I see a western where an actor is carrying what appears to be a Colt model 1860 that is designed for cartridges rather than percussion cap. Now I know why.

Colt produced conversion kits for their model 1860 percussion revolvers until S&W's patent for using metallic cartridges expired in 1871.The actual patent used by S&W was issued in 1859 to Rollin White who designed the cylinder that S&W used for their revolvers.

In 1873 Colt produced the Single Action Army revolver in .45 cal., the iconic handgun of the West.

This video demonstrates an actual Richards Conversion for the Colt model 1860 revolver produced around 1870.

H/T tacticalshit

The Cure For Clinton E-Mails

It's getting to the point where it will be far easier to discover what secrets this stupid, arrogant bitch did not disclose over her unsecured Blackberry From Hell.

From Fox News:
One of the classified email chains discovered on Hillary Clinton’s personal unsecured server discussed an Afghan national’s ties to the CIA and a report that he was on the agency’s payroll, a U.S. government official with knowledge of the document told Fox News.

The discussion of a foreign national working with the U.S. government raises security implications – an executive order signed by President Obama said such unauthorized disclosures are “presumed to cause damage to the national security."

The U.S. government official said the Clinton email exchange, which referred to a New York Times report, was among 29 classified emails recently provided to congressional committees with specific clearances to review them. In that batch were 22 “top secret” exchanges deemed too damaging to national security to release.
Please contact your Congressman. There needs to be a federal statute enacted whereby a barbed wire cellphone is rammed up her ass during her prison stay.

February 17, 2016

Caution: Nutjob In Action

I would really like to know the true cause of Justice Scalia's death. But not from this wacko.
On Tuesday, conservative radio host and vocal Cruz backer Glenn Beck asserted on his talk show that God brought about the death of Scalia so America would “wake up” and vote for Cruz.
Story here.

February 16, 2016

Jihadi Haircut

Israeli-made Dan .338

From the Daily Caller:
In a stroke of irony, a sniper from the elite British Special Air Service (S.A.S.) took the head off an Islamic State leader who was teaching recruits how to behead prisoners.

[...]“One minute he was standing there and the next his head had exploded. The commander remained standing upright for a couple of seconds before collapsing and that’s when panic set in. We later heard most of the recruits deserted.
More here.

February 15, 2016

Like A Cast Iron Balloon

The WashPost sez:
LAS VEGAS — Less than a week before the Nevada caucuses, Hillary Clinton’s political nightmare came to the Origin India restaurant near the Las Vegas Strip. More than 100 activists were packed between a curry buffet and a canvas sign for Bernie Sanders. They talked. They made caucus commitments. They cheered as a “multiethnic coalition” of speakers asked them to dump the longtime Democratic presidential front-runner.
Hillary's campaign is going down faster than Bill's zipper in Paula Jones' hotel room. And speaking of Bill, the WashPost has an article that appears to imply that Billy Jeff maybe losing it. He looks old and tired. I can only guess what wonders await him if Hillary doesn't get the nomination.

February 14, 2016

It's That Cold

It's 8:00 AM and it's -21 degrees outside.
Everything is a popsicle.
I won't bother cleaning the snow off the driveway, not unless it gets up to zero.

Might as well...