January 2, 2010


O.K. Here's the rule. No jokes allowed about this. (wink)

Funeral for campaigning churchman

The funeral for a 70-year-old retired priest and green campaigner who died after cycling through the snow to the World Climate Change Summit has been held.

Canon Hereward Cooke, Norwich diocese environmental officer, died in his sleep on 15 December in Copenhagen.

About 500 people attended his funeral at St Nicholas' Church, Blakeney, where his life and work were praised.

A separate service was held at St Peter Mancroft church in Norwich for those unable to travel through the snow to Blakeney.

The Venerable Jan McFarlane, director of communications for the Diocese of Norwich, said the two services on Wednesday were a "celebration of his life".

Canon Cooke arrived in Norwich in 1989 and quickly became a popular figure.

He was later elected to Norwich City Council as a Liberal Democrat and spoke on many social and environment issues.

He later became Honorary Canon of Norwich Cathedral, assistant priest of St Peter Mancroft Church, priest-in-charge of St Stephen's and leader of his party on the city council.

On the carbon-cutting cycle ride to Copenhagen, Canon Cooke hoped to raise thousands of pounds for Christian Aid's Global Warming campaign.

Obama Takes U.S. One Step Closer to a Police State

T.F. Stern brings us news of a story that has been breaking through the MSM blockade in the past week. If you haven't noticed, Obama and his thugs have a plan to overwhelm us with an avalanche of challenges to our freedom and liberties. So many challenges that they will overwhelm us, dishearten us, give us too many fronts in our war against Marxism, and give our enemies the ammunition to call us paranoid and dangerous terrorists. This is the ugly. Our laws and Constitution will not apply to Interpol.

Some have suggested that the reason for this highly disturbing move is to make it easier for international charges to be brought against George W. Bush, members of the U.S. military, and other politicians who are deemed by the puppet emperors of the International Criminal Court in the EU to be
guilty of 'war crimes' for merely protecting U.S. interests.

An article which may have slipped under the radar was Obama’s amended version of Reagan’s executive order 12425. This information came to me in a round about fashion in my email; however, it would appear that the original article was written by Steve Schippert and Clyde Middleton under the title, Wither Sovereignty. and then linked via The in their article, U.S. Placed Under International Police State . Please take a few minutes to read both articles.

“Last Thursday, December 17, 2009, The White House released an Executive Order "Amending Executive Order 12425." It grants INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization) a new level of full diplomatic immunity afforded to foreign embassies and select other "International Organizations" as set forth in the United States International Organizations Immunities Act of 1945.”

Andy McCarthy at National Review asks these crucial, sobering questions of the secretive Obama order:

“Why would we elevate an international police force above American Law?

Why would we immunize an international police force from the limitations that constrain the FBI and other American law enforcement agencies?

Why is it suddenly necessary to have, within the Justice Department, a repository for stashing government files which, therefore, will be beyond the ability of Congress, American law enforcement, the media, and the American people to scrutinize?”

I don’t claim to have the answers; however, red flags went up in my mind when I considered the implications of such a change. Why change a well thought out policy which had been clearly defined as an appropriate means of supporting an international law enforcement effort while at the same time protecting American interests to a much broader policy which turns over American interests to any entity which has no accountability to Congress, American law enforcement, the media or the American people?

The cumulative efforts by the Obama administration, the not so “little things” which are being done to the foundations of America have the hair on my back standing on end. This is one more reason not to trust the “Community Organizer in Chief” or any of his close advisers.

January 1, 2010

The Revolution is being televised, but no one is watching

From Gun Rights 4 Us All

Do you not think this should be all over the TV News?

The biggest freedom story since the fall of the wall is taking place right now. Have you seen this on a network news show? Where is Obama? Watching the socialist fairytale Avatar.

I want you to notice the fury of these people. Obama's Uncle Joe said that "Quantity has a quality all it own". Here that is observed. The well equipped armored thugs are no match for the mob. This is as close to a real medieval battle between men at arms and serfs as you will see. Someone brought the torches, all they need now are pitchforks... Or it's modern counter-part, the Avtomat Kalashnikov.

Remember this?

This is the real deal.

