December 22, 2009

During the Dead of Night in the Senate: More than a Dime's Worth of Difference

Like many of you, I am still steaming about it.

During the dead of night, the Senate voted to end debate and send Harry Reid's dream bill towards a final vote and passage. You know by now that the vote tally was 60-40.

All 58 Demos, plus the Indy-Socialist Sanders, plus the supposedly-conservative Joe Lieberman (even after he was eviscerated in the last election by Democrats) voted in lockstep with Reid. Can we finally put and end to hopeful fairy tale that Joe Lieberman -- Al Gore's old running mate -- is some sort of conservative?

Of course, as Rhod pointed out in his post, the holier-than-thou Ben Nelson of Nebraska jumped on board, as well, after he was paid his Cornhusker Cash for Cloture. What a disgrace.

Even without the Stupak anti-abortion language that the House insisted upon anywhere in the Senate bill, the "principled" Ben Nelson took his spoils and stuck the rest of us with increased Medicaid costs at the same time -- and left the unborn to fend for themselves.

When are people going to wake up?

This is what happens when the Demos are in charge of the government .... Senate rules blatantly broken to get to the precious objective ... all-night Senate sessions in the snow to pass something the public is overwhelmingly against ... bribes being doled out left and right with your money to pay off the traitors in D.C..

Just like the Republicans?

What are you smoking, Glenn Beck? In case you haven't seen, the last couple of days on his TV show Beck has had guys writing books about superheroes and Michael Buble. Apparently, he can't even bring himself to acknowledge 400-lb. gorilla in the room that is the disaster of Democrat (as opposed to Republican) control of the government. In the Reid-Pelosi-Obama world, rules are ruined. Tradition is today's toilet paper. Secrecy is supreme. And freedom shrinks at a pace heretofore unseen in American history.

There is no difference?

When our preconceived notions crash into reality -- as the Global Warming Church's have done recently -- we have to reassess. Either that, or we admit we are not really open to making changes and the tough choices. I say this as some one who has repeatedly taken on my party.

Now, so you understand what I really think. I get it that folks are disappointed with the fallible Republican Party. Lo, it is not perfect. Sure, they get taken to the cleaners by the thieves and hooligans that run the Demo Party. I'd like to see a modern-day Lee Atwater ... or two ... or three ... people who understood how to stand and fight to win on what is important. Some one that could speak would be nice. I would volunteer but am too competent.

But I would love to have Mitch McConnell and Co. in charge of the Senate right about now instead of Harry Reid. And if you wouldn't, well, you're either not a conservative, or you are without the ability to form a coherent thought.

Don't blame McConnell. Don't blame Bush. Don't blame even McCain. They didn't do this.

Two independents put the Democrats over the top. By the Beck-Savage-O'Reilly logic, all independents are therefore corrupt. I mean, the Republicans used to have a Specter (he's a Demo now) and they still have two Maine sisters. But oops, when the chips were down and the Senate was trying enact the biggest expansion of government power in more than generation, the Maine sisters and the rest of the Republicans stood against it.

Why is this? Well, it's pretty simple. The most "conservative" of Demos is beholden to interest groups and a base that are liberal, while the most "liberal" Republicans are beholden to interest groups and a base that are conservative. When folks stray off the reservation, the Demos get pulled back left, and the Republicans get pulled right.

Remember ... conservative Republicans in the Senate (namely, Jim Demint, John Cornyn, and Jeff Sessions) talked Pres. Bush back from the cliff when he tried immigration "reform". And conservative bloggers caused the uproar that resulted in the nomination of Harriet Miers being scrapped in favor of the outstanding Justice Alito.

Here's the bottom line: If there had been one more Republican in the Senate, this disaster would not have been foisted upon us. It's that simple. Think some folks might want their votes back for the Indy that siphoned votes from Norm Coleman in Minnesota?

Now, it will be up to those with a brain and a fighting spirit to either stop or undo this.

