March 28, 2014

Another Top Ten List

Here's another top ten list for 2013 - countries with the most executions.

In order of ascending executions:

Country        Executions
10 Vietnam 7
9 Japan 8
8 Yemen 13
7 Sudan 21
6 Somalia 34
5 USA 39
4 Saudi Arabia  79
3 Iraq 169
2 Iran 369
1 China 1500

Commies keep it quiet, No one really knows how many were executed in Vietnam and especially in China; it's a closely guarded state secret, but estimates place it somewhere between lots and lots to who knows. When you have nearly 1.5 billion people to mess with you can get careless... I used 1500 for China because they have soldiers practicing mass executions. I have a sneaking suspicion that I severely underestimated the Chinese.

The list was compiled by Amnesty International. and was heralded by a UK Telegraph article as the "ten most brutal places in the world" (*cough* bul...hit *cough*). But look again, this time at the number of executions per 100,000 population.

Country     Rate/100000
10 Japan 0.006
9 Vietnam 0.007
8 USA 0.012
7 Yemen 0.055
6 Sudan 0.059
5 China 0.111
4 Saudi Arabia  0.289
3 Somalia 0.326
2 Iran 0.456
1 Iraq 0.519

The allegedly bloodthirsty US has a rate only twice that of the peace loving Japanese. And of course the Telegraph ignores it's own article concerning a UN report that the UK is one of the most violent places in the world.


Unknown said...

39 in 2013 for us! Wow, we're really slacking.

Back in the Nineties, Texas used to execute that many in the first quarter of the year. Sometimes, we'd execute two in one night.

LL said...

I suspect that number for China is vastly inflated. You know me, I'd call it if I saw it that way. Having spent time in China and having interacted with the People's Armed Police (a branch of the People's Liberation Army) and the People's Public Security Bureau, I have never had a hint that those numbers are anywhere nearly that high. In fact, I suspect that the true numbers are somewhere in the low 100's annually. Per population, much lower than the US.

We could talk about this on the phone if you're interested in why I say this - but I think that I'm right

sig94 said...

Katy - well, homicides are actually down across the nation. That could very well be the reason why. Murders were peaking in the early 90's. Saved a bit on Texas prison electric bills, no?

There has been a 39% decrease in firearm homicides from 1993 (18,253) to 2011 (11,101) according to a Bureau of Justice Statistics report (link below). Nonfatal firearm related crimes also declined by 69% during the same period, from 1,548,000 to 467,300.

sig94 said...

LL - thanks much for your insight. Wouldn't mind talking to you anyway.
Your LE experiences are much wider and more varied than mine.

Our girl went to selection yesterday. No idea where she is and she is not allowed to contact us for the next six weeks.

WoFat said...

No stats on No. Korea?

LL said...

She's near Williamsburg, VA unless they've moved the course.