Things like this stick in the mind of normal people, and horrify them into action. Not our scion of the sandpit. He takes his snorkel off long enough to mumble something trite, then back to the fun. Loathsome.

These people mean business. These are no Blackblok sissy government agent provocutors . These people are trying to KILL the Police officers in this video. And we as Americans should be helping the Iranian rebels any way we can.

Why is this not lead story in the MSM? Is someone afraid that Obama's strawman might get some unreasonable ideas?...

Full-Figured Potential

We here at GNN hold the belief that a "husky" girl makes a better employee. She's strong, cheerful, eager to please and more likely to have a bundt cake on her desk. Mrs. Goomba #8 and Mrs. Rhod #6 were cut from this jolly, well-fed pool. But all good things can be metabolized away.

The marital situation went south for both of us after a spell of aggressive dieting by the ladies. That meant no more stuffed shells and other delights for supper, but that's another story.

The Goomba boiler room is a tough place for the ladies, especially with DC's...ahem....tendencies, and LL's musky allure.

But there are other consideration too, for female employees. Consider THIS advice from Transportation Magazine for July, 1943. All of us here are waiting for the advice to be reprinted in Forbes.

Grand Old Pantywaists

It's 2010, and surveying and evaluating the fortunes of the Republican Party is risky business. The Left has so successfully characterized the GOP as a morbid association of senile reactionariess and special interests that anything you say has to break through the preconceptions. I can associate Republicans with Statler and Waldorf and you'll know what I'm talking about.

The GOP's favorability on generic ballots is rising from the trough, due chiefly to what might be immense contempt and fear of Obama without the mask, and the new cracks underfoot in the social landscape. The GOP seems to thrive on distrust for liberalism, rather than a coherent set of accepted ideas of its own. I don't even know what they stand for myself, although I've registered a protest vote for the Republicans and against the Donks time after time.

Compassionate Conservatism killed my reflexive loyalty forever - mainly because you can't modify "conservatism" with an adjective that suggests a defect in plain old "conservatism" any more than you can modify "liberty" in the same way.

Even today, with radical leftism rolling back, the Republicans lacks the gut instinct to rush to the kill and go for the throat. Their natural adaptation to the present, whether it favors them or not, persists. They're enfeebled, and face the inevitabilities of the enfeebled species. Vital conditions change, and when they do, that big bony sail on your back is a liability for your kind unless you've sired a few robust, smaller individuals with smaller sails. I have yet to see a single Republican change; they haven't clarified a single position distinct from the issues that Democrats have already appropriated as their own.

And why is this so? It isn't very complicated to me. Liberalism is cool and soothing and conservatism isn't. Lindsey Graham Disorder is the most serious reaction to this arrangement, the need to belong and to shmooze with the popular guys. We live in a fantastic age and liberalism is the bridge from reality to fantasy. It still is, whatever Obama has done. As long as this condition exists in a culture governed by easy popularity, the Republicans are toast.

Never Conform II

There is nothing more dangerous than a General Idea in narrow, empty minds. Being empty they are incapable of questioning it; being narrow before long it becomes an obsession. Thenceforth it takes complete control of them. They are no longer their own master, but become in the most literal sense, possessed...

Hyppolite Adolph Taine (1828-1893)

I Have Seen Your Dentures and They Work

GNN has learned that Venezuela has nationalized its cement industry.

Experts at GNN say that this move will benefit Venezuela's fledgling dental-material industries.

The inexpensive product, which is non-petroleum-based and non-phenolic, is available in subtle gray or pigmented white in up to 1800 hues and tones.

Socialist Stain Hugo Chavez smiles to demonstrate dental potentials of concrete mixed with goat urine for a muted butter-yellow to match the whites of his eyes.

December 30, 2009

Please pray like you've never prayed!

San Francisco's Finest

What I need is a healthy dose of American history

Battle of Trenton: An Eyewitness Account
Posted By Publius

From the American Revolution Website: Here is an eyewitness account of the Battle of Trenton written by an officer on Washington’s Staff

New Town PA, December 22, 1776
Things have been going against us since last August, when we were forced to give up Long Island, losing 3000 men and a great amount of supplies. In October we were forced to evacuate New York and cross the Hudson into New Jersey.