It will be people like Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, and Sarah Palin -- conservative Republicans.


Fredd said...

Steaming about this train wreck does nobody any good.

The bloom is off the rose for any 'moderates' like Lieberman. He was the freakin' Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee in 2000, duh! They are pinkos at heart, let them be. No use in wasting any more energy on them.

2010. Primaries count: eliminate RINO's. Elect conservatives.


Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Ya'll can't tell me that this craptastical ass-rape of America wasn't cruelly and carefully planned meticulously to coincide with the holidays, when people would be distracted, when Congress was rushed, and when all the conservative talk show hosts take their vacation breaks and either have guest hosts taking open-line calls or are playing best-of shows. There's no one watching the store, so these scumbags waltz in through an open back door and make off with America.

Rhod said...

Joe Lieberman is a liberal. Thirty-five years ago he was hugging Jane Fonda on the New Haven Green.

On two issue, the Iraq War and the public option he was a dog walking on his hind legs...a regulation liberal behaving in a curious way, and for this conservatives and moderates thought he was a hero.


Anonymous said...

Exactly, Rhod. I like Lieberman. I don't think he's a bad guy. The difference with Lieberman is that he doesn't hate you and me like most Demos do. So, people get confused.

Fredd, I agree completely. The way to attack Republican issues is during primary season. I hope this message sticks. Steve, you're right. Of course, they wanted this way back in August, if you remember. Still ... how many midnight votes have there been?

I think what irks so many folks is they don't see the emotion out of the Republicans to match the base's feelings about now. Sit tight ... 2010 will be interesting.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We can't stop is right D.C., but we can go loudly into the night. If we make enough noise we can effect 2010. Maybe, it could, or some of it, be reversed.

Hoping the Blind Will See said...
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Hoping the Blind Will See said...

Here's the bottom line: If there had been one more Republican in the Senate, this disaster would not have been foisted upon us. It's that simple. - DC

DC, while I can agree with some of your comments, I do not agree with this one. Do you honestly believe that if there was one more Republican in the Senate that the left wouldn't have sold their souls to get Olympia Snowe's vote? Let's face it, it's not about Republicans and Demoncrats - it's about progressives and conservatives. And there are plenty of progressive leaning politicians in the GOP. True, they may not be as militantly progressive as the hard left, but they still vote progressive on some of the issues. And some of them would have sold their souls as well, if the opportunity presented itself.

LL said...

Very few Republicans are conservatives. Integrity is the property of very few inside the Beltway. Hoping the Blind Will See makes a good point. They would have simply bought another A$$ who would have sold us out - or they would have blackmailed one of the many who are cheating on their wives, etc.

Anonymous said...


The point is ... Snowe had her opportunity and did not sell out. Why? Not because she is a conservative necessarily, but because of the pressure brought to bear in the Republican Party on its reps by the right.

Sure, there are less-than-perfect Republicans, but look at the alternative we are experiencing first-hand.

Clearly, it's about being a conservative first and party second. It always has been for me and pretty much all conservatives I know.

Let's put it this way: There are many more conservatives in the Republican Party than the Demo.

An attitude like yours, though, will lead to more Demo control. We need a united front to beat them. We should be diligent in the primaries to get the most conservative nominated and then go full-bore in the general election, and then keep the heat on.

HBWS, you seem prone to perfect-church thought. This will leave you very disappointed. No one is ideologically pure ... not Reagan, not Palin ... not me ... not you. We all have heresies.

Yes, one more Republican and we would have stopped this. The stakes are very high and when the base screams both parties do their bidding. The stakes were and are too high to cross party leadership and their respective bases.

You've witnessed it over the past few weeks.

William Blackstone said...

Living in the socialist republic of Ohio! I can personally tell you that the Republicans here all get money from the same places the Dems do. When you talk to republican leaders about their candidates on the boards of community organizations. They ignore you even if you have Photos of banquets and meetings. The sheeple here continue to herd.