July 19, 2013

We Are Fearfully And Wonderously Made

The BBC produced an amazing documentary on how our body's immune system defends us from invading viruses. Of course the scientists credit evolution for this incredible marvel of biological and chemical precision and more than once the narrative mentions how the "design" of our immune system is a thing to behold.

The micro-biological animation is first rate and gives a wonderful prospective on the chemical responses that our bodies use to protect us.

At the 6:24 mark, one of the scientists states that there is six feet of DNA wrapped within the nucleus of every living cell in our body. If all the bits of our DNA were unraveled, it would stretch from the Earth to the Moon (400,000 kilometers) thousands of times. All this genetic material is contained within a nucleus cell membrane only 6 micrometers in diameter (there are 25,400 micrometer to an inch).

The 23,000 genes which comprise our DNA contains the mysterious code that drives the 120 trillion cells in our bodies with over 20,000 distinct instructions.

And all this genetic information was compiled and written in a fantastically concise, chemically active, micro-moduled (half of our DNA is shared with bananas) database that is constantly scrubbed, decoded and duplicated by millions of microscopic protein factories ... and it all happened by chance. And it happens inside a tiny 6 micrometer sphere.

Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.

The video is over an hour long but it is truly fascinating and well worth the time. It will also give you much information to present to those who still cannot grasp the extent of God's work that sustains our every breath.

More here and here.


Nate said...

When I was in college I had a Cell Biology teacher who used the term SWAG (scientific wild-a$$ guess) when we'd ask him how something came about in the cell (like flagellae, and the like) and he had to admit science didn't know. I bumped into him off-campus once and asked him why science seemed so 'at sea' with this kind of thing; he replied, 'Because a lot of scientists refuse to acknowledge the possibility of a creator God.' Took guts for him to admit that to an undergrad.

Doom said...

What amazes me is that so many scientists can plainly see all this, and more, and yet can't understand. I remember in the bible, a rich man died and went to hell. He asked to be sent back, to warn his brothers, for they walked his path. He was told that if they could not see what is plainly evident the visitation of a ghost would do no good. Of course, I doubt most of their veracity. But, so do they when forced to be honest. Wealth, knowledge, power, though those things can blind, the seeking of such foolishly, I doubt if most who sell for that are blinded, merely bought and sold. I think that is far worse though. So be it.

It's beyond the creation that amazes me. I do believe absolutely that God's will alone sustains the very breath we breathe. He IS Life, literally and metaphorically.

Kid said...

Either Everything is a miracle, or Nothing is a miracle.

- Einstein