We reached Trenton Dec. 2. It was prudent forethought on the part of General Washington to send General [William] Maxwell ahead to secure all the boats on the Delaware River and have them at Trenton upon our arrival. If it had not been done we should have been in a bad fix with [British Army Lieutenant-General Charles] Cornwallis at our heels. As it was the Hessians under Count [Carl von] Donop and Colonel [Johann] Rall arrived in that village in season to fire a few shots at the last boat.

According to last accounts General [William] Howe [the British Commander-in-Chief] and General Cornwallis have gone to New York leaving General [Sir James] Grant with a few hundred English troops at Princeton, Colonel Rall with 1500 Hessians at Trenton and Count Donop with 2000 at Bordentown, ten miles down the river from Trenton.

Washington’s headquarters are here in this little village of New Town, back from the river northwest of Trenton. General [Nathaniel] Greene and General [John] Sullivan, with their divisions, numbering 2500 men and sixteen cannon, are ten miles up stream at McConkey’s Ferry. A portion of the boats are there. General [James] Ewing, with 2000 men, is on this side of the river a little below Trenton, and General [John] Cadwallader and General [Israel] Putnam are at Bristol, ten miles further down, with as many more.

I rode along the river yesterday morning and could see the Hessians in Trenton. It is a pretty village, containing about 130 houses and a Presbyterian meeting-house. A stone bridge spans the Assunpink creek on the road leading to Bordentown. There are apple orchards and gardens.

Rall has his own regiment and Knyphausen a few dragoons and fifty riflemen. The Hessians call them Yagers. He has six cannon. Knyphausen has two of them, two stand in front of Rall’s headquarters, and two up by the Pennington road. A scout just in says that General Howe has issued a proclamation, offering pardon to everybody in New Jersey who will lay down their arms and take the oath of allegiance. He says that Howe and Cornwallis are well satisfied with what they have accomplished. Cornwallis is going to England to tell the King that the rebellion is about over. Howe is going to have a good time in New York attending dinner parties. For what I see I am quite certain Washington intends to make some movement soon. He keeps his own counsel, but is very much determined.

Dec. 23
- Orders have been issued to cook rations for three days. Washington has just given the counter sign, “Victory or Death.” He has written a letter to General Caldwallader at Bristol, which he has entrusted to me to copy. He intends to cross the river, make a ten-mile march to Trenton, and attack Rall just before daybreak. Ewing is to cross and seize the bridge crossing the Assunpink. Putnam and Cadwallader are to cross and make a feint of attacking Donop so that he can not hasten to Rall’s assistance.

Dec. 24
– A scout just in says that the Hessians have a picket on the Pennington road half a mile out from Trenton, and another at [Brigadier-General of the New Jersey militia Philemon] Dickenson’s house, on the river road.

Dec. 25
– Christmas morning. They make a great deal of Christmas in Germany, and no doubt the Hessians will drink a great deal of beer and have a dance to-night. They will be sleepy tomorrow morning. Washington will set the tune for them about daybreak. The rations are cooked. New flints and ammunition have been distributed. Colonel [John] Glover’s fishermen from Marblehead, Mass., are to manage the boats just as they did in the retreat from Long Island.

Christmas, 6 p.m.
– The regiments have had their evening parade, but instead of returning to their quarters are marching toward the ferry. It is fearfully cold and raw and a snow-storm is setting in. The wind is northeast and beats in the faces of the men. It will be a terrible night for the soldiers who have no shoes. Some of them have tied old rags around their feet; others are barefoot, but I have not heard a man complain. They are ready to suffer any hardship and die rather than give up their liberty.

I have just copied the order for marching. Both divisions are to go from the ferry to Bear Tavern, two miles. They will separate there; Washington will accompany Greene’s division with a part of the artillery down the Pennington Road; Sullivan and the rest of the artillery will take the river road.

Dec. 26, 3 a.m.
– I am writing in the ferry house. The troops are all over, and the boats have gone back for the artillery. We are three hours behind the set time. Glover’s men have had a hard time to force the boats through the floating ice with the snow drifting in their faces.

