November 6, 2009

Pudding Fatal to Militants

Four militants preparing their My*T*Fine in a Kashmir cave were attacked by a bear. Four militants go in, two militants come out.

The dead militants were identified as Mohammad Amin (alias Qaiser) and Bashir Ahmed (alias Saifullah), while two other militants, one of whom was seriously wounded, escaped the bear.

Militants Waiting Patiently for Pudding


Northman said...

How the hell do you call yourself soldier, fighter, militant, anything besides a retard really. How can there be four of you with assault rifles firing 7.62mm rounds that will shatter a cinder block and you cannot down a bear before he eats you?

Anonymous said...

Dillinger, the bears are who we thought they were.

Anonymous said...

I always liked bears. You know, Rhod, you and Nickie have been making so merry I don't know how much of this crap is just made up. Then I googled it, and voila.

Incredibly funny ... I read some thread about how the bear became ill b/c of the smell of the jihadi snack.

Think of the horrah of poor Amin and Ahmed moving in to their humble abode to find there is ... already a tenant?!!

How do you say, "There goes the neighborhood" in Pashtun?

McGonagall said...

A Scotsman recently arrived in Canada is having lunch with his workmates. They are planning a hunting trip for bear. He asks if he can come along and they agree. The next morning as they are packing their rifles into the truck the Scotsman arrives sans weapon.

Where's your rifle they ask?

I only use a knife he replies.

Thinking he's a bit slow they hold their tongues. When they arrive at the cabin they pull out their weapons and start cleaning them.

He says: "While you're doing that I might as well go get one" and leaves. His workmates now know he is a couple of slices short a loaf.

A little later they hear him yelling: "Open the friggin door".

They rush to open it and see him being chased by a huge grizzly. As he gets to the opening he jumps to one side but the grizzly runs straight into the cabin.

The Scotsman throws his knife in after it and exclaims: "You skin that one - I'll go get another."

Anonymous said...


Doom said...

That is delicious! More pudding, I say. "Hey, what is fur doing in my... ARghhhh!" hehehe

I love the visuals of the story.

"Run, run away fast!". "Is it a rabbit?" "No, it's an infidel bear with teeth like '^^^' this."

Rhod said...

"Allah Ak-Bear!"

Woodsterman (Odie) said...


Anonymous said...

Well done, Rhod. Ak-bear? Get out of town.

sig94 said...

The two terrorists were felafelized.

Please bear with me, but this reminds me of the bearophile Timothy "Picnic Basket" Treadwell and his girlfriend, Amie "Appetizer" Huguenard who were killed by a 1,000 lb grizzly bear back in October 2003 in the Katmai National Park.
A camcorder was turned on in the tent and an audio supposedly exists of their final moments as entrees.

I imagine the terrorists would have gladly welcomed the attention from a F-16 thermobaric visitor rather than the fangs and claws of Yogi The Impaler.

Rhod said...

I hope their last minutes were filled with thoughts of 72 visible bones....theirs.