April 6, 2010

A Stern Message from America's Hat

What Have you Done?

An open letter to Americans:

As a Canadian, I’ve been observing for some time now, with great concern and even greater disbelief, the political farce enacted day after day in your country. And I keep asking, what have you done? For it seems to me, and to many others as well, that you have embarked upon a truly destructive course that may eventually bring the United States to the brink of ruination.

What have you done? You have elected a president on the strength of an ellipsis, neglecting to fill in the three dots trailing after his every echoing jingle—“Yes we can”…what? You have credited a nimble spinner of tales, a pretty fellow with no significant experience of the real world of risk, hard work and the hazards of survival, a thug with a beguiling smile. You have elevated to the highest office in the land a man without discernible qualifications who is plunging the nation into unredeemable debt for generations to come. You have installed possibly the most consummate liar in POTUS history, who breaks campaign promises as if he were cracking eggs for the skillet and changes his mind almost daily like a weathervane on steroids. You have put your trust in an intellectual lightweight and geopolitical bungler who makes Jimmy Carter look like a paragon of acute intelligence, moral substance and rare diplomatic foresight.

What have you done? You have bought into a fraudulent narrative. You have made a Faustian bargain with a suave Mephistophelian who offers hope and change but delivers instead inevitable suffering and a violated people. As in all such compacts, the price for a brief state of euphoria is subsequent prolonged distress. You have given carte blanche to a man with a personal dossier blacked out in many places like a letter from the front, so as not, apparently, to divulge sensitive information. You have raised among you a man whose friends and influences would surely have precluded him from meriting your confidence had you paid attention to plain facts rather than to quasi-mystical incantations. You have anointed a man with a sinister agenda. You have voted for your historical nemesis who with his every move and decision renders you increasingly insecure in a violent and unforgiving world.

If you need a slogan to trigger a reaction, it should not be “Yes we can”—whatever that might conceivably have meant—but “What have we done?”—whose implications should now be obvious. I pray it is not too late to reverse the trajectory you have unthinkingly plotted for yourselves. It may be a shame to let a serious crisis go to waste, as your president’s intimate adviser cynically put it, but it would be a much greater shame to let a crisis reach the point of no return. And there is little doubt that you are now facing an impending crisis of the first magnitude, both domestically and globally.

Let us count the ways.

The response to a looming international menace is paralysis, appeasement and misconstrual—to the dire effects of which we are all, not only Americans, susceptible. American troops are targeted on the battlefield by the interventions of rogue regimes, such as Syria and Iran, which the present administration refuses to condemn and, indeed, with which it is seeking closer engagement. Defense capability is progressively truncated. Officials sworn to defend the nation to the best of their ability are saddled with the fear of prosecution, discouraging their peers and successors from properly doing their job. Detained terrorists are repatriated to their fields of operation, many taking up once again the jihadist activities for which they were originally interned. Acts of military aggression are adjudicated as civil offenses, awarding terrorists the same constitutional rights as ordinary Americans. Solemn alliances are flouted with whimsical impunity and typical hissy fits while manifest tyrants are treated with kid gloves and gestures of obeisance. UN kleptocrats and avowed enemies are laureled with meretricious authority. This is what your president’s current foreign policy amounts to, abetted by a carefully selected and pliable cadre of career puppets without character or backbone.

Meanwhile, legitimate dissent is denounced as a form of subversion. The Constitution is euphemistically interpreted as a “living document,” that is, as subject to tampering, which is nothing less than an assault upon the foundational heritage of the Republic. Individual liberties are being relentlessly eroded and private behavior regulated by an expanding government bureaucracy. The prospect of enfranchising up to eleven million illegal immigrants presages an American ochlocracy, that is, government by the masses rather than the laws—the very antithesis of Republican rule.

Unelected officials, appointed by the president and known as “czars,” wield disproportionate power as they carry out their master’s directives. Unsustainable entitlement programs impinge dramatically upon the future. Income redistribution schemes disincentivize industrial and commercial productivity, creating a shrinking GDP and budgetary shortfall. Discredited hypotheses such as anthropogenic “climate change” are allowed to drive economic policy, leading to even further instability. Major tax hikes are on the horizon, complemented by the shell game of disappearing numbers, especially in regard to the so-called healthcare “reform,” with revenue calculated over a longer period than expenditures. New debt is piled on old debt like Pelion on Ossa. Fiscal blood drains from the nation’s arteries. These and more are the daylight consequences of your electoral delirium.

Who am I to address the citizens of another country? A loyal friend, and a citizen of a nation whose fate is inextricably bound up with yours. My interests are also at stake. That is why I am glad to note that many people are now awakening to the nature and extent of their folly, but far too many still malinger in the grip of a profound narcosis. To these latter, I would say that, in your desire for novelty, your pampered sense of frivolous grievance and your hypnotic suggestibility, you have chosen to cohabit with an incubus. You have shown a readiness to be seduced not by a lover of freedom but by a votary of his own malign gods. Despite the recent surfeit of Hollywood films, TV programs and neo-gothic novels fondly rehabilitating the undead, deep down you must know there is no such thing as a good vampire.

And so, in conclusion, I ask once again. What have you done?


The Conservative Lady said...

Excellent article, Nickie. I am linking to you over at the TCL FB page. Thanks for posting it.

Opus #6 said...

I do not deserve this stinging rebuke. I did not vote for the Obamanation.

But I will toil to set things right. That we must do.

Stacy said...

How do you think it felt sitting in the middle of this crap? Like being surrounded by drugged up zombies.

