July 26, 2012

In The News

General Motors Co. stock fell 1.2 percent Wednesday, closing at $18.80, down $0.22, on worries about Europe — the first time the Detroit automaker's stock has closed below $19 a share since its initial public offering.

The Detroit automaker has seen its share price tumble by more than 52 percent since it reached a high closing price in January 2011 of $38.90, just after going public in November 2010. The company has shed more than $30 billion in market capitalization over the last 18 months, and now is worth about $29 billion.
Government Motors was all set to announce a new automotive division known as Obamamobile but cancelled when it was learned that the new division's initial offering, the Wookie, was extremely unbalanced in the rear end, pulled uncontrollably to the left and the exhaust smelled like burnt okra.

Nature Abhors A Vacuum.

For the second time in less than a year, Iran’s top naval commander has said Iranian Navy vessels will soon be plying the Atlantic Ocean, having made great strides in recent years in expanding its presence beyond Iranian waters.

Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari’s comments came on the same day Iran launched its first domestically-built oil tanker. The 21,000-ton vessel, capable of carrying up to 750,000 barrels of oil, was ordered by Venezuela, and Sayyari’s remarks raise the possibility that a warship may escort the tanker on its delivery sailing to Iran’s Latin American ally.
in a dramatic reversal, Iranian Navy Admiral for Wet and Salty Jihad, Apul M'Deek Hout, announced that Iranian frigates would be limited to patrolling the Indian Ocean. This announcement comes on the heels that a new, very ferocious predator, the Bacon Shark, was discovered in the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Those wondering why the Department of Justice has refused to go after Jon Corzine for the vaporization of $1.6 billion in MF Global client funds need look no further than the documents uncovered by the Government Accountability Institute that reveal that the now-defunct MF Global was a client of Attorney General Eric Holder and Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer’s former law firm, Covington & Burling.

There’s more.

Records also reveal that MF Global’s trustee for the Chapter 11 bankruptcy retained as its general bankruptcy counsel Morrison & Foerester--the very law firm from which Associate Attorney General Tony West came to DOJ.
There's nothing funny about this. Corruption in high places is a trademark of the Obama administration criminal enterprise. The outright theft of taxpayer dollars should be the largest RICO investigation in the history of American jurisprudence. There's more.

Devil's Breath

Genesis 4:7
If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it. ”

But what happens when you cannot rule over yourself? When the ability to exercise your free will vanishes and you are at the mercy of strangers?

It's called scopolamine, "Devil's Breath,"

When I first entered the LE profession, heroin was the major concern and we were arresting about 600 to 800 people a year on various drug charges. By time I retired, it was 2,200 a  year.  But this stuff scares the crap out of me.

H/T to Fellowship of the Minds

July 24, 2012

A Little To The Left, Please

Joining forces with House Democrats, Republican leadership is planning to stab America in the back. But all is not lost, at least Boehner has decided not to waterboard us first.

From CNS News:
When asked whether the House Republicans would permit or not permit funding for Obamacare in whatever legislation is enacted to fund the government after Sept. 30--when the current funding legislation runs out--House Speaker John Boehner responded that "our goal would be to make sure the government is funded," thus indicating that House Republicans do plan to fund implementation of Obamacare past Sept. 30.

Unless a special provision is put into the bill to fund the government past Sept. 30 that expressly prohibits funding specifically for the Obamacare regulation that requires health-care plans to cover, without cost-sharing, sterilizations, artificial contraceptives and abortifacients, the House Republicans, by funding implementation of Obamacare, will also be funding implementation of that regulation.
Apparently our elected representives have decidedto governus by movie titles. The funding of ObamaCare and its death panels will be re-released as "No Country For Old Men (Or Women)."

Boehner had best be careful that America doesn't re-release the movie "There Will Be Blood."

July 22, 2012

Feet Of Clay

A 900 pound statue of Joe Paterno was moved this morning (Sunday) from its place of honor at Penn State's Beaver Stadium. The decision to move the statue to a "secure" location was made by Penn State President Erickson ten days after a report by former FBI Director Louis Freeh was released. The report stated that Paterno and other University officials had deliberately concealed allegations of  sexual abuse against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.
"I now believe that, contrary to is original intention, Coach Paterno's statue has become a source of division and an obstacle to healing in our university and beyond," Erickson said in his 592-word statement. "For that reason, I have decided that it is in the best interest of our university and public safety to remove the statue and store it in a secure location."

If the statue of Paterno, his right index finger raised in a No. 1 salute, had remained in its current location, Erickson said he believed it would "be a recurring wound to the multitude of individuals across the nation and beyond who have been the victims of child abuse."

Erickson's announcement came exactly six months after Paterno died.
Joe Paterno's family is none too pleased with this development. The Paterno's have given millions of dollars to Penn State.

A list of NCAA sanctions against Penn State is expected to be released tomorrow.

For all intents and purposes, I believe the football program at Penn State is dead. It will be decades, if at all, before it recovers from these shocking allegations crimes. It is rumored that athletes from other Penn State programs are already abandoning ship for other schools. To put it bluntly,  I sure as hell wouldn't send my kids to any athletic summer camp run by Penn State.