December 25, 2009

Their New World


Opus #6 said...

The cowardly thieves want government to do their stealing for them. It is an ugly way to treat your fellow man.

LL said...

The ugliest portion is those who sold their souls for the lie. Once sold either shame or denial prohibits a repurchase. They belong to that creature who claimed them by adoption. And the heart of a beast replaced the heart of a man. At least that's how I see it.

Anonymous said...

I woke during the night to read this Auden work. I read it, reread it and reread it.

This nation has accepted the future it feels it somehow deserves, and the political whores revel at the absence of guards where the fruits of others' labor have been stored.

The media masters masturbate to the ecstatic tinglings of their license. Our suckling cities long for inspiration and instead receive the comfort of increased protection from the boogeyman.

Strong stuff, Rhod.

Rhod said...

It is, Nickie. Those who scoff at the tendencies of collectivism to descends to brutality and totalitarianism are bewitched by its humanitarian pretenses.

We have a slime like Grayson, who demanded that Holder jail a critical blogger for five years without trial to remind us of the chains and hooks in the progressive heart. At best, the libs around him think he's simply eccentric where he's simply further down the road than they are.

The danger of progressivism isn't higher taxes and lack of choice, although that's immediate, but the dynamic nature of authoritarianism. It never sleeps, it can never limit itself and it will drive out the moderate voice in favor of the radical.

Whatever is not permanently conservative will drive further and further left. This is a dangerous period in this country.

sig94 said...

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction."

We weren't listening. Look at what happened to Israel within one generation after Joshua. And we wonder how could this happen so fast.

Rhod said...

Opie, LL, Sig - with warriors like you, they'll never win.