September 15, 2011

Beware The Wee Folk

Apparently there is a twisted confluence in the cosmic aether that surrounds dwarves. Goombas, badgers, blondes and rugby players are the most readily affected.
England rugby Royal hubbie Mike Tindall 'groped woman at dwarf throwing contest'

England rugby captain Mike Tindall has become engulfed in scandal following publication of claims that he kissed and groped a blonde beauty while at a dwarf throwing contest with friends.
To tell the truth, I always was under the impression that blonde groping was permissible, nay, obligatory when tossing little people.

He and other England rugby players piled on top of each other in an impromptu scrum on a boozy night out at a bar in New Zealand to celebrate victory over Argentina in their opening World Cup match.

Pictures published on Facebook show Tindall and team mates Dylan Hartley and Nick Easter larking about in the bar.

Tindall married Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter Zara Philips (30) earlier this year.

He was seen kissing and groping a blonde girl and rubbed his face in her breasts, according to The Sun newspaper today.

The only excuse I could think of for his actions: drunk as he was, he thought she was a block of chaulk and he was a pool cue.

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BTW... I've turned you in to AttackWatch for this post, you racist.