June 8, 2011

Jesus Saves, Sharia Kills

Fatima Abdallah was a divorced Muslim woman who allegedly killed herself by slamming her head into a coffee table and a tile floor. It has been ruled an accident.

Did an honor killing occur on August 17, 2009, in Tampa? Could there have been a cover up by authorities?

These are the kinds of questions people in Tampa are asking about the death of Fatimah Abdallah, a 48 year-old woman, who was divorced by her husband, because she did not bear him children.

Tampa Police seem to have bought the story relatives tell that Fatima Abdallah killed herself by “repeatedly slamming her head onto a coffee table and the tile floor”.

However, Tampa Rescue said she looked like someone beat her up and disagree that she could have killed herself in that manner. In addition to head, face and lip injuries, she had several fractured lower ribs and hemorrhaging in that area, which is consistent with cases of blunt trauma to the rib cage.

Moreover, the victim died in the home of her brother, Muhammad Abdullah Hmeid. According to Private Investigator Bill Warner, her brother has "aggravated battery, deadly weapon priors", which should have raised some alarm bells.

Finally, family members waited nearly 2 ½ hours before calling 911. (Why wouldn't they contact authorities immediately?)

Despite these contradictions, the Hillsborough Medical Examiner ruled that Fatimah Abdallah's death in August of 2009 was an accident. The ME ruled that during an argument with her mother, Fatimah Abdallah threw herself to the floor, smashed her face into a coffee table, and died from the resulting brain hemorrhage.
I rather think the Hillsborough County ME's Office opened a can of worms on this one. Better to let a jury settle the matter of whether this was an accidental death or not.

There is a rally for Fatima planned for June 10th in Tampa.
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Anonymous said...

I had a coffee table exactly like that. Treacherous.

The Born Again American said...

Sounds remarkably similar to the case in which the victim accidetally fell on a knife, twenty seven times...

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Deport, deport, deport !

Andy said...

Wow, the incompetence of this ME's office stinks on ice! If there is such a thing as criminal incompetence, they need to be slapped hard with it.

Andy said...

And when they identify the Brave and Honorable mook that did this, they need to grease him up on the gurney so he slides smoothly into perdition.

sig94 said...

BigVic - we had to get a permit for ours after it killed our neighbor's beagle.

sig94 said...

BornAgain - while his hands were tied behind his back. Hmmm, the typical Italian suicide.

sig94 said...

Odie - Indict, indict, indict!

sig94 said...

I worked with a crazy ME who was ultimately relieved of his duties when he showed up at homicide scenes wearing womans' clothing from prior murder victims. I gotta admit, he was a laugh and a half when I was photographing one of his autopsies. I think the whole scenario just got to him after a while and perhaps the same is true for the guy in Tampa. You can only carve up so much heartache before it screws you up.

sig94 said...

Odie - I left out the next few steps:
Guilty, guilty, guilty!
Execute, execute execute!