I am on of the 57 million that voted against President Incubus but to no avail. Now I must fight against everything he does, everyday.

Normally I don't like it when foreigners talk trash about American's but I sure did enjoy this piece.. They deserved every word of it.

LL said...

Perhaps I do deserve the rebuke? At least a little. I didn't want barack hussein obama for president. And I was underwhelmed by his opponent, John McCain.

I didn't work at all for the McCain effort because I didn't want him to be president. I didn't want barack hussein obama to be president even more and voted for McCain - but held my nose while I did.

Krystal said...

This is an extremely well written, thought provoking work full of truth. It is, however, unfortunate that those who elected and still support Obama, those who consider themselves intelligent intellectuals, are in reality such brain washed zombies that they would neither be able to understand nor absorb what Nickie is saying. Indeed, I doubt many would be able to read it without having a dictionary at hand.

We are dealing with people who bought, "hook, line and sinker" into "science" based upon a paper written by a college student instead of the "millions of years" of warming and cooling that have occurred on Earth long before humans even existed (according to the same scientists).

They still believe man evolved from apes, despite the fact that EVERY "missing link" (Neanderthal Man, Nebraska Man, Piltdown Man, Java Man, Rhodsian Man, "Lucy", Homo habilis, Orce man, and Flipper Man) have been proven to be either a hoax or a deformed or sick modern day human.

They award Nobel Prizes to people like Al Gore who preach conservation and global warming, yet flies on a private jet, owns several houses, and had a whopping $30,000 electric bill in 2006. All of this he paid for with money he made off of the business of selling global warming. They believe he has no alterior motive, yet continue to condemn Cheney for having worked for Halliburten.

You could tell these people that the sky is magenta on a clear sunny day and that grass is really orange, and they'll believe it. They are sheeple happily fighting to get to the edge of the cliff first so they can jump off believing that the 2,000 foot drop isn't going to harm them.

It can't, Obama and his ilk have been telling them it's safe for years.

As they continue in their noble quest, they laugh at those of us who have brains instead of heads filled with stuffing trying to tell them the truth...

It's a cliff, stupid.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Well written. But I do find it somewhat funny coming from a Canadian. Speaking from one who has family there, it is amazing to me that they rail when they see their umbrella slipping away when all the while they told us to be more like them.

Why does the author of the letter not rail against their OWN country for being what we are becoming?

I guess the author has come to the realization that have nowhere to run, no military to protect them and no friend in the White House.

Unknown said...

Canada, the country that could be overrun by my Cub Scout Pack, is panicky because they see trouble in their Department of Defense. Nice.

Dawn said...

Dawn Said,

Thank You for your letter,

Most important though is I did not vote for this illegal alien. I knew from the moment I saw him he was as bad as Hitler and Stalin put together.

What you need to take further however is that not only did a huge group of brainwashed people vote for this evil thing but that most of the rest of the world also voted for him. I remember all the comments from the other side of the fence saying over and over again only when you elect him will you be allowed back into our good graces. I remember the groups of people lining the streets where ever he went cheering for him because he was there savory to. I remember people saying now that you have joined the rest of the world the world would be a better place. Oh they said the same thing about Hitler to. So the blame now needs to be place on all those who had a hand in electing this evil person. Many new he was pure evil. Any one who heard that book of his dreams of my father knew he though himself as the next coming of GOD. Yet Hunderds of millions of dollars uncounted for poured into this country from places like Europe, the Bilderberg Group, G-20 summit Members, the Jewish communities, the Muslim Extremist groups and the Asian Theater to elect this Anti Christ. I guess the only ones not brainwashed were us the 57 million Americans who did not vote for him. So now you are scared and you should be and the rest of the world should be as well. We have unleashed pure evil and every single person on the face of this earth is partially responsible. Now we have to stop it and now I guess you have a new understanding for why we have always been so hard nose in the past, it is because we fought for FREEDOM and we won that day. To keep the day we have always had to fight be more conservative and more open than any other society. We have always had to fight each other until we all agree on something but this time we were forced to fight not just our brainwashed idiot people but the rest of the world brainwashed idiot people as well. We lost this round. We will win the next but know that what has to be done will not be pretty and we will need time to find our way again and if we ever have to deal with the rest of the brainwashed world populations interference again we will remember and give no mercy to anyone who stood with the person who is more evil than all the other evil dictators put together.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The author is right, but I didn't vote for him. But, I bet the Republicans, who wanted to teach a lesson to their party by voting for Obama, are feeling the real sting of this piece.

anon said...

I agree with most of what you say(I'm Canadian), however, as I'm siting right here in a liberal paradise listening to people talk, I have to disagree with one point. There's really not too many Canadians 'railing against our umbrella slipping away" mostly the people still cling to the idea that Canada doesn't need the American umbrella. They think that because we're all so famously 'nice', no one would seriously consider attacking us. Its a very popular delusion.

Also, we don't have a huge military, true, but we do have a military. Our sons and daughters are now and have for some time been dying right along side your own. Please don't negate the sacrifices they've made just because of the more 'precious' of our populance, they deserve better.

EconomyPolitics said...


Health Care aside, Canada is finally beating our pants off when it comes to economic fredom. They have signed more free trade agreements. They have a lower marginal income tax rate and much lower corporate tax. They laugh at our salary and bonus caps. What is so American about that.

I should know I am an american living in the land up North.

Heritage has Canada ranked above the US when it comes to Economic Freedom.

I did a piece on this you might find interesting.