July 31, 2013

Don't Give Up On Us

We're cousins, born of the same gene that won't give up and refuses to lie down to unelected authority.

It's tough here in England; the country is being broken up into Regions of the European Union. England has no government, no Parliament and Great Britain itself is struggling with overwhelmed taxpayer-funded resources (eg the NHS,  the Police Force/Service).  In short, this country is about to discover that we've been fucked, royally, many times over.

The European Union and successive governments (Labour/Conservative) have done this, stealthily (aka lied in their manifestos), over many years.  When people actually realise what's happened it won't be pretty.

Our children's education has been shot to pieces because it's been infiltrated by people who think equality is the be all and end all and our country's history has been re-written.

In your own fight for freedom of expression and freedom of association, don't forget us and don't believe what you read in the msm.  We haven't forgotten you - we really are stronger together. The expression 'Divided we fall' was never more true.

God bless America and good luck with Obama - same stable, same donkey - because you need it too.


sig94 said...

GV - our prayers too are with our cousins. We're all in the same rotten boat.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's world-wide and run by the same folks all over.

GoodnightVienna said...

You're so right Gorges, we only have to check out the foreign press to see how our 'leaders' not only follow the same policies but speak the same words and phrases too. How the heck we're supposed to fight back against this conspiracy against us, I don't know.