July 15, 2016

One In A Billion

In an armed robbery attempt, Jahlil Meshesha was pointing his gun at off-duty Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Jose Ramon Marquez. 

Deputy Ramon fired his .45 and put the bullet right down the barrel of Meshesha's pistol, jamming it.

What are the odds? I think 1,000,00000 to 1 are too low.

Story here.


Kid said...

Wow. Divine intervention.

sig94 said...

Kid - after this incident, both the cop and the suspect need to think about Eternal Things.

Euripides said...

That is quite literally a long shot. During war, when millions of bullets are being shot, you do see examples of two of them colliding. This is one in a million.

Doom said...

Some things, to be honest, don't have a stat. Either it happens or it doesn't, but there is no number that can be put to it. I think you got it when you suggested that the participants were allowed to see the impossible, and walk away. Best to think things over. While lightning does actually strike the same spot twice, it's best not to count on it. Some? Well... some are hard to train and it takes a dozen strikes in the same spot. I suppose, if God says so... I just wouldn't count on it, if there is a difference between testing God and just not seeing.