August 10, 2013

Please Don't Do That

No ... don't. Please don't.

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Name One

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I went back through the author's methodology and didn't like the way he extrapolated the numbers. I went through the government's stats (FBI Uniform Crime Reports) for 2011 and 2012 myself and came up with a lower number: 8,663. Using the 2011 FBI numbers (the 2012 report will not be ready for months) blacks were responsible for 14% of white murder victims while whites were responsible for 7% of black murder victims.

Therefore it is not unreasonable to pose the following: blacks are kiling whites twice as much as whites are killing blacks. This is based on HARD DATA from the FBI's 2011 Expanded Homicide Data Table #1 found at this url.

There are problems (there always are) in the FBI's Expanded Homicide data. It only includes those murders where the age, sex and race of the offender is known. While blacks comprise 13% of the US population (40.25 million out of 308.74 million), black murder victims comprise 50% of all 2011 murder victims (12,664 where the age, sex and race of the victim is reported - there were actually 14,612 murders in 2011) and 91% of blacks (again this is hard data) are murdered by blacks. It is very likely that the ratio is more along the lines of 3X more likely rather than 2X.

Lock The Son Of A Bitch Up!

The President of the United States just openly aided and abetted terrorists by warning them that a warrant has been authorized for their arrest as the result of a federal sealed indictment. They are already crawling under a rock somewhere in some God-forsaken shithole. Good luck finding them...
President Obama, who’s taken heat for his administration’s crackdown on national security leaks, Friday acknowledged a sealed indictment in the Benghazi attack case and its disclosure to the press.

Obama probably won’t spend his vacation next week worrying about a contempt citation, but it was a notable slip for the ex-law professor.

This week CNN broke news of sealed indictments in the September 11, 2012 attack on U.S. outposts in Libya that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens, foreign service officer Sean Smith and ex-Navy SEALs Ty Woods and Glen Doherty.

The report was attributed to anonymous officials briefed on the case, and CNN noted the looming anniversary of the attacks.

During Friday’s White House press conference Fox News’ Ed Henry likewise cited the passage of 11 months since the attack and asked whether the perpetrators would be brought to justice.

“Well, the -- I also said that we'd get bin Laden and I didn't get him in 11 months. So we have informed, I think, the public that there's a sealed indictment,” Obama said.

Under federal criminal rules posted online by the Cornell University Law School, “no person may disclose the (sealed) indictment's existence except as necessary to issue or execute a warrant or summons.”

Disclosure of the existence of a sealed grand jury document “may be punished as a contempt of court.”

The Justice Department, along with the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI’s New York Field Office -- officially responsible for the Benghazi investigation at its outset -- each declined to comment on the reports earlier this week.
Story here.

August 9, 2013

What The Media Doesn't Report

This is the first I've heard of the incident. A politically motivated wanna be mass murderer is stopped in his tracks by a very brave man. Of course this occurred in the lobby of a conservative organization, the Family Research Council, in Washington, DC.

If this was a religiously motivated attack on a Planned PArent site, there's be no end to the hooting and howling coming from the left.

From the Weekly Standard:
On August 15, 2012, at 10:46 a.m.—one year ago this week—Floyd Lee Corkins entered the lobby of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. He was carrying a backpack that contained 15 Chick-fil-A -sandwiches, a Sig Sauer 9mm pistol, and 100 rounds of ammunition. Corkins has since pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing for the crimes he proceeded to commit. He’s set to spend decades in a prison cell and fade into obscurity.

But Leo Johnson deserves to be remembered for his heroism that day. The building manager for the Family Research Council was manning the front desk that morning and let Corkins enter the building under the pretense he was a new intern. The video of what happened after that is remarkable.

After Corkins takes a suspiciously long time rummaging through his bag to produce identification, Johnson cannily stands up and walks around the desk to get a closer look at what Corkins is doing. Corkins bolts upright, gun in hand. Without the slightest hesitation, Johnson rushes Corkins, who fires twice. A bullet shatters Johnson’s left forearm. “And I just couldn’t hear anything, my arm just kind of blew back. So at that point I was thinking: ‘I have to get this gun,’ ” Johnson told The Weekly Standard. “That was my sole focus—I have to get this gun—this guy’s gonna kill me and kill everybody here.”
More here:

Taking Care of Veterans ... The Chicago Way

I'm old school. That means you don't do stuff you'll regret later... you think things through and weigh the pros and cons of your actions. You bring into the mix your experience and training and then let your conscience guide you. And you don't Taser and gut shoot 95 year old WWII vets.