I never had seen Washington so determined as he is now. He stands on the bank of the river, wrapped in his cloak, superintending the landing of his troops. He is calm and collected, but very determined. The storm is changing to sleet, and cuts like a knife. The last cannon is being landed, and we are ready to mount our horses.

Dec. 26, Noon
– It was nearly 4 o’clock, when we started. The two divisions divided at Bear Tavern. At Birmingham, three and a half miles south of the tavern, a man came with a message from General Sullivan that the storm was wetting the muskets and rendering them unfit for service.

“Tell General Sullivan,” said Washington, “to use the bayonet. I am resolved to take Trenton.”

It was broad daylight when we came to a house where a man was chopping wood. He was very much surprised when he saw us. “Can you tell me where the Hessian picket is?” Washington asked. The man hesitated, but I said, “You need not be frightened, it is General Washington who asks the question.” His face brightened and he pointed toward the house of Mr. Howell.

It was just 8 o’clock. Looking down the road I saw a Hessian running out from the house. He yelled in Dutch [German] and swung his arms. Three or four others came out with their guns. Two of them fired at us, but the bullets whistled over our heads. Some of General [Adam] Stephen’s men rushed forward and captured two. The other took to their heels, running toward Mr. [Alexander] Calhoun’s house, where the picket guard was stationed, about twenty men under Captain Altenbrockum. They came running out of the house. The Captain flourished his sword and tried to form his men. Some of them fired at us, others ran toward the village. The next moment we heard drums beat and a bugle sound, and then from the west came the boom of a cannon. General Washington’s face lighted up instantly, for he knew that it was one of Sullivan’s guns.

We could see a great commotion down toward the meeting-house, men running here and there, officers swinging their swords, artillerymen harnessing their horses. Captain [Thomas] Forrest unlimbered his guns. Washington gave the order to advance, and rushed on the junction of King and Queen streets. Forrest wheeled six of his cannon into position to sweep both streets.

The riflemen under Colonel [Edward] Hand and [Charles] Scott’s and [Robert] Lawson’s battalions went upon the run through the fields on the left just ready to open fire with two of their cannon when Captain [William] Washington and Lieutenant [James] Monroe with their men rushed forward and captured them. We saw Rall come riding up the street from his headquarters, which were at Stacy Potts’ house. We could hear him shouting in Dutch, “My brave soldiers, advance.”

His men were frightened and confused, for our men were firing upon them from fences and houses and they were falling fast. Instead of advancing they ran into an apple orchard. The officers tried to rally them, but our men kept advancing and picking off the officers. It was not long before Rall tumbled from his horse and his soldiers threw down their guns and gave themselves up as prisoners.

While this was taking place on the Pennington road, Colonel John Stark, from New Hampshire, in the advance on the river road was driving Knyphausen’s men pell mell through the town. Sullivan sent a portion of his troops under [Brigadier-General Arthur] St. Clair to seize the bridge and cut off the retreat of the Hessians toward Bordentown. Sullivan’s men shot the artillery horses and captured two cannon attached to Knyphausen’s regiment.

Dec.26, 3 p.m.
– . . . We have taken nearly 1000 prisoners, six cannon, more than 1000 muskets, twelve drums, and four colors. About forty Hessians were killed or wounded. Our loss is only two killed and three wounded. . . .I have just been with General Washington and Greene to see Rall. He will not live through the night. He asked that his men might be kindly treated. Washington promised that he would see they were well cared for.

Dec. 27. 1776
. — Here we are back in our camp with the prisoners and trophies. Washington is keeping his promise; the soldiers are in the New Town Meeting-house and other buildings. He has just given directions for tomorrow’s dinner. All the captured Hessian officers are to dine with him. He bears the Hessians no malice, but says they have been sold by their Grand Duke to King George and sent to America, when if they could have their own way they would be peaceably living in their own country.

It is a glorious victory. It will rejoice the hearts of our friends everywhere and give new life to our hitherto waning fortunes. Washington has baffled the enemy in his retreat from New York. He has pounced upon the Hessians like an eagle upon a hen and is safe once more on this side of the river. If he does nothing more he will live in history as a great military commander.