October 11, 2012

Biden Puts The Dope In Rope-A-Dope

"Hey, Obama let me pet his puppy."

From the Weekly Standard:
Vice President Biden arrived at about 10:50 a.m. at New Castle Airport. He climbed out of a gray SUV, greeted some military (see below) and then walked toward the press gathered near the wing.

Asked about tonight's debate he said, "Looking forward to it."

Asked about his strategy, whether it was rope-a-dope, he responded:

"You ever see me rope-a-dope?"
More like Dope-On-A-Rope. I fully expect this man to crap his pants during the debate.

Sounds About Right To Me

H/T to Lucianne

October 8, 2012

Been Busy

The kitchen remodeling is now proceeding apace. The electrical work is done, the soffits and tray ceiling are in and the insulation/sheetrock is going up. The new cabinets were delivered Friday and the wife and I were looking at kitchen carts/islands on Saturday. It took several days for the electrical work to be completed as the electrician found nearly a half dozen problems in the old wiring, three back fed circuits to start with. God willing, the cabinets will be up by the end of this week. My running around like a madman has been greatly reduced.

Sgt. Girl made another surprise visit this weekend. She is extending her contract so she can redeploy (her battalion leaves in  90 days) and she is pretty sure she will not reenlist for another three years. Not sure what she will do afterwards but she would love to open a bed and breakfast somewhere in NY. After church service, she and Mumma made delicious pumpkin rum cake and pumpkin squares; she left at oh-dark hundred this morning to return to Bragg.

Our youngest has had it with SUNY Oneonta and will not return after the end of this semester. Her grades are good, but it is just not what she wanted. Part of the problem is finding some people she can relate to. She has been brought up in a Christian home and spent her first year away from home at a bible college - which she said was like living at home anyway. She does not like the loose moral environment and the students' immaturity at the state college and called Saturday night to tell us. We knew she was struggling with this and made sure she understood that  we were not pressuring her to continue. She is mindful of the financial contributions we made and did not want to disappoint us.

She has had some problems with her roommate and related how this young woman had a strained relationship with her divorced parents. She seemed to be resentful that our daughter loved to Skype us and talk/text us several times a week and would not join her and her friends in ripping apart other girls for they way they dressed, the boys they liked, etc. So they thought our daughter was conceited, they had it all wrong. We brought her up to be a kind, considerate, person - not some self-absorbed, neurotic mess. I feel sorry for them, the kids today deserve better from their parents and


Forget the iPods, huge weekly allowances and designer clothes. Kids need a secure, structured home where consistent love and discipline is provided by a mom and dad.

Any way, have a Merry or Happy Columbus Day. Rejoice in the fact that he wasn't named Christopher Thudpucker.