The Chicago Tribune brings us this sad, sad episode:
When John Wrana was a young man, fit and strong and fighting in World War II with the U.S. Army Air Corps, did he ever think he'd end this way?

Just a few weeks shy of his 96th birthday, in need of a walker to move about, cops coming through the door of his retirement home with a Taser and a shotgun.

The old man, described by a family member as "wobbly" on his feet, had refused medical attention. The paramedics were called. They brought in the Park Forest police.
So, the guy doesn't want a enema hose shoved up his ass or refuses to choke down his meds - call the police!!! Okay, he was waving a cane. Seriously. I know that some departments dispatch a cop whenever an ambulance rolls, we used to do that and I got some crazy-assed calls from that practice. But for mercy's sake, use your heads! An involuntary commitment and a man waving a cane does not merit a death warrant.
First they tased him, but that didn't work. So they fired a shotgun, hitting him in the stomach with a bean-bag round. Wrana was struck with such force that he bled to death internally, according to the Cook County medical examiner.
That bothered me... a Taser didn't put him down? Went to a cop site and followed some Taser discussions. This was typical: "Some failures are the obvious only one probe hit for whatever reason be it heavy clothing a miss etc. Some other unknown failures are low muscle mass hits with both probes say right in middle of the chest for example. Would hurt but may not stop a determined fighter. Or small probe spread. There is a great video of it on the newest training CD. Very small probe spread and the guy felt it but was able to press the simulated attack with a training knife and attack the camera..."

Back to our story.
"The Japanese military couldn't get him at the age he was touchable, in a uniform in the war. It took 70 years later for the Park Forest police to do the job," Wrana's family attorney, Nicholas Grapsas, a former prosecutor, said in an interview with me Thursday.

Wrana's family wants answers. The Illinois State Police are investigating the horrific incident but won't comment, and neither will the Park Forest police pending the outcome of the inquiry.
So, the cops say he had a butcher knife, but the staff says no, he didn't.

Forest Park, IL, is a village a few miles west of Chicago with a 2012 estimated population of 14,219. The FPPD handles about 23,000 calls a year hich is not high at all for a PD with 38 officers! That's about 6 cops per shift or each officer on average gets less than 4 calls per day. I used to answer anywhere from 12 to 26 calls a day! But Forest PArk has a moderately high crime rate of 52.9 per 1000. For comparison, I live in a village just outside a central NY city and our village crime rate is 34.5 per 1000 (FBI UCR stats).

Perhaps the FPPD is getting jammed up with flotsam and jetsam from Chicago, but how many of these desperadoes are semi-crippled 95 year old airmen?

There are bigger issues:
Is this a pilot project for Obama Care cutting costs for the elderly?
Was the IRS involved?
Was Airman Wrana smuggling firearms to Syria?
Is the CIA changing the officers' names?
Inquiring minds etc...


TS/WS made a comment about the Houston PD shooting an unarmed, schizophrenic. This happened in the fall of 2012 and a grand jury refused to indict the officer. The mental patient was threatening the officer with a ball point pen.
Story here.

How Old Is Grandpa?

How old is Grandpa?
Stay with this -- the answer is at the end. It will blow you away.

One evening a grandson was talking to his grandfather about current events.
The grandson asked his grandfather what he thought about the shootings at schools, the computer age, and just things in general.
The Grandfather replied, 'Well, let me think a minute, I was born before:


'polio shots

'frozen foods


'contact lenses

'Frisbees and the pill'

There were no:

'credit cards

'laser beams or

'ball-point pens

Man had not invented:

'air conditioners


'clothes dryers, the clothes were hung out to dry in the fresh air and

'man hadn't yet walked on the moon

Your Grandmother and I got married first, . . And then lived together.

Every family had a father and a mother.

Until I was 25, I called every man older than me, 'Sir'.
And after I turned 25, I still called policemen and every man with a title, 'Sir.'

