July 23, 2011

Can this be said any clearer?

Obama will ruin this nation if we allow him to.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Nickie, I know exactly what Obama's doing ... I think.

Kid said...

I don't know why they did not mention the following: Confidence sure, but Uncertainty is the bigger factor.
Businesses have no clue how they're going to be impacted by tax and health care liability. HC to the point that if they hire someone and have to let them go are they responsible for thier health care for some period of time afterwards.

Aside from the moral aspects of hiring someone and then having the let go because taxes went up too much for example, there are hard dollar consequences. When you let people go, your unemployment insurance bill fro the state goes up unless you can clearly prove it was the employees fault that the got fired. It's significant, companies put a lot of effort into this. Again, uncertainly about HC liabilities as well.

This is the main reason businesses are not hiring, and are trimming and getting lean and mean. And unemployment begets unemployment because of less people spending money. This is simple for people at the level of government these people are in.

Are they really this stupid? Or are they trying to put America under. Jury is out I guess because as the old guy who was pretty excited stated over and over, no one on obama's administration has any business experience. They're all bozos that no one would hire.

Quite Rightly said...

Who in the world would hire these guys?

Excellent question.

Only universities and crony politicians.

Fredd said...

If you took the whole, sad sack lot of these guys in the Obama administration and let them run one little lemonade stand in a neighborhood of Lima, Ohio, they would go under in a matter of hours.

And now they are running the largest economy in the world. The math ain't hard here, folks.

We are in trouble until 2012.

Doom said...

When I watch this, I keep thinking of a movie, especially the ending part of it... "In the Mouth of Madness".

Now, the tale is far different, but the paradigm shift in it, yeah, seems familiar. But the similarity is the guy on the left and the lead in the movie John Trent (Sam Neill) at the end of the movie. Laughing and nearly crying and just... lost? But they both 'get it'.