October 8, 2011

It's All About Hate

The Muslim hatred for Jews is a special kind of hate, a malignant spiritual force that began before recorded time. This hatred transcends the liberal gibberish of modern psychobabble; it attempts to be masked by the flimsy excuses of politicans and the machinations of Islamic apologists. But we cannot understand this irrational rage because we are human and are not capable of fully understanding the enmity, starting with Adam, that Satan has for the lineage of Christ. Satan knows his fate and will do everything in his power to postpone it. If he can destroy Israel, he thinks he will have accomplished that end. And it is to that end and for that very purpose that I believe America has been morally corrupted just as Europe.

Viewing world events through the lens of scripture produces some gut wrenching scenarios. But it has been thus for much of recorded history. God's will is inexorable. Israel will eventually stand alone against the forces of hell. America will not be watching Israel's six. America will abandon Israel.

It will be Christ and Christ alone who will save Israel at Armageddon.


Gorges Smythe said...

It won't end until the Lord ends it. And when He does, woe to the Arabs.

sig94 said...

Gorges - more than just the Arabs (Muslims). Countless millions will die from the Tribulation woes before Armageddon. It will be a terrible, terrible time.

Anonymous said...

"Justice is mine" sayeth someone once.

banned said...

I'm not religious and have no particular liking or disliking of either Arab or Jew.
But what I know is that a Two State Solution was agreed by all parties in 1946 whereby Britain divided its post WW1 League Of Nations Mandate territory "Transjordan" (ie 'each side of the Jordan') and gave 75% of that territory to the Palestinians as The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan (including Jerusalem) while the Jews made do with the coastal strip known as the State of Israel.

The surrounding Arab countries, including Jordan, then attacked Israel 3 times and lost with the result that the palestinian kingdom Jordan lost some terrotories as is usual according to the custom of war.

Little wonder that Israels 'hardliners' view negotiating the surrender of those lands as no better than appeasement.

As for the problem of 3-4 generations of Palestinian refugees "in camps for sixty years" that is also of the Arabs own making. How many European refugees from the vastly more disruptive WW2 were still in camps 10 years after the event? None.

The rest of the Arab world who, incidentally despise said Palestinians for reasons that are unclear, like having those camps simply because it gives them a grievance to moan about, when required.

sig94 said...

Nickie - and the Person who saith carries an awfully big stick.

sig94 said...

banned - agreed. But somewhere between 800,000 and 1,000,000 Jews were thrown out of Arab lands during this time. And Israel took every one of them. And Israel later admitted over 22,000 Ethiopian Jews through Operation Moses, Operation Solomon and Operation Joshua. Israel has no problem taking care of their brothers and sisters.

The Arab leadership seems to like keeping an enflamed Muslim population up tight and personal right next to Israel. Their goal is not peace, it is the genocide of Israel.

McGonagall said...

Islam is ascendant and this unnatural state of affairs is the fruit of Western appeasement. Our media applauded the "Arab Springs" which are in fact Islamic revolutions. With Islamists now set to control all the nations surrounding Israel war can't be far off.

I have watched in amazement at the rapid isolation of Israel over the past few months. They are surrounded now by hostile nations - Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and even Jordan. The press in Europe is openly Palestinian friendly and anti-Israel. They consistently fail to inform the public of the real history (ancient and modern) of the Middle East and give an entirely bogus view of the Arab conflict with Israel. Meanwhile, the US seems to be distancing themselves and when push comes to shove - nations have no friends - only interests.

sig94 said...

McG - yes, the pace at which these events transpired is breath-taking. War is certain. And indeed watch how the media spins any violence occuring.