July 10, 2010

Say Goodbye To The Auld Sod

Well, he WAS Irish, wasn't he?

GNN Arts & Entertainment - After a few days of smoke-filled rooming, a consensus emerged here at GNN about the death of Robert Byrd. We decided to wait for the liberal media to disgorge their face-saving encomia for this villain; to wait for their post-coital satisfaction with themselves to fade before their next lib-lick of another political canker like Byrd. Maybe Pete Stark next time. We wondered what our editorial position should be, because the position of "slobbering press bootlickers" was already chock-a-block full.

We found ourselves sidling into the "turd in the punch bowl" maxim, and mused that the Democrats were stuck with this Cicero-bleating, thieving, racist Goober, whether they liked it or not. DC then reminded us that it isn't a turd in the political punchbowl that the Democrats hate, but punch in their political turd bowl!. Good point. Byrd fit right in. How do you make something out of that?

Nick raised the point that the Byrd affair belonged in the GNN "Religion" category because of its moral complexities, until we all said that Hell was the world with a living Robert Byrd and Heaven was the world with a dead Robert Byrd, which was morally simple. Okay, "we all" didn't say that. Only me. But I have enough clout around here to prohibit a sermon from one of Paul's letters on the subject of Robert Byrd.

Next we thought that just some neutral, slightly melancholy, Thanatopsis boilerplate on "mortality" could put Byrd in perspective. But some wag in the conference room whispered out loud that our mortality might have prevented us from experiencing the current Robert Byrd, and mortality might prevent us from experiencing a future Robert Byrd! Mortality, in this view, is to be appreciated. This stuff is hard.

Then we thought that some tasteful but freighted-with-meaning photo of a weeping willow or pool of water behind, or near, some sign dedicating a public project to the pork efforts of Robert Byrd was the answer. We could publish it. That was easy. Now we have to photo-shop a couple of Port-o-Potties beside the Byrd sign, but we're going out for coffee and Bear Claws first.


Anonymous said...

He was a good man. He made things happen.

Anonymous said...

He was buried in a fancy grave down 'round Wheeling. Democrats will visit the site and its eternal flaming cross.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

RE: Zio,

Good man? My God fellow, do you know of his history?

Do not give me the 'reformed' line either, a leopard does not change it's stripes but it may pick better cover for it's hunt. In Grand Wizard Byrds case the hunt was for money and he could not get that without votes.

And I am further disgusted with this adulation of him as "The Longest Seving Senator in History".

That shit (excuse my Frech) was never intended to be by the Founders and believe they are rolling in thier graves if not more than happy to see him sitting next to Ba‘al Zebûb himself right along with Teddy Kennedy.

My God man, that is the definition of entrenched power that is at the root of all our ills in this nation.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

A 'p.s.' to you Rod,

I am of Irish heritage and wish to infrom you that the irish that emigrated to North America have two distinct groups and are defined by them and them alone; Shanty Irish and Lace Curtain Irish.

BOTH Bryd and the Kennedys are Lace Curtain and I would know being Shanty Irish.

Rhod said...

Chris, I know. And even more, I'm a chip-on-the-shoulder, smart-arse, never-happy, sorry-for-myself, prideful 2nd generation, by way of Nova Scotia, boring Scot.

You guys have nothing on us. We have at least ten different classes, and we're always on the top.

The Kennedys are plain old sewer trout Celts. Old Joe once wrote that he left Boston because he was sick of the "No Irish Need Apply" signs there, but he didn't mention that he left as a millionaire in a parlor car.

No, my reference to the Irish above was in calling Byrd an Auld Sod, which is a play on words only.
Sorry if I offended you.

Rhod said...

As for Byrd, someone on the Net wrote that Robert Byrd was indeed foremost in the Senate, and even the Senate's moral compass...

...because the Senate sucks.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Coffee and bear claws sound great.

Rhod said...

We saved you some, Odie. Look in DC's saddlebags.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Rhod, Thanks for your clearing that up as to your understanding of the Irish, and no, I was not offended as I know Byrd is not of my ilk.

I simply stated that for clarification as the devils spawn was now by your words connected to the Irish, and wanted to make clear the difference.

Thank you again.

p.s., God Bless Scotland!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

p.s. Rhod,,At a Later date!

LL said...

Was this most classic of all Democratic politicians buried with or without his hood?

TS/WS said...

He was The Mountain Fiddler. From the hollers to the flat land. Most everyone had his albums.
He was a rock star of them hills.
He did not need to join the Masons/Templar Knights for votes as Bubba says.
With the sorcerers bow he played the scales, to the longest serving seat, as a wizard in the Senate's Well.

Doom said...

Well, that means Byrd did one good thing in his death... so theoretically in his life as one requires the other, mostly... he entertained you all well enough to pass it on. I'll chuckle even in my sleep, tonight, I think.

sig94 said...

Coming from a lace curtain Irish family I can understand that Byrd was more concerned with appearances than reality. Now he is more firmly ensconced in Eternity than he ever was in the Senate.

From the June 29, 2010 Wash Times:
On Aug. 6, 1974, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette quoted Mr. Clinton as saying of President Nixon: "No question that an admission of making false statements to government officials and interfering with the FBI ... is an impeachable offense. ... If a president of the United States ever lied to the American people, he should resign."

Twenty-four years later, on Dec. 19, 1998, Mr. Clinton was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives, becoming only the second president in U.S. history to be impeached and the only man popularly elected as president to have been so indicted.

Mr. Byrd made the following statements regarding Mr. Clinton's impeachment, Published in the Congressional Record for Feb. 12 1999: "The president plainly lied to the American people. Of course, that is not impeachable, but he also lied under oath in judicial proceedings" and, "The president lied to the American people, and, while a great majority of the people believe, as I do, that the president made false and misleading statements under oath, still, some two-thirds of the American people do not want the president removed from office."

[...]"I called for these proceedings to be dismissed, out of genuine concern for the divisive effect that an ultimately futile trial would have on the Senate and on the nation." Failing to get the proceedings dismissed, he voted against conviction.

In other words, out of concern for the nation (i.e., the Democratic Party) Mr. Byrd chose to not follow the letter and intent of the Constitution.

Appearances be damned and so is Byrd.

Anonymous said...

Rhod, you have come dangerously close to revealing GNN confidences ... BTW, I recently found a petrified Bear Claw (c. 2007) under the third seat of my Suburban. With the preservatives, it was good to go once dunked in the coffee.