February 21, 2014

Worms Leaving The Big Apple

The following is an article in the American Thinker written by Andrew Thomas. It pretty much captures the reason why so many people despise New Yorkers who relocate into their states.

The reason is simple, many New Yorkers are idiots who can no longer abide the expensive rat-holes, oppressive environment and lack of economic opportunity in New York City but can not leave their socialist way of thinking behind.

They're like parasites, leaving a dying host only to infect another body wherever they they land.
Donna and Frank have lived in various areas of Brooklyn NY for the past five years. Their last apartment was a one-room concrete "cave" on the fifth floor of a converted warehouse. It had very little lighting, with two windows that looked out at a bleak, aging wall of neighboring apartment windows. It had no individual temperature control, so the apartment was stifling hot most of the time. The elevator continually reeked of urine.
And they paid good money for this oppressive rat hole.
[...]Last week, Donna and Frank finally left NYC for good.

It was as if they had died and gone to heaven. Well, to Orlando, Florida to be exact. Donna was able to snag another six-figure full time position. But Orlando's cost of living is about half of NYC's, so she essentially doubled her income. Frank obtained a Florida teaching certification within three days of their arrival.
So the parasites settle in and find a comfortable fold within the intestines of Florida.
There is an ironic twist to this story, however. Frank is a card-carrying member of ISO (International Socialist Organization). Donna has also been brainwashed by the socialist siren song. Their library is filled with Noam Chomsky, and radical posters decorate their walls with phrases such as "Turn Off Faux News!"

When I expressed my disdain for Obamacare back in 2009, Donna accused me of being a murderer, and asked incredulously, "Why are you against free healthcare?" I couldn't convince her otherwise. Their idyllic vision of socialism is where "we will all govern each other".
And this idiot is a teacher. Florida should be more careful.

February 17, 2014

New Amsterdam?

When Frank Sinatra sang “New York, New York,” he may have been on to something.

A movement is afoot to split New York into two regions — upstate and downstate — to acknowledge the gaping philosophical differences and improve representation.

“I’ve lived in New York all my life, and upstate and downstate have two different philosophies of life,” said John Bergener, an Albany County resident and organizer of the two New Yorks effort. “And it seems like they’re always in conflict.”

Campaigns for “secession” or a 51st state have been on the rise since the 2012 presidential election — see California, Colorado and Maryland — but the New York movement has a twist.

Instead of splitting New York into two distinct states, advocates want one state controlled by two autonomous regional governments.

Story here.

The heck with that regional government nonsense. It sounds like joint custody crap. I wanna divorce and I keep the house and the twins.

Thank You Gov. Cuomo

Tell ya what Andy, from now on keep your big ignorant, liberal yap shut. Your father would have had enough sense to stifle it before making a fool of himself.
News sources in Alabama reported on Saturday that an announcement will be made on Monday confirming that Remington Arms is building a new 500,000 square-foot plant in that state and the $87 (m) million dollar investment will mean about 2000 jobs.

Alabama’s Yellowhammer, Military Times and have reported that some of the jobs will be coming from Remington’s birthplace, Ilion, where some 1300 jobs remain.

The Yellowhammer quotes an inside anonymous source at Remington who claims that the Ilion plant will remain open, but with a ‘reduced workforce.’

Governor Cuomo’s spokesman, Rich Azzopardi used Twitter on Saturday night to dispute that, by saying, “…to be clear, no Remington jobs are leaving New York.”

[...]A number of states have been courting Remington Arms, America’s oldest gun maker, since Governor Andrew Cuomo passed New York’s Safe Act in January of last year.

Alabama’s Governor Robert Bentley has been one of those Governor’s looking to welcome the gun maker. While the governor would not confirm Monday’s Remington announcement in Huntsville, he did tell that, ”I think Monday you’ll see something very special in the state,” Bentley said.

Following Governor Cuomo’s comments about conservatives not being welcome in New York, Bentley made it clear that those on the right, including Remington, are clearly welcome.

“In Alabama we strongly support and uphold our great U.S. Constitution on which our nation and our states were founded,” Bentley told Yellowhammer. “The Constitution serves to protect individual Freedoms. Among them are those guaranteed in the Second Amendment, which protects the right of the people to keep and bear Arms. We will protect the Freedoms of individuals and welcome any one or any company to Alabama to discover as so many have, that we are a pro-business state filled with good, hardworking people.”

There have been plenty of rumors about Remington’s Ilion plant moving out of the state, especially over the last several months. Congressman Richard Hanna has told WIBX on several occasions that Remington is doing well in Ilion.

RINO Hanna is another idiot. And the Alabama press says that this is a sure thing. Huntsville will be receiving the new jobs.
Remington first began considering new locations after the New York legislature passed the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act in response to the tragic shootings in Newtown, Conn. In addition to banning magazines that contain more than seven rounds and requiring instant background checks on ammo purchases, the NY SAFE Act broadened the definition of so-called “assault weapons” to include a wide range of guns, including the Bushmaster, which was being manufactured at Remington’s New York plant.
Story here and here.

February 16, 2014

World's Largest Convection Oven

Environmentalists have hit out at a giant new solar farm in the Mojave Desert as mounting evidence reveals birds flying through the extremely hot 'thermal flux' surrounding the towers are being scorched.

After years of regulatory tangles around the impact on desert wildlife, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System opened on Thursday but environmental groups say the nearly 350,000 gigantic mirrors are generating 1000 degree Fahrenheit temperatures which are killing and singing birds.

According to compliance documents released by developer BrightSource Energy last year, dozens of birds were found injured at the site during the building stage.

State and federal regulators are currently conducting a two-year study of the Ivanpah plant's effects on birds, with environmental groups questioning the value of cleaner power when native wildlife is being killed.
A delicious unanticipated benefit of green technology. All they need is a high pressure spray of barbeque sauce surrounding the mirror array and some picnic tables.

Story here.