March 27, 2015

Bar Titzvah?

Sunday, a yoga teacher in Scottsdale, Arizona, allegedly invited seven boys aged 11 to 15 while attending a boy’s bar mitzvah party, to stroke her new enlarged breasts.

Lindsey Radomski, 32, reportedly got drunk at the party on Saturday for 100 people, then showed her breasts to five adults and some boys near the swimming pool, before she was told to “sleep it off’ in a bedroom.

Hours later, on Sunday morning, she allegedly asked the seven boys if they wanted to come in the bedroom and fondle her breasts. After the boys had their fill and left, one 15-year-old remained behind. Radomski allegedly performed a sex act on him. His parents later reported her to the Scottsdale Police Department.

Radomski was arrested Tuesday evening, and though she admitted exposing her breasts, she said being drunk wiped out her memory of anything else. Sgt. Ben Hoster called the case “bizarre,” adding, “We haven’t had a woman allowing herself to be fondled by multiple juveniles before.”
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Kid said...

Well, there were several women in my neighborhood growing up who offered all sorts of things. Too bad none of them were good looking.