We were before gay-rights, computer- dating, dual careers, daycare centers, and group therapy.

Our lives were governed by the Ten Commandments, good judgment, and common sense.

We were taught to know the difference between right and wrong and to stand up and take responsibility for our actions.

Serving your country was a privilege; living in this country was a bigger privilege.

We thought fast food was what people ate during Lent.

Having a meaningful relationship meant getting along with your cousins.

Draft dodgers were people who closed their front doors when the evening breeze started.

Time-sharing meant time the family spent together in the evenings and weekends-not purchasing condominiums.

We never heard of FM radios, tape decks, CDs, electric typewriters, yogurt, or guys wearing earrings.

We listened to the Big Bands, Jack Benny, and the President's speeches on our radios.

And I don't ever remember any kid blowing his brains out listening to Tommy Dorsey.

If you saw anything with 'Made in Japan' on it, it was junk

The term 'making out' referred to how you did on your school exam.

Pizza Hut, McDonald's, and instant coffee were unheard of.

We had 5 &10-cent stores where you could actually buy things for 5 and 10 cents.

Ice-cream cones, phone calls, rides on a streetcar, and a Pepsi were all a nickel.

And if you didn't want to splurge, you could spend your nickel on enough stamps to mail 1 letter and 2 postcards.

You could buy a new Chevy Coupe for $600, . . . But who could afford one?
 Too bad, because gas was 11 cents a gallon..

In my day:
''grass' was mowed,

''coke' was a cold drink,

''pot' was something your grandmother cooked in and

''rock music' was your grandmother's lullaby.

''Aids' were helpers in the Principal's office,

'' chip' meant a piece of wood,

''hardware' was found in a hardware store and

''software' wasn't even a word.

And we were the last generation to actually believe that a lady needed a husband to have a baby. No wonder people call us 'old and confused' and say there is a generation gap... And how old do you think I am?

I bet you have this old man in are in for a shock!

Read on to see -- pretty scary if you think about it and pretty sad at the same time.
Are you ready ?????


This man would be only 63 years old!

A big H/T to Feral Irishman.

Okay, some of the above isn't quite on the mark, but it's close enough.

I'm 64.

I remember the Doctor chasing me around the exam table trying to give me a polio shot. I was terrified of needles.

I remember getting all excited because one of the neighborhood boys (asshole!) told me that Davy Crockett was coming. I drew a crayon Crockett figure, cut it out and waited on my porch steps for him to show up.
For. Hours.

Tonsils - they wheeled you into the OR, jammed a nasty cloth-lined strainer under your nose and dripped ether onto it. 9...8...7...6...But there was oceans of ice cream afterwards and a toy helicopter.

We watched Terrytoon Circus with Claude Kirchner and Clownie. At the end of the cartoon program Claude would say:"And now it's time for all you good little boys and girls to go to bed."
We were all in bed by 7:30 PM
Shut up Claude.

In the summer our mom would break out the clippers and massacre our heads. We'd leave the house and play. Sometimes she'd pack a lunch and we wouldn't be home all day. We drank from a brackish stream in the woods near our house. But your ass better be sitting at the dinner table by 1700 or else. God forbid if Dad and to go outrside and yell for you to get in the house.

We borrowed our fathers' hammers and raided residential construction sites and got scrap wood to build tree forts, swords and shields. It's a wonder we didn't beat each other to death.

In 1958 we moved into a new development. I liked to watch the new houses being built all around us. I liked the smell of new construction - bulldozed trees, concrete, studding, plaster, even roofing material. I liked the way the houses slowly changed as work continued. We'd go into them and check the progress almost every day - in our  development there had to be at least a hundred new homes built over a five year period. Blocks and blocks of them ate up the woods. We never dared to do any damage. We didn't even think about it, that's the way it was back then. You respected other people's property - and it was beaten into you if you didn't grasp the concept.

We'd get pretty rowdy in our play at times, one time someone called the cops. We were in an old abandoned house with grape vines in the yard. The grapes weren't ripe and they made great ammmo for our slingshots. No one lost an eye. The village cop pulled up (there was no Suffolk County PD yet) and our hearts fell right out of our chests. He motioned for us to come to the car. No one ran, we walked over and he told us to go home. That was the end of it and we were grateful that we didn't get in trouble. We would have got our asses handed to us, my mom knew how to use a belt.

As we got older, the house rules changed. The rule was that you had to be sixteen before you were allowed to stay up until ten. Under sixteen, in bed by nine.

I never even heard of marijuana until I went to college. In high school we got an eighteen year old to buy it and we drank beer. I got sick on Schmidt's - drinking under the bleachers in the football field one night before a drum & bugle corps contest. I never could stomach the stuff afterwards, the smell would gag me.


Drugs was heroin and only black people used it in NYC.

The only tattoos I ever saw were on WWII and Korean War vets. Marines and Navy mostly.

Graduating from high school, there was a rumor that one of the girls was pregnant. We were shocked. Things like that just didn't happen. French kissing was considered almost like having sex. A girl who swore - even "damn"" - was considered trash. Girls wouldn't say crap in front of a guy even if they had a mouthful of it.

The father of my high school sweetie confronted me about having sex with his daughter. I told him to take her to a doctor for an "virgin exam" and I would pay for it. He didn't. She was, but not by much.

When I graduated from high school I was making $1.30 an hour working weekends in a hospital kitchen. I moved up to a job as an apprentice janitor stripping and waxing floors for the school district during the summer before college. The basements of our schools were lined with Civil Defense barrels filled with hard candy and crackers to be used in case of a nuclear war; that stuff was stacked right to the ceilings. Some of the barrels got all nasty and rusted but I did taste some of the hard candy. Not bad for sitting there twenty years.

My freshman year at Syracuse University was that school's last year of "in loco parentis" where the school administration acted as your parent - you were expected to behave. That was Chancellor William Tolley's last year. No coed dorms and there were bed checks for the female students every night. You were allowed to have a female visitor in your room once a semester; the door to your room had to be kept open and the Resident Advisers were prowling the floors. Chancellor Tolley was cited for whacking some hairbag with his cane 'cause the kid dissed him. After him the University augered itself into a typical liberal enclave.

On Long Island, NY,  you could buy a brand new British sports car, a Triumph Spitfire, for $1,600.  Bumper stickers on VW Beetles read: "You Have Just Been Passed By 30 Horsepower!"  For twenty-five years I owned a 1968 BW R60 motorcycle; it's 600cc two cylinder engine was rated at the same horsepower. I'd pile all kinds of camping gear on it and drive into Canada to go fishing. There was a lake up there where you had to hide behind a tree to bait your hook, the fish were biting so hard.

Due to mortgages, children, college, weddings, grandchildren and busted up knees-  I do not have a motorcycle now.
But the wife and I are looking...

And dreaming.

It's good to have dreams.

August 6, 2013

Newsroom Drama Queen

I'll have "Whatsmydicktome" for $400, Alex.

A screwed up ABC newsman/woman/man has emerged from gender amnesia and decides he wants his junk back. Too bad Dan/Dawn/Dan ... that banana boat has sailed.

From the NY Post:
He thought he was a woman trapped in a man’s body — but it turns out he’s “just another boring straight guy.”

ABC News editor Don Ennis strolled into the newsroom in May wearing a little black dress and an auburn wig and announced he was transgender and splitting from his wife. He wanted to be called Dawn.

But now he says he suffered from a two-day bout of amnesia that has made him realize he wants to live his life again as Don.

“I accused my wife of playing some kind of cruel joke, dressing me up in a wig and bra and making fake ID’s with the name ‘Dawn’ on it. Seriously,” Ennis wrote in a memo he posted to the newsroom bulletin board Friday, explaining his shock after he woke up from what he called a “transient global amnesia” last month.
Oh bulls**t.

Another screwball makes me yawn
Just shut up, Dawn

Dawn, go away, we are through with you
Oh, Dawn, too bad you cut off your jewels
You should hang on
Hang on to them
Think, of far you have strayed
Think, how your boys used to sway
Now think just how hard it will be when you gotta go pee!

Dawn, go away, we are through with you!

Okay, so maybe he didn't have the surgery, but should his wife take him back?
If your wife suddenly decided she was a man and started dating your sister, would you let him/her mow the yard? Install that HD antenna on the roof